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  1. It’s definitely the antenna, when I put my hand over the top mount it stops!
  2. At 70 mph, the whistling is so loud it drives me crazy. Any ideas of how to make it stop? i know remove it!!! Tom
  3. 3k, will most likely get you a nonrunning , or rust bucket, or both. Even at 10k you’ll have a lot of work to do!
  4. Thanks guys, it’s a big help!
  5. My sister in law, lives in Bellevue. She has a 2007 335 with some issues. She needs some direction on for a good mechanic. She lost her husband nine months ago, and it was his car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Tom
  6. Thinking of going this conversion, thoughts on manufacturers, ease of installation, least amount of modifications to the Engine bay?
  7. Other than a stock muffler, what has less rumble been in Anza sport?
  8. I have the dirrezzas, they’re ok in the dry, haven’t really driven them in the rain!
  9. Added tii exhaust manifold, renewed hood belt trim.
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