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  1. Tim Jason Performance makes the air filter. He is on Instagram, guy makes a great product. Here’s his email Tim Jason [email protected]
  2. Finally got my valve cover on the built motor, now I just need to get a new oil cap.
  3. Is the truck lock with keys still available
  4. Email me a shipping price to Diamond Bar,California 91765 and I’ll make you an offer [email protected]
  5. Thanks, besides the steering wheel suspension sway bars and bilsteins sports, rims and tires it’s All Stock. I am the 2nd owner on this one.
  6. All 3 of my 02’s just a few things to do to my black one then I am done till the next idea comes to mind. Kind of hard to pick your poison. Cheers!
  7. Thanks Ed, after all this is done then the carpet kit goes in.
  8. New built motor is good to go already put on 1200 miles on it. Added some Recaros and Petri Steering wheel. Next up Wilwoods all around, lowered springs and Bbs Rs wheels along with a koogleworks front spoiler. Also going to add a Kickass valve cover And some clear euros that will be the icying on the cake so to speak.
  9. I have the gold Axis ones on my 02 and they made the car look pop. Glws
  10. Scumbags will get a 9mm in the kneecaps
  11. 2nd set of rims and tires I picked up for my 02. Gonna run these for a while
  12. Added the BBS RS wheels, gonna take them apart and get them redone. Looks good.
  13. Sporting the new front spoiler and fog lights. Looking forward to installing the new stainless steel exhaust system on it

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