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  1. I just installed my new door seals in my 68 and now the doors don't close easily. I haven't glued them in yet. is there anything I'm supposed to adjust?
  2. it was the spark plug wires on the cap. rotated their positions and now it runs good. thanks homies
  3. I'm pretty sure the problem is related to this broken wire that was connected to the coil. does anybody know which end of the coil the wire plugs into?
  4. Ok, so this stopped the backfireing but it is still running really rough. I've adjusted the air/fuel mix and the timing but no change. There is one female lead that goes from the coil to a cylinder that is broken. It is bolted to the frame with the coil. Does anyone know which side of the coil to screw this on to?
  5. No points I have the petronix ignitor dood from ie.
  6. I have a 1968 2002 base. I just installed a new cap on the distributor and now the engine isn't running well its consistently backfireing even when I put the old cap back on. I tried adjusting the timing and it shifts between firing through the intake or exhaust ports depending on weather I advance or retard the dizzy. Car ran perfect before this. Any ideas?
  7. What about buying the LSD internal components and putting them in the casing for the old differential? Does anyone have any information on that are the casings the same?
  8. But do these work for the older longer dif?
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