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  1. Letsride

    SOLD!! 1976 2002 5 spd

    Mods please close. The car has been SOLD locally!
  2. Letsride

    SOLD!! 1976 2002 5 spd

    Long story short, was given info on this car by someone trying to help this family out that is going through hard times with medical bills. Once we made the trek to Florida and picked up the vehicle it just requires more time and attention and $$$ that I have to put in it. I am selling for exactly what I paid for it (not including the truck and trailer rental fees or fuel).......Just what I paid for it. I AM ASKING FOR $2000......what I paid for the actual car and the parts that will go with it. Everything I got will go back with this car. We have the car running and driving but it will need the carbs rebuilt (Weber 45's), brakes gone through etc. Its a one owner car with 84k on the clock...... The car is located close to Greensboro NC and can be seen anytime. I have attached a few pics showing the condition as it stands now. Pete
  3. Letsride


    Why do they keep him here if all he does is rip members off?
  4. Letsride

    Various parts for sale 1968 1600-2

  5. Letsride

    BMW m10 engine - partially dismantled

    Any pics of what you have?
  6. Letsride

    WTB: Doors, hood and trunk lid

    I am located outside Winston Salem NC. You can use that or Greensboro to figure out shipping costs.
  7. Letsride

    WTB: Doors, hood and trunk lid

    Email sent!
  8. Letsride

    WTB: Doors, hood and trunk lid

    I am located in NC and just picked up a 76 '02 that I want to try and save. The car was stored outdoors and has not been cared for. The doors are completely gone so I need those asap. Also looking for the hood and trunk lid. Let me know what you have along with pics and your price please. Would prefer rust free panels if possible..... Thanks. Pete