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  1. This dirty thing was in the trunk of my NK (empty, of course) and I'm wondering if it's NK-specific or just junk. It's red vinyl with [probably] white stitching and a grey vinyl strap; both the red and grey vinyl are textured "like leather." It's in surprisingly complete condition other than being dirty and crunchy. Does anyone recognize it or have any thoughts?
  2. I grabbed the pics and description from the ad and quickly ran down to look at the carb, as I couldn't find anything about a Weber 40 downdraft...it's a DFAV 40, apparently discontinued by Weber. Pics of engine and carb below, as well as original ad from facebook:
  3. Ah, another update after a few months of nothing happening with my NK... I've been stalled on getting the front subframe bits out to a powder coater, using the excuse of "I don't have an engine to go in yet, so no rush," but this weekend I finally scored a "running" engine locally for only $1,000! The owner states it ran great and just burned a bit of oil before he pulled it out of his '73 2002 to swap in an m20. Picked it up Saturday. It wears a single Weber carb, supposedly a 40 or 45 (been sick and haven't had time to look at it closely) on a modified manifold...should be a bit of fun I guess. The engine is supposedly stock with a relatively recently rebuilt head. Based on my attempts at finding one over the last two years, $1,000 seemed like a bargain for usable-as-is 2.0 m10, so I'm pretty pleased. Next week I'll get the front subframe out to the powder coater so I can start getting the front back together and "new" engine in. Pics next weekend, hopefully 😃
  4. BMW provided the wiring diagrams in the original user manuals for these cars, which is amazingly helpful! 😃 Attached is an August 1966 German-language User Manual for a 2000 Tilux as well as a February 1968 English-language User Manual for a normal 2000 sedan. Including the second one to help with translation, but not sure what changed between 8/66 and 2/68 as well as between normal 2000 and Tilux models, and thus how accurate the English one is for your car. 1966-08 Betriebsanleitung 2000 tilux.pdf 1968-02 BMW 2000 Owners Handbook English.pdf
  5. No rush from my end, they're not going anywhere and aren't on the "open market" 😃
  6. Ah thanks! I figured there was a simple explanation!
  7. I would love to hear folks' thoughts on the differences between these two radiators...I see both styles in online photos of NKs. Left is from my 09/66 2000 which came to me with a 1.8 (118 head) and the Right one is from my 11/67 2000 which came with a '75 2002 engine (e12 head). Neither are assumed to be original...the left seems to be dated 11/84 (which aligns with when that car was brought to the US, if that helps).
  8. According to the PDF parts catalogs I have, the radiator is shared among all NK models, including TISA. The part number is 17 11 1 103 732 I have two of these and am willing to part with one if both are useable (testing needed on both, I can take them somewhere for that), feel free to send me a PM if interested. Would be glad to help get a TISA back on the road! 😃
  9. Is the TISA radiator different than the 2000 radiator? I happen to have two of them (2000)...condition is currently unknown, but I can have them pressure-tested I think.
  10. No problem! Unfortunately my red car didn't get any attention this summer, work was busy and my (running and registered) e28 needed some attention. The front subframe, ARB and some other bits and pieces are waiting to go to the powder-coater (have a quote in hand, just need to take them), then I'll be able to start looking at getting the e21 engine put in (it's temporary) so I can start on the rear subframe. Hoping to have the front back together by the end of December. Thanks for the clarifying info!
  11. It looks like the TI had a different camshaft and pistons than the standard 2000 according to the parts book. I've extracted the relevant pages for you as a PDF: 1971-10 Parts Catalog 2000NK - first 42 pages of Motor section.pdf
  12. BMW experimented with the m30 in the NK and their engineers described it as, "unstable." I made a post about it somewhere...
  13. I almost wish I lived in a climate that would allow me to justify spending money on these...super cool. GLWS
  14. I've also had great luck with eBay sellers in Germany with regard to requesting shipment to the US for listings that only indicated shipment to the EU. Definitely don't hesitate to ask.
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