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  1. Tlambert

    38/38 choke

    Got it, just a little fiddling and adjusting. Thanks for the input, now onto finishing the jetting!
  2. Tlambert

    38/38 choke

    I’ll try that
  3. Tlambert

    38/38 choke

    Anybody swap electric to manual? Can’t seem to get my electric adjusted correctly. When cold it’s about a 1/4 closed, loosened the 3 screws, twisting the housing doesn’t move choke at all.
  4. Tlambert


    I’ll take it. Do you have paypal?
  5. Tlambert

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    Was originally a stock 4 spd.
  6. Tlambert

    Portland to Seattle?

    I’m doing that, if you need any help
  7. Are there mounting brackets with the seats.
  8. Tlambert

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    You guys are to funny! Not sure why Mario would think it’s a ‘75 bumper.
  9. Tlambert

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    So after many great conversations, lots of comments, mostly positive. I’ve decided to keep my “red rocket”. I’m going to do a few more things, some will like it some won’t. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Tom I will take the add down in a few days!
  10. Tlambert

    5 sp swap opinions

    I had a new driveshaft built for my swap, with new guibo and center bearing, works great.
  11. Tlambert

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    Joystorm, I didn’t buy it in Vancouver, and I paid a hell of a lot more than 9k for it!
  12. Tlambert

    Weight difference

    My 68 2002, weighed 1980 lbs, on the truck scales where I worked in the early 80s. The scales were DOT checked every month.
  13. Tlambert

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    iinca, I like your passion, I have the original steering wheel, the sport wheel is my personal favorite. It has the stock manifold on it, no header. When I bought it 14” steel wheels were on it, didn’t like the look, so I decided to go with the “Alpina” look. Come on buy it, I’m willing to make a deal!