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  1. Sweet looking 02, yeah I hear ya. As bad as I want a Pig cheek, i won't wanna cut up any of my 02's. I rather wait for the right body to cut up or buy someone's pig cheek already done. Thanks!
  2. Took off the rear zender spoiler, cleaned it up and drove to Long Beach for a get together at Commodity. There was about 10 -11 2002's there
  3. Looking into buying a pig cheek body, what do you have out there???
  4. air box looks nice on those motors
  5. sweet! is there a link to see pics of it?
  6. The pig cheek is the car that’s for sale?
  7. Yes, I've contacted him when he first started working on them, Thanks. I found one used Alpina one. But I'm still looking for another one for my Buddy.
  8. Looking for an Alpina style Header anyone have one collecting dust?
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