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  1. That should work fine. I took the subframe and suspension off. It’s on a pallet supported by a tire. Should be good for a ride to mass tied down well. I’ll dm cell and address.
  2. You NAILED IT! The guy I had do some welding welded the copper to the inside of the new panel. Must have been cut prior. But the colors match and on closer inspection the wire was brown and purple. Thanks SO much! josh @2002vt Instagram
  3. Hmmmm. The dash lights didn’t all work for me, so maybe you’re right. That could make sense. Thank you. I’ll check that out.
  4. Anyone know what this wire used to go to? I need to pull the headliner out of the car and I wondered if maybe it used to go to the dome light, but it’s a single wire. It appears to have been taped under the windshield and is broken off by the passenger a pillar.
  5. You're not kidding! Good things take time - or at least in this case. I took the car out and power washed the underside of it yesterday, it was pretty grimy - it did a pretty good job, but I also noticed a few other trouble spots I need to repair with sheet metal. I am on a wait list with a local chassis guy, and he estimates the car will go in for work in July/Aug. I am watching a donor car going up for sale with a low (ish) miles...but I need to go inspect it. It's been tapped pretty hard, and I need to rule out engine damage. Monday I have two of the BBS RS wheels being wrapped in toyos, so then I can put the "fit" to bed. This weekend I am pulling out the winging harness and the brake system. Stay tuned! Josh
  6. From now on anyone who posts off topic within this thread owes me $1.00 towards my project. DM for PayPal info. LMAO! Did anyone see my post from page 8 which speaks to the e30 rear end? Any input?
  7. Hey Ian - not sure if you're speaking with me - so sorry if you're not. I am going to deep six the entire steering system for something custom. I am looking at running a e30 rack or potentially something out of a Mini (which is completely speculation at this point with ZERO investigation work done). However, I have seen the steering re-routed for a S62 before, and it's pretty serious - plus the shortened rack allowed it to work.
  8. I touched base with Matt at 2002underground on Sunday. I am pretty excited to have that option out there for what I am looking to do. He builds his kits to run the 188mm E30 rear end with the two mount e36 back plate/cover. As you know, I was considering the e36 differential, but for simplicity, I am considering just running a 2 clutch e30 LSD (from diffsonline.com) with a finned e36 back back/cover for heat dissipation. I am planning to use a final drive of 3.46 with this configuration. However, I am looking for advice on the strength. I hear there are folks running massive hp numbers out of e30 differentials, but also most have been turbo engines which deliver torque differently. I have read metric mechanic data which states the configuration I am looking at will allow up to 440+ft/lbs of torque. Seeing how the S65 will deliver about 140 less than that stock, I feel pretty good. Running the 245/45-16 (rear) keeps the ratios dialed in pretty nicely when using the manual 6 speed (GS6-53BZ) transmission. That set-up keeps my cruising speed at 70mph running just under 2900rpm. Gearing winds up as follows (1st) 43+mph, (2nd) 73+mph, (3rd) 104+mph, (4th) 147+mph, (5th) 176+mph, (6th) 201+mph. A bit theoretical at the end there.... New Toyo ties came in, so I will be mounting those this week to see how much squeezing needs to happen. We are running those BBS come hell or high-water. Josh
  9. Awwwwwww yeah! Thank you for the offer of tech support! I will take you up on that, for sure. I am planning on running the 6 speed manual in the car. I too think it will be less of a headache in the end, but we will see where the tunnel puts the shifter. I am curious as to how long that trans mission it from bell housing to shift knob.
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