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  1. I love tidy wiring! Looking great.
  2. None taken. I live in NH, so everything is tax free! Perhaps my pricing is what I tell my wife! Either way... I'll provide a total after I finish the conversion. Weber 45's soon for sale.
  3. I'm onboard with DBW, but I'm really only on board for OEM solutions. Call me old fashioned but I'd rather have something that has over a decade of proven use (aka E46 application).
  4. Go to the BMW 2002 facebook group and search for Natasport He is the one that added it.
  5. I too am going EFI/ITBS. I've done as much research as possible, and have some history with standalone ECUs. Here is what I was planning on: Jenvey Heritage ITB's (45's) With throttle linkage I'll reuse my current airbox setup Haltech 550 or 750 with wiring harness everything else is overkill in my opinion 550 doesn't have self learning fuel trim Radium FST-R fuel surge tank has built in fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump will only have to run one fuel line, no need for return line with the built in FPR Will run one 6an fuel lines Won't have to worry about fuel starvation LS Coils Tried and true, and are cheap to replace Some sort of bracket to mount them somewhere Need a block off plate for the old dizzy Sensors MAP (already built into ECU) The heritage ITB's have a port in each runner for a vacuum lines Will need to run a vacuum box (combines all lines into one box) Water temp (in lower radiator) Air temp (mounted in air box) TPS (already built into the heritage ITBs) Crank trigger wheel and sensor from IE Brand new to the market but tried and true technology Wideband o2 sensor It won't be cheap $3,500-$4k, but is likely the best/easiest setup available in my opinion. I also will sell my weber 45 setup to help offset the cost.
  6. I'm 99% sure it is a E46 M3 pedal. I remember seeing this somewhere. . .
  7. K20 or K24? Kmiata makes an adapter plate for the K20/24 to a BMW Getrag. The intake and exhaust are on the correct side. Motors can easily make 200-230 out of the box with little fuss. The motors can be had for less than $900 in great condition. A lot of aftermarket support. Easy, reliable hp that won't overpower the chassis.
  8. Jenvey Heritage ITBs!!! Dual weber 45's for sale soon.
  9. It will be mixed responses here. You'll have to roll fenders at a bare minimum. Likely 185 or 195 tires.
  10. K20/24 would be the business. Reliable 230-240hp. KMiata makes a kit to swap a BMW transmission on (so it is partly BMW lol). There is a big following of people swapping these motors into other cars, therefor there is a lot of data/info/support.
  11. Thanks for starting this thread, as I'm doing the same next weekend. Where is the best place to buy a jet kit?
  12. Rolled fenders? How bad do you rub in spirited driving?
  13. What motor mounts are you using? Your motor didn’t budge!
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