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  2. Burgers & BMWs at XXX Drive In on May 28 Skamania Lodge Tour through the Columbia Gorge on May 20 http://bmworegoncca.com/event/2017/skamania-lodge-tour/ Leavenworth Drive on June 24 https://www.facebook.com/events/1280112332078810/ Mt. St. Helens Volcano Run on June 17 http://bmworegoncca.com/event/2017/mount-st-helens-volcano-run/ I'm sure there are more but those are the ones I can think of. I'll add some more if I run across them
  3. Was browsing around on Amazon and something caught my eye. Saw there was only 1 left so I went for it. I think I did alright. Now I just need the front bar, hopefully for the same price. Nice part was Amazon gave me the $10 gift card for filling out a short survey.
  4. I'll take one please. Can pick up if they are in Portland
  5. Congrats getting her back after so long. I can't wait for the day I can finally take mine of the garage and go for a drive.
  6. I bought a set for for the job and while they hold better, still not enough. Thank you, I'll give this a shot
  7. Trying to replace my brake lines with new SS brake lines but the flare nuts are seized. I've only managed to change one line out of 6. I've tried penetrating oil, heat and force. I'm stating the think I'm just going to have to replace the lines from the master cylinder if I can't get these loose. Anyone have a secret tip that might help. I know its doubtful since they're just nuts but maybe? Recent picture since I feel like sharing
  8. Looking for a shifter plate and a late style shifter.
  9. Will be very interested to hear how it goes as it is a trip I might be taking as well in June. Hoping to get my '02 on the road by then and take 101 from Portland down to Santa Barbara. I've always wanted to do it and have to be down there in June and figured it would be a good deadline to get the car road worthy. Definitely take a spare tire, jack, small tool kit, fuses, coolant, water, maybe a spare fuel pump and a AAA card. Good luck and have a blast!
  10. Can someone tell me what the OE distance is, bolt hole to bolt hole, on the exhaust flange? Measurement A in the picture. Received a new exhaust system today but the flange on my downpipe has a different length between bolt holes than what is on the new exhaust flange. I'm not sure which one is incorrect. Thanks
  11. Looking for a late style shifter with the selector rod & a 5 speed clutch line/hose. I know I can order a line from Bliunt/IE but if you have one used, it's fine by me. Thanks, Chris
  12. Looking for the latch tab that goes on the end of the lock cylinder. Thanks, Chris
  13. Looking for the latch and the striker that goes on the trunk lid. Image borrowed from bluebmw Thanks, Chris
  14. I got back under there (really wish I had a 2 post lift) to take a look. It looks like a e21 5-speed. The slave cylinder mounts on the side of the transmission, but that is not where it is currently mounted. Its down near the pedal box. I assume this is an issue? The cylinder also has two lines, one of which is not connected to anything on its other end. It just has a plug in it. .
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