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  1. Pending local sale, Wow thanks for all the interest!
  2. Maybe this will help BigByrd8 if he don't need the rails. What's your offer on the rails tracks?
  3. I would surely do a discount for local pickup, can I squeeze $50 more out of you?
  4. I came across these seats and no longer have any use for them. Here is the story, young kid bought an Alpina rusting away and he is parting the car out and selling everything off the car to turn it into a race car. I managed to save these seats. I offered to buy the car and was declined. I can't find the exact seat anywhere so they may be original but can't confirm, either way they are period seats which will look great in an 02. Obviously they need recovering but all the foam is there. They have a pair of E21 Recaro brackets to go with the seats and the seats have sliders and recline. I can ship the seats via greyhound package express. You just pick them up at your closest greyhound terminal. Shipped price is $800 to the closest greyhound terminal.
  5. Arm is upside down? Edit** initial thought until I looked at mine. Is it possible the support is binding up not letting the bolt slide correctly. The support mounted on the fender.
  6. Could also be related to rpm and alternator charging. Have you checked the battery? In most cases a car can run on alternator power only but if there is a dead or dying battery taking the bulk of the load the car could stall. If you keep the rpms up when coming to a stop does it still die?
  7. Thanks Conserv and Toby and everyone else that contributed, I guess I was getting confused by seeing the other photos with the VDO sender unit. I could not make heads or tails of what actually belonged here. Couple this will some flanges I found with no hole whatsoever and I was very confused. So for history's sake and maybe to help other dolts like me here is what I need PN 61311354274OE Or 61311354274 for aftermarket at Autohausaz.com A whopping $1.97 for a Uro part or $19.93 for BMW OE Part
  8. I am just staying the carb and did away with the turbo unit.
  9. So what should I put in it's place, if you can please provide a photo or diagram, like I said I have seen so many different configurations.
  10. Ok so I bought an 02 that was turbocharged or partially turbocharged. They had a oil line routing off the flange of the distributor to the turbo. Well I was looking online and see many different configurations for the flange. Some just have a bolt, some have a breather and some look like they may have an oil pressure sensor. What is the proper configuration? I've looked on RealOEM and the flange they have appears to have no hole to mount anything. Also when viewing multiple pictures online I cannot find any definitive answer. Will update photo with my mobile.
  11. So since I have had the car I have done the following. Removed and sold off the turbo components Removed and sold off the Pepboy's APC seats Removed all carpet and begun sanding wire wheeling and stripping floors for new brackets to be welded in for seats. Ordered the following parts: Guibo Center bearing Water pump V belt Tep headers Mounting studs and bolts Rollers and circlips for hood catch Exhaust hanger from transmission E21 transmission mount Thermostat Coolant hoses for the e21 radiator I hope to have it on the road in 2 weeks
  12. Found these today on Craigslist, think he is asking a bit much? http://newyork.craigslist.org/que/cto/5660065852.html
  13. Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand uses lanolin and mineral oil for airplane parts, it'll basically be like packing it in wax "Aluminium alloy extrusions should be protected in store with a lanolin and mineral oil solution in accordance with DEF STAN 80-34 and as finished details with DEF STAN 03-2" https://www.caa.govt.nz/Advisory_Circulars/AC000_2.pdf

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