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  1. Anyone have a recommendation for powder coating in/around Portland? Looking to have my subframes and various suspension pieces done.
  2. Anyone heard from the seller lately? Was emailing with him and getting responses and now nothing. No response about location or when asked if there is a title and if he's able to sign it.
  3. Whoops, guess I didn't catch that. Just saw round at the back end and made the quick assumption without looking too hard into it.
  4. The NOS roundie quarter I have has the doubler as well. Was it typically only on square cars?
  5. I could try building a box for it. Would you want the full pillar too?
  6. NOS right, passenger, side quarter patch panel. Looks like it might have been a full panel but the back was used already. Came from an old body shop and is in great shape. 300 OBO
  7. NOS early left side quarter patch panel. Came from an old body shop and is in great shape. 300 OBO
  8. @pdx_ryan I bought those panels. Not sure the one I'm not going to use will work if its buckled at the wheel. My '72 is damaged in the same spot as yours so I plan on using the full panel he had for sale.
  9. What side was crumpled? I have an OE quarter for the driver's side. Its just the back half of the quarter, about half way through the wheel arch. Its for an early car.
  10. I have a set and loved them.Used them on numerous cars and have the 2002 on there right now with the subframe and engine out.
  11. What are the specs of the bolt thread? There is a specialty bolt company near by that says they can see if they have anything available. Might have a better price than the $10-12 I'm seeing online.
  12. 121, might have found one but we'll see if it pans out.
  13. Of course after I get it torn down, I see the water passages have corroded through in a couple spots. Time to find a new head.
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