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  1. Will do! Thank you for the tip and the price range!
  2. Hey guys, I am getting ready to pull the M10 and standard trans. Both seemed to work totally fine last year when I test drove it. I am planning on posting it for sale. Any ideas on the value? It probably has 100+K on it. Thank in advance! josh
  3. This is a wonderful thread and it cleared up some questions I had floating around in my mind. I am struggling to choose between a Honda S2000 driveline, and keep it somewhat pure with the M20 turbocharged. Both options will be fun!
  4. 2002VT

    Wing work (part 2)

    Im all set. Just got a set. But that other gent may be interested! Thank you! We ended up fabbing one side. You’d never know it wasn’t factory.
  5. A little bit of both. All of it will be ground down to be flush for final product. It’s good to see the cancer disappear.
  6. 2002VT

    Wing work (part 2)

    Im all set. Just got a set. But that other gent may be interested! Thank you!
  7. 2002VT

    Wing work (part 2)

    Thank you for the part numbers. I did check around. Blunt had the right side - but the left I didn’t find anywhere. I’m sure someone has one with dust on it at some random parts bin. Im dropping off the fenders so they can mount them correctly and fab up the left side. 🙂 joah
  8. 2002VT

    Wing work (part 2)

    I’ll get some inside ones for ya. We didn’t use the whole panel. Just what we needed.
  9. 2002VT

    Wing work (part 2)

    I’d say that’s a major improvement!! Wow!!! Just waiting in one more part from restoration design. Then we will get the old girl back home for more of the stuff I can do on my own. It’s really exciting to see progress!!
  10. 2002VT

    Wing work.

    The front end is getting some attention now. It’s been (as you would expect) a discovery project of rust. The good news - it’s not overly bad. I just bought left and right inner A pillar panels from restoration design, where I have purchased all my parts, and they are on the way. After those are on we can begin layering all the new panels together.
  11. Front floors are close to being in, and the rear passenger suspension area of the floor is set in place. More has to be done on the rear and the trunk. As well as the front inner fenders. It’s a long process - longer when you have a budget smaller than your dreams. Hahaha
  12. 2002VT

    Doors and gaps.

    Nice! That’s a positive outcome!!
  13. 2002VT

    Doors and gaps.

    Not that i have seen. There is a fair amount of adjustment in the door, though. You really can dial it it.