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  1. Original Blaupunkt AM only, model 1071, with single speaker. Works great, just moving to a modern radio.
  2. Welding torch tip cleaner worked for me, the ends are rough like sandpaper.
  3. I’m still interested in the tii manifold
  4. If you still have the tii manifold? I definitely interested. Thanks, Tom
  5. I purchased a 5 spd. decal, need to remove the 4 spd. on the dash. Any great ideas, would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  6. Do you sell just the 3 hood trim pieces? If so how much are they? thanks, Tom
  7. Just, damn ugly, I’d put in the same category as an AMC Pacer!
  8. Ok then, I’ll try cleaning with the Dremel!
  9. There’s no smoke smell in the car at all, in fact still has that 2002 smell. At first I thought it was rust, but it was a little flaky, so maybe it is a clear coat failure.
  10. Mine have a thin brown film on them. I’ve tried to clean them to no avail. Tried sanding with 400 grit, but can’t get it all off. Is there an easy way to get them out? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I got an email from Jeff today, he mentioned the 40 year stock spring sag. Also said he'd had enough conversations like mine in the near past, so he has measured and and tested the strength of the springs, and nothing has changed from the original specs. He was kind enough to say he would swap out the stage 1's for stage 2's if that's what I want to do!
  12. Looks all to familiar!!! Here's my situation. Tisa what wheels and tire size do you have? My wheels 15x6 Rota, tires, 195/50/15 Dunlop Direzza
  13. I bought an I.E. from an FAQ member, called Ireland, they sold their igniter as a spare for $30!
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