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  1. Where is the best place to buy a quality engine and transmission + all electronics. 😎
  2. I just can’t do it. I was nearly there. The trouble is I am just such a bmw fanboy. Lol
  3. Ive felt like that for two years on this decision. Lol.
  4. /\ that’s just the engine/trans budget - running and with some body modification to the tunnel/firewall! 🙂
  5. Hey gang, I did some real soul searching on my topic over the past months as many of you suggested, and I narrowed it down to my following requirements. 1) Has to be a BMW motor. 2) has to be 300+ hp, but can’t be without some good seat of the pants torque. 3) budge max - $10,000. Thinking a tuned S54/S62...just worried about the front end fatty.
  6. This intrigues me. I can see myself doing all those mods at once. I’d like to have a 5 speed in it. So it would make sense to do it all at once. Do you have to compensate for additional carpet when you do the upholstery?
  7. You guys are awesome with your advice. If I keep my M10, I worry it will not scare me a little. I like a car car that is manageable, but can go crazy in the wrong hands (or when I want to be a little crazy). Can a M10 do that? Seriously?
  8. Hey team 2002! I am completely pulling my hair out and unable to make a decision on an engine swap. One thing for sure is the M10 is headed out - not that there is anything wrong with it - but I was some real POWER! If I can do M Power that would be great for my brand loyalty - but I am open to other ideas. I’ve even eyeballed an S2000 power plant. An S14 is out just due to cost:power ratio. (But it’s sexy). S60,S54, etc - not sure I want to cut the firewall. The bottom line - I just don’t want to lose the weight distribution. This is long term project. I am planning on reinforcements throughout the chassis to handle more power, different rear end, and whatever else I need - but keep it looking stock. Anyone struggle with these same decisions? Ultimately what decision do you make and why? Thanks! Josh
  9. Removed the dashboard yesterday. It felt great to be working on the wee car again. Life has been so busy. Dash was simpler than I expected. I had already taken out the windshield so that helped. But all the screws were simple, and after removing the steering column trim, finding two more screws it was a snap. One tricky part I ran into was the heater / vent control. Once I learned the plates popped off I was golden! The cluster is just sitting on the dash now. Funny this cluster didn’t function - and the speedo needle had been snapped off. So weird.
  10. Will do! Thank you for the tip and the price range!
  11. Hey guys, I am getting ready to pull the M10 and standard trans. Both seemed to work totally fine last year when I test drove it. I am planning on posting it for sale. Any ideas on the value? It probably has 100+K on it. Thank in advance! josh
  12. This is a wonderful thread and it cleared up some questions I had floating around in my mind. I am struggling to choose between a Honda S2000 driveline, and keep it somewhat pure with the M20 turbocharged. Both options will be fun!
  13. Im all set. Just got a set. But that other gent may be interested! Thank you! We ended up fabbing one side. You’d never know it wasn’t factory.
  14. A little bit of both. All of it will be ground down to be flush for final product. It’s good to see the cancer disappear.

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