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  1. I almost wish I lived in a climate that would allow me to justify spending money on these...super cool. GLWS
  2. I've also had great luck with eBay sellers in Germany with regard to requesting shipment to the US for listings that only indicated shipment to the EU. Definitely don't hesitate to ask.
  3. They pop up on eBay occasionally...I got one that way.
  4. I didn't even think to celebrate it, but both of mine turned 50 under my ownership...the white one in Sept. 2016 and the red one in Nov. 2017. Poor things are such a mess though.
  5. Then based on that and the fact that my 09/66 2000 has the later one-piece, the 2-piece disappeared between mid-June and late August of 1966. That's a pretty narrow window to figure out a production change this late on!
  6. Do you know the build-date of this car? Just wondering when the cut-off may have been....I've been doing similar research for the dimpled hood trim and have a suspicion that changed around 02/67. I pulled up photos of my '67 2000 with a 9/66 build-date, it looks like it has a one-piece roundel, but comparing photos to my 11/67 build car they don't look quite the same, the edges are different and it looks like an interim design between the 2-piece and later one-piece...see photos below. EDIT: on second thought it might just be a shadow of the black paint that's adding a weird visual effect that makes this roundel look different than that on my red car...not certain now. Unfortunately the Chamonix car is in storage so I can't see it in person to take the roundel off and look at it in detail. I'd love to hear your all's thoughts though...see below: from my 9/66 build 2000: and from my 11/67 2000 (original and replacement):
  7. Wow, thanks for the photo! Really cool to see. I assume this is your dad's TISA?
  8. Oh neat! I saw in the catalog that it looked like it had a trim ring which is NLA, but the two-piece thing makes sense.
  9. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/lock-part-left-up-to-1969-41-11-11.html Walloth & Nesch have just that specific one left in their inventory.
  10. Not much has happened since my last post. Lots of new parts have come in for the front subframe and steering, including new idler arm bushings, new tie rods, a new center link (mine was very bent), and W&N's packet of new zinc plated mounting hardware, which will make installing everything very nice. That's not going together quite yet though, as I've decided to have the subframe powder coated and haven't yet had time to do it. Figure the car deserves it if I want it all to last, so worth the slight delay. Fun news though: new front & rear roundels have arrived! I was not convinced when BMW's current catalog suggested that both front & rear roundels are the same part no. 51145480181. After some research into the original parts list, I've found that the rear roundel was originally 51145081751, which has been superseded by 51145480181, but that the front was originally 51145081747, which BMW lists for the e9 coupes. I went ahead and ordered 51145081747 for the front, and now that it's arrived I can confirm it matches my original front roundel 😃 Not sure if this is common knowledge, but for those of you ordering roundels for these cars, it's a good thing to note that BMW is advising the wrong part. Anyway, that's all for now, some pics of the roundels for your enjoyment...pics of the 51145480181 installed on front as well as 51145081747 next to my original at the end...you can see that xx181 doesn't even fill the void in the hood. Sans roundel 51145081747 installed next to my husband's M3cs 51145480181 installed in rear. The holes had been sealed-up and painted-over long ago while it was still in the UK, so first time it's worn a rear roundel since it's been in the US (at least 1973/74). 51145081747 left and 51145480181 right in the following series Original front roundel vs 51145081747 Original front roundel vs 51145480181 51145480181 installed on hood...note it doesn't even fill the void properly
  11. It has the tach, correct combo-unit with clock, and double side-drafts. Not all TiLux's got the full wood interior treatment...I've seen many varying interiors on TiLux models.
  12. Ha! I was about to guess, "somewhere around 9/75!"
  13. I'm setting up my Granada '68 2000 as a 2000TI in specification, except with the rectangular headlights/taillights. Considering leaving the interior out and adding the Webers to make it more like a 2.0 Ti/SA as well...

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