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  1. Looks really nice, I can’t wait to install mine on my 02 👍
  2. Put on a Zender Rear spoiler to go along with the Weds Bavaria wheels. This car has come a long way from when I bought it to where’s its at now.
  3. Bolted down the center console and seats sit really nice. My buddy made me the rear deck lid next up is installing the carpet kit.
  4. Need a couple of rear axles shafts for a 2002
  5. Hey bud, I’ll take the spring pads and spacers off of ya
  6. 3 things 1.) redid my bbs wheels things look great. 2.) changed out my rear diff which took a shit and back up and running the same day. 3.) finally got the wheels I’ve been wanting for years. Weds Bavaria, and I plan on redoing them.
  7. Looking for a Rear Diff in good condition.
  8. Drove up PCH to Ventura then to Ojai for the day.
  9. Swapped my wheels around from one car to the other and took a drive to Little Tokyo for some Curb side Ramen.
  10. That’s cool, I found a 5speed driveshaft for Moises for your car.
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