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  1. Oh that hurt. Thanks for the low blow.
  2. I just wanted to comment and say I bought $1300 parts from rsherwood, which I paid via friends & family on paypal. Everything was either the way described or better condition. Very responsive on messages and quick shipping turnaround time. I’m happy with the things I got from him. Erik cut him some slack and send him the part back for a refund. $16 dollars you’re fighting about !
  3. castillo02


    Motor ( Running good when pulled) $400
  4. Hi, I have these three items for sale. Prices are as follows. Toolkit:$125 shipped Books:$65 shipped
  5. Trapezoid Mirror Sold to "lajolla1963" -flag mirror, pedal box, golde plates , rear view mirror still available.
  6. castillo02


    Golde Sunroof Plates (hand crank Included) Flag Mirror Trapezoid Mirror Automatic Pedal Box Rearview Mirror
  7. Hi, I have these three items for sale. Prices are as follows. Toolkit:$125 Books:$65 Thanks for looking and a happy new year!
  8. What’s wrong with passenger tail light housing ?
  9. Pair of Tail lights for 1974-1976 2002. They are in perfect condition with no visible cracks. Thanks $200 each
  10. The clutch kit is 215mm which includes throwout bearing, pressure plate, and clutch disc. (74-76) $220 The flywheel is original bmw equipment $250 buy both for $440
  11. I got a decent dashboard for whoever decides to purchase this car
  12. still available ? where in NY is the car?

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