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  1. This makes me smile. Pretty much my theory of repair also. Ya learns sooo much this way😃
  2. Not a what I got, but built on Christmas day. A coffee cup holder, I know, I know, coffee and BMW, but it was a holiday. Modified an idea of one I saw for sale. The original from Patina was a little stark for my girl, so this one-off ended up padded and covered in vinyl. It is also built to fit under the seat rail as its sheet metal instead of aluminum. The cat doesn't know what to make of it, but I like it. The little defects in the materials are where the binder clips held it while it dried. One day of our sunny holidays ought to plump it right back up!
  3. That is Joyous. What a thoughtful better half!
  4. Looking good Spike! You have a great eye for the details. That whats make these swaps take so much longer than estimated, right?!?
  5. too slow, C72 beat me to it. Ireland, Maxamillian,
  6. Nicely done! Amazing what a color change and some details will make on an interior. You got me with "old lady protectors". Does that mean the dash mat?
  7. My 02s headrests chrome was rusted and the foam was crunchy. Found that headrests from pre-facelifts e23's fit my 76 02 with no mods. So, ordered up a set off that auction site, and finished them with the covers that match my seats. Now I have adjustable headrests.
  8. If you car is on a diet, the people at Danjer motorsports have alloy ones. NM/NA https://www.danjermotorsports.com/products/rear-sub-frame-braces?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_pid=5167109505161&pr_ref_pid=5118959845513&pr_seq=uniform
  9. Loved this car since I joined. Great looks! Welcome back. My screen name should give you my opinion,
  10. Nice wall piece, if you can get it for a good price 🙃
  11. That is a good looking car. I've had relays get stuck in the on position. Relays are in the front drivers side corner. Three of them connected to the firewall, right by the body ground. Forget which one is the horn. Take one off at a time until the horn stops. Then switch it with a headlight one. If it stays on, it is not the relay. Fast, cheap check.
  12. I am no help for the whole car pics (still running a front bumper). I do think an alloy bumper can look sexy. Of course its been chopped, tucked, stripped and polished. For fun run a single euro tag light and lose the (imo) pimple lights surrounding the plate. Not the Purist
  13. Love that rendering at the top. You do that? Stay with a steel hood. The fiberglass need a lot of "help".
  14. Can't help with the headliner repair. Just know that it is under some tension. Regarding the hole front and center, it looks like the plastic "cup" is missing for the sun roof handle. The handle bends back into that spot so you don't smash your head on the Golde when you are cornering hard! Number 8 on the diagram
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