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  1. Ditto on the thanks/congrats to this community for being an amazing resource. Anyone considering the LED taillight upgrade: I highly endorse the kit from ClassicAutoLEDs. Installation is easy (at least it was for me as I didn’t have to retrofit any wiring or relays), and they are VERY effective. They are pretty pricey, but cost of not being seen could be higher. Blunt has ‘em as well I think.
  2. Looking for gently used (i.e. not leaking) or NOS (i.e. a unicorn!) round style windshield washer reservoir. Will also consider the more common species: cracked/leaking on the bracket flanges, but need pics and appropriate/low price. Pete
  3. Pete72tii


  4. will consider parts seperately (sides, fascia, etc.)
  5. 13511256538 #9 Have stock one for exchange/rebuild
  6. #15. Looking for 4. NOS or used good condition. Pete 219 741 1002
  7. On Ebay, reserve is gone, closes this Saturday evening, Current bid as of this writing is ~9300 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-BMW-2002-Base/222678418147?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 more pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/f1MQQT7NjyzUbFn22 Highly stock 1973 2002 Automatic roundie. Verona red with ~75000 original miles. I am second owner, since winter of 2016. Purchased from estate of deceased original owners (Washington DC area). Starts easily, runs straight, fast, and cool. Mechanically very sound. Thousands in parts and upgrades since purchase. Documentation of all 2016 and 2017 work/parts available. Interior (including near perfect dash) very good shape. Shock towers, trunk/spare area clean. All electrical systems work, including period correct Blaupunkt AM/FM radio. Trunk and windshield rubber very good. No speaker holes or other hard to reverse mods. Stored in heated storage during winter. Candidate for show quality restoration or just drive and enjoy as-is. Many additional photos available. Service and upgrades Summer of 2016: New belts, tires, battery, shift lever bushings, washer fluid reservoir, passenger window regulator, transmission shifter seal, lower control arms. ball joints. strut rod bushings, transmission filter, timing chain, oil pump chain, AC compressor mount bushings, valve adjustment, alignment, oil change, front seats rebuilt with foam, new headrest fabricated. Service and upgrades Summer of 2017: New water pump and hoses, Pertronix electronic ignition kit, CV boots, OEM brake master cylinder and grommets/bled, L and R motor mounts, heater valve, new hood/trunk/hubcap OEM BMW roundels, new fan blade, oil change. Known Issues: Carpet is worn and center console/AC unit a bit cocked. Minor rust: corners of nose (where turn signal housing meets body around engine compartment), passenger door bubble, quarter panel bubble and driver’s side rocker panel. See photos. AC fan works, but compressor belt removed, and AC cooling never been checked. Headliner behind driver visor is out from windshield gasket, Passenger door rubber weathered. Rear seat needs stuffing but upholstery is flawless. Rear shocks noted as weak by mechanic.
  8. Would like to find someone closer than Chicago who knows '02s well.
  9. I very much appreciate the kind helping of the noob. Great to know. Mine are 2nd kind (12mm/ears). Will update post.
  10. Looking for replacement headrests for below seats...or just the headrest cover upholstery (aftermarket would be ok) for standard (not Recaro/Sport) seats (1973 2002Auto). Prefer black. 1 or 2.

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