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  1. sivertii

    Head gasket !

    Oil Dipstick level reads full and not its usually color ! Thanks for the replies.
  2. sivertii

    Pictures of 3M stick-on trim tape

    Works really well.Mine has held up for 16 years 😊
  3. sivertii

    Head gasket !

    Is this a symptom of head gasket failure ? I'm loosing coolant daily which I cannot trace ! I also notice smoke on acceleration. Despite car being tuned its running crappy .
  4. I have a 5 speed tranny from an e21 in my 2002 , lost all the tranny oil in it many years ago due to a leak. Hadn't realized there was no oil in the tranny untill I was unable to shift the car into 1st gear . For the past two years I have continued driving the car but have to fill the tranny with oil on a monthly basis as the leak was never repaired ! Transmission shifts fine when theres oil in it..It does however have a seriously loud whine. I used to hear the engine, now I hear only the tranny whining. There are a few local mechanics in my area (Montreal QC) quoted me $500 ,$600 for labour plus parts. Was told I may need new gears. Where Can I find the price of the gears ? I considered buying a used tranny but with 30% plus deficit in our CDN dollar plus shipping to Canada maybe better off rebuilding mine. Thx in advance
  5. Have poly bushings, Just took the car for a ride . man it handles great. But it feels heavy , like a tank ! I haven't driven a stock 02 in 30 years If I recall they are nimble correct ? Im beginning to think the wide low profile tires may be the main reason the car feels so heavy. Are Tokico known to be very stiff shocks ? When I push down on the car it barely moves 2 inches .
  6. Hi I was wondering If I can get some advice on how to soften up my suspension without losing too much of its performance. The suspension was set up back in 1999, it was fine then but now that I'm approaching 50 would like a softer set up. Cars runs on 195/50/15 tires. Urethane bushings. Eibach ( pro kit ? ) I believe . Lowers car 1 to 1.5 inches. Tokico Gaz shocks . K Mac adjustable camber plates. Pros The car rides like its on rails It can switch lanes at 80 MPH on the highway with a flick of the Wrist. Needless to say it handles great. Cons Steering when parked very heavy ! I know this is the tires, but I will keep them for now. It really feels like there"s very little flex in the suspension, very harsh ride . Over bumps at high speed my butt literally leaves my seat almost hitting the headliner ! I'm considering changing the shocks .If so what shock would be compatible with the Eibachs I had a stock Tii in the 90's and remember that it handled great with the factory suspension. Considering going back to Spax or maybe Koni since there adjustable ? Thx in advance