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  1. Ditto on the thanks/congrats to this community for being an amazing resource. Anyone considering the LED taillight upgrade: I highly endorse the kit from ClassicAutoLEDs. Installation is easy (at least it was for me as I didn’t have to retrofit any wiring or relays), and they are VERY effective. They are pretty pricey, but cost of not being seen could be higher. Blunt has ‘em as well I think.
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  3. I very much appreciate the kind helping of the noob. Great to know. Mine are 2nd kind (12mm/ears). Will update post.
  4. Looking for replacement headrests for below seats...or just the headrest cover upholstery (aftermarket would be ok) for standard (not Recaro/Sport) seats (1973 2002Auto). Prefer black. 1 or 2.

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