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  1. Sorry guys, everything was sold with the car a few months ago.
  2. Not hack haha, but I very much enjoyed meeting him. Got him to sign a tii valve cover for me that's now up on my wall. I actually have had many E30s for awhile now (I'm up to 6 at the moment) and am kind of trying to get out of those as well. I said it in the ad but I absolutely would have kept the tii if I had the time and money to give it, but tuition and a house down payment have to take priority I guess... I've had my eye on a few new additions but we'll see. Just glad this cars going to a good home
  3. The car has sold to an enthusiast on here, I happy its going to someone who will take care of it. Thanks to all interested.
  4. Car has been resisted but all these parts are still available if anyone is interested.
  5. SOLD This car has been listed here before but I got numerous complaints that my listing was too long and personal, so I thought I would try again. Up for sale is my running and driving 72 tii in fjord blue. When I bought the car, it had been sitting for about 3 years and would not start and the interior had been taken apart to clear away a mouse nest. I bought the car purely for preservation and to put it back together and pass it on to a fellow enthusiast who could give it the time and love it needs.Mechanicals:The engine in the car is not the original. It was replaced by the PO with a later model 74 tii engine that he had resealed. The kugelfischer fuel injection pump has been rebuilt and functions great, the car has had the fuel delivery system overhauled (pump and most lines) recently, and the engine runs and drives great. The transmission is the original 4 speed and shifts as it should and is pretty smooth. The brakes stop the car just fine but it could use new rotors(/drums) and pads(/shoes). When I bought the car I installed a new starter, battery, ignition lines, and tuned up the fuel timing a bit so there should be no problems there. The suspension was upgraded with Bilsteins and H&Rs as well as some poly bushings so it corners and handles quite well.Interior/Electrics:The interior is in decent shape overall. The drivers seat is ripping on the bottom, but the passenger and rear seats are in good shape, as are the door cards and headliner. The carpet could be replaced and there are some very good relatively cheap options out there for these cars. All of the buttons and pull/push knobs work as they should, I even think the clock still functions though I do not have it installed currently. Odometer is accurate and still ticking with 19xxxx miles on it and speedo and tach work as does the temp gauge. All lights are functional. The only note worthy issue is that the fan blower motor does not work, so I have not reinstalled the heater box yet as it need to be removed in order to replace the fan.Body:The majority of the body has been resprayed in the original Fjord blue color and it appears as though it was not prepped correctly because bubbles and cracks have formed in various locations (roof, fenders, trunk, etc... see pictures) and because of this, the car has some body rust. Although most of these area are purely cosmetic, the car could use a media blasting and repaint to clean up all surfaces. The cars underside and frame/structure are all in good shape including all four shock towers and rockers with the exception of the drivers side floor pan and rail. Where the throttle pedal mounts to the floor there is a rust hole the will need to be addressed in order to remount the throttle pedal and the rail right next to it has a bit of rust. This is a fairly common problem area on these cars. The chrome/trim is all original with a few dents but is complete and still mounted on the car. VIN: 2761518 As it sits, the car is definitely a project, and that is how it will be sold. I want people to be able to buy the car and feel safe that the car is at a good enough state as it sits but is a blank slate as far as restoration or customization goes. I am trying to be as honest and straight forward as I can because I genuinely want the car to go to a good home. I have had a bunch of people stop me and say how cool of a car it is and it deserves to be taken care of.$9000. I am somewhat negotiable on the price but I know what these cars are worth and how hard they are to find in decent turn-key running shape. The car is located in Burlington, Vermont. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or PM, I am more than happy to chat about the car. I am a motivated seller and am passionate about finding the car a good home that will give it what it needs. Thanks for looking!Zach BRACE YOURSELVES, PICTURES INCOMING:
  6. I thought it had sent but apparently not. You should be able to see it now. My apologies.
  7. Hi Mike, I will shoot you a PM, thanks for the interest.
  8. Bump, will be looking into a floor pan rebuild with the next couple weeks
  9. Hey guys, I posted a bit in my tii for sale thread but I may decide to restore the car myself meaning these parts would no longer be for sale either. As long as the listing is up the parts and the car are still available. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, so not a whole lot of interest lately, I'm thinking I might just restore her myself if it hasn't sold by summer, in which case the car will obviously no longer be for sale until the resto is complete. If you are interested or know someone who is please contact me, the price is secondary to getting the car to a good home.
  11. ^ i believe that piece was sold. sorry for the delay. up
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