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  1. She’s been painted 3 times on each panel so far.
  2. 2002VT

    Sanding and trim removal continues

    Not too bad. I need to do some patches and some new sheet metal. It rusted near where the windshield drains down the inside of the fenders.
  3. The work continues. It’s been a blast so far. I have had to continually remind myself that this is a long project. It’s easy to become disenchanted by rust and things I feel are beyond my scope. However, reading and learning are key. I’m not giving up on this little car.
  4. Hey guys, I may go with your kit. I’ve owned an S2K and it was a blast. Did you keep your F20C standard? I helped a friend add a comptech super charger to his S2K and it was incredible. It looks like the 2002 leaves no room for one. Also, did you use a fuel cell and a high pressure fuel pump? Thanks! josh
  5. I know this is an old thread. I am looking for the same options. Anyone know what photos were referenced? thanks, josh
  6. 2002VT

    Headed to the strip club.

    Good advice on the sand free blasting. I could do it all by sanding it down with a DA, but I think I’d want to pass out at the end of each session. I felt it would be quick and easy with media blast. Wallnuts sound good. I’m pretty limited in rural New England. So most places just seem to use sand/glass. So far I have not tossed anything other than the old window gaskets. I do have the radio console - it’s pretty “used”, but I plan on using is again. :-). I also kept the seats, even though I want to go with newer recaro seats.
  7. Hey everyone, i have decided I am just going to strip my 02 down to the body, then media blast it. I have new floor pans and other various body parts I need to weld in. I’ll completely pull the mechanical, interior, suspension, fuel, etc. electrical ill pull if it looks like garbage. Question - what have people run into has having a hard time finding. I don’t want to toss anything if it’s NLA. The motor may be sold. I think im going a different direction with an S2000 motor, e30 rear end, and some reinforcements to support it. It’s a huge undertaking. I’m nervous about doing it, as I have never done a complete car. Advice for the stripping, part saving/tossing, and having a bare chassis? what am I doing.....
  8. 2002VT

    Motor drop and plant

    Anyone have the photos?
  9. 2002VT


    Ok. I'll get you some measurements. Just as a reminder, this is a 74 2002 not a 3.0. The lip on the car (rear window) is just under 1/4 of an inch.
  10. 2002VT

    BBS RS 16"

    Mocking up. Looks like I'll need a spacer in the front. Just tapping the strut. Rear is money. Time to get flares! Then - I need to continue the mechanical. I need to take the motor drop path. This car will take forever, but I dig that. I know it will be a stunner when it's done.
  11. 2002VT


    Ok. I'll get you some measurements. Just as a reminder, this is a 74 2002 not a 3.0.
  12. 2002VT


    Hi Nicks, I'm unsure what gaps your referring to. I'd love to help - I just need more information. Best, josh
  13. 2002VT


    Took front and rear glass out today. Felt good to be working on the old beast again. Seals are shot - glass is still ok. Removed it without cracking. We will see if I reuse them once cleaned up.
  14. 2002VT

    More holes...(rust)

    This weekend I'll go hammer the actual subframe. If that looks ok (man I hope it does) I'll go buy a Lincoln welder. Ive watched so much how to weld on YouTube, but part if me is worried about it. I just don't want to screw up. I did work in a body shop for over a year as a high school kid, but never welded or used a plasma cutter. I know the basics, sanding, filler, and paint. Part of me also likes the idea of doing this myself. I feel like it's a great life project. Man - it's hard to not grit my teeth on this, guys. Josh
  15. 2002VT

    More holes...(rust)

    I do have a good deal of space and many tools. Just need to get some more, I guess. lol here's the blog so far on the car.