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  1. I'm willing to spend for the Pirellis or Michelins and I'd like a little wider tire while still keeping a stock look. So...the mind wanders and I ponder the options for :wider (5 - 5.5 ) or larger (14" ) wheels. And here we are. So what would a $1500 budget yield?


    Thanks for the replies, as always 

  2. Mike, thanks. Here's what I see looking at the hub: the male connector is on the left side pointing towards the dash. The female lead fits, tightly, in a gap between the left stalk and the center. I can't see this going another way but it's a tight fit.

    As for the spring loaded nib on the back of the steering wheel, that's fixed in place.

    I really can remember how this fits together...


  3. Hi everyone - I'm re-installing the steering wheel on my '68 1600 and....I can't find the pics when I removed it, dang it.

    1. where do I thread the horn lead thru -- inside the stalk assemblies or outside? (right or left side?)

    2. How does the inner ring with the copper align with the wheel?

    3. any other tips?


    See pictures. Thanks for the help!




  4. My 68 doesn't have the side markers, etc but the harness is from perhaps a later 1600 that did, which is why I didn't recognize it. I assume I'll leave it disconnected.

    I was wondering if these junction blocks can be pulled apart to clean. Each wire appears to have a barb that holds in the block. There are two other such blocks in my car: a 3-way in the engine and a 5 way under the dash.

    I'm in Chicago, btw.

    Thanks for the help!

  5. Hi all - The engine from my '68 1600 is out while the engine area is repaired of some rust and painted. I'm still learning abut this car since I bought it late last year; engine runs but the car hasn't been road-worthy (brakes, etc).


    The shop owner will let me use his shop to clean up the engine. He suggested I can use his sand blaster on some of the brackets and other parts while they're easy to get to. This is new to me: what would you do? Which parts should/could be cleaned safely. And as for sand blasting...?


    All suggestions welcome. Thanks!


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