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  1. GoGo Garnet

    KoogleWerks cast aluminum dead pedals

    Wow Forrest, cast aluminum now. You are really getting us 02 owners spoiled!
  2. GoGo Garnet

    Various bits. TII and others.

    Pm sent. Partial seat belt sets.
  3. Thanks C for a perfect write up. You're not the only one I've seen reference it as such. I wasn't worried until I started reading about it. Glad I'm not a tech, 10mm nuts are small enough!
  4. GoGo Garnet

    318i alternator upgrade fail

    I bought a used upgrade, and found the same thing. It also didn't have a pulley, and my 02 wouldn't go on. Ended up I took it to a local rebuilder type and he let me use it as a trade in. In the end it cost me a little dough, but way worth it. Your results may vary!
  5. Question I just recieved a couple of these. They are unsoldered. Is this really micro soldering, or can I pull this off without specialty tools? Everything I read on that search engine is about repairing board trails. Thanks!
  6. GoGo Garnet

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Going to need a few cutting wheels for my grinder. I knew I had a couple holes on the passenger side floor. Pulled up the carpet, pad, and some of that foil type noise deadener. The rust was so natty, I didn't need dry ice to remove the tar. Save money! And, only the front passenger floor. The rest look beautiful, even the pedal box.
  7. GoGo Garnet

    Dating 2002-Era Blaupunkt Radios

    🤣 Good eyes 👀, That totally went by me. I have no idea what it came out of, I really needed the size more than the correctness.
  8. GoGo Garnet

    Dating 2002-Era Blaupunkt Radios

    Here's one I bought recently that will fit behind my Frigidking AC. Thanks for all your work, Steve.
  9. GoGo Garnet

    ANSA Sport Squaretail Install

    Mmmm welder! Nothing wrong with a new skill. Just be cautious of the fuel tank.
  10. I'll take a beautiful attitude over the news attitude anyday. Great seller, btw.
  11. GoGo Garnet

    if you need a new t-shirt .......

    I'd run a couple of the last style!
  12. GoGo Garnet

    Happy New Year

    Loving this blessing! Haole maka hiki ho from Hawaii.
  13. GoGo Garnet

    He we go again....another red tip.

    I heard they're worth extra horsepower!
  14. GoGo Garnet

    I Love My Nuts...Socks

    Nice! Small kind jealous. Happy Holidays
  15. GoGo Garnet

    BMW Classic Cars and Sexy Girls Calendar 2006 ;-)

    Not sure about "stupid", but I would love to make a grill like Januarys 2000csi for my 02. (Sorry, not a purist, (not sorry)).