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  1. Scumbags will get a 9mm in the kneecaps
  2. 2nd set of rims and tires I picked up for my 02. Gonna run these for a while
  3. Added the BBS RS wheels, gonna take them apart and get them redone. Looks good.
  4. Sporting the new front spoiler and fog lights. Looking forward to installing the new stainless steel exhaust system on it
  5. 292 cam with 40’s I believe the compression is 10:1 I’m also going to install Top End Performance ignition system on this build, see how it runs. Thanks
  6. anyone going to cars and coffee in La Canada this Sat? off the 2 and 210 freeway at the movie theater
  7. Freshly built motor for my 71' with my new valve cover. I hope in a few weeks this thing will be back on the road sporting the new BBS wheels (not pictured) that i bought.
  8. Has Always sent parts after payment..Now i have an open claim against him for not sending parts i payed for. No response to any messages. Won't be doing business with him again. What a shame.
  9. I'll take that diff and 2 half shafts
  10. Sweet, dial it in and drive the heck out of it.
  11. Nice looking fog lights, when my 71 is all done i will get back to you on a set
  12. Meccanica BMW in Los Angeles, close to the Pasadena freeway moises and his workers are very knowledgable on 02's and newer BMWS. Very honest and they do awesome work. They work on all 4 of my cars 3-02's and my 11' 328i give them a try, you won't be disappointed

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