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  1. RamcoNorris

    Safety wire bolt source?

    What are the specs of the bolt thread? There is a specialty bolt company near by that says they can see if they have anything available. Might have a better price than the $10-12 I'm seeing online.
  2. RamcoNorris

    PDX: Looking for BMW Tool 6025

    121, might have found one but we'll see if it pans out.
  3. RamcoNorris

    WTB: 121TI Cylinder Head

    PM sent
  4. RamcoNorris

    PDX: Looking for BMW Tool 6025

    Of course after I get it torn down, I see the water passages have corroded through in a couple spots. Time to find a new head.
  5. RamcoNorris

    WTB: 121TI Cylinder Head

    Pulled my head off for a valve job to find the water passages have eaten away at the head and won't seal properly. Would like to find a 121TI head with a late '71 build date, if possible. Let me know if you have one. Thanks, Chris
  6. RamcoNorris

    PDX: Looking for BMW Tool 6025

    Finally was able to figure it out and you're right, super easy. No need for the tool as everything came out easily once I figured out the clips. Thanks for the help! One step closer to finally driving this thing!!
  7. RamcoNorris

    PDX: Looking for BMW Tool 6025

    How do you go about putting the rocker shafts back in?
  8. Anyone in the Portland area have or know where to get tool 6025 that holds down the rocker arms on the M10 engine so you can remove the cam shaft? I see some posts about making one but would like to find one before I have to resort to making one. Thanks Chris
  9. RamcoNorris

    Any Portlanders here? [post a picture]

    Chiming in. Mine is sitting on stands right now with the engine out but hopefully will be able to join all you sometime in the near future. Definitely going to be doing some autoX once the LSD is installed and everything is buttoned back up.
  10. RamcoNorris


  11. RamcoNorris

    World of speed C & C

    Is there usually a decent 02 showing? Went a couple weeks ago looking but didn't see any in my walk around. Mine should be put back together for when the sun comes out in the spring.
  12. RamcoNorris

    WTB: Cam Rocker Hold Down Tool

    Looking for the tool that holds down the rockers so that you can remove the cam, BMW 6025. I've found some posts about building one but want to see if I can find one first. If you have one or know where to buy them, let me know. Thanks