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  1. What motor mounts are you using? Your motor didn’t budge!
  2. Also for others that may come across this thread. I adjusted the valves to .25mm/.01inches. And it runs great.
  3. Turns out my old plugs didn't require the little screw on tops with the stock 7mm wires. So I assumed the new plugs and 8mm wires were the same. Turns out they were not making good contact and ran like crap. Put the little tops back on and bam, runs like a champ. Thanks for everyones help.
  4. I am currently set to .01. Prior to my new adjustment, with the exception of cyl 2 (both stripped eccentric), everything was set to .005. I'm wondering if I should go back to .005. Keep in mind that I have 10.5 compression and dual valve springs.
  5. I recently bought a 1975 2002, it has a decently modified engine: 304 cam dual weber 45's 10.5:1 compression MSD When I bought it, it sounded like a sewing machine on steroids. This afternoon I did a valve adjustment to .01 (per the schrick recomendations for my cam). The past adjustments were all out of wack (see pic) In the process I found a few stripped eccentric bolts which have now all be replaced. I also replaced the plugs (BP6ES) and wires (8mm from IE). The car started right up, and runs great. It no longer sounds like a industrial sewing machine. It now feels slower... Any thoughts why that may be? I'm installing a wideband this weekend to see what my A/F looks like. I feel like it is running pig rich. Is it possible now that I've corrected the valves that the carbs are not tuned correctly?
  6. How about an update on sound! I'm needing a customer exhaust and curious what a glasspack and magnaflow sound like together.
  7. BBS Mesh right? What offset and tires?
  8. Just wanted to bring this back from the dead. I too had the exact same issue. Was driving me insane. I now realized that I had them on the wrong side (and thus upside-down). Thanks for the pictures! PSA: Make sure your nipples are pointing up (thats what she said).
  9. @Teelinger Okay, got the official response from the parent company. 14": 73.1mm 15": 54.1mm So you're really only looking at the 14's then. So the real question, will the 20 offset on the 14's fit without flares. I know i'll have to roll the fenders and likely run 185 or 195 tires. Thoughts?
  10. I've reached out to a few other places (phone and email), all with no response. I'm half tempted to just buy one wheel to see if they will work! In other news, I found a picture of the back of the wheel.
  11. The wheels come from the parent company in Japan: http://www.carmakecorns.com/src/search/parts/parts_detail.php?id=1468P20171220154309&shop=1468 Their website (the Japanese one) states 73.1... Perhaps I'm reading it wrong.
  12. So it looks like the center bore is more universal. It looks like it is 73.1MM. So in theory I could run a 73.1 to 54.1 hub ring. I'm going to take the leap and try them out. I plan to run 195 tires with them, with no flares. Thoughts? I think I'll have to massage the fenders a little bit.
  13. I too am interested in this answer. I'm replacing all 4 corners and MC.

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