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  1. Weel done, and great documentation. You are a tinkerer of a major sorts. Having the hoses come out the top side is a nice option. The glove box is still usable. Having installed the 1100, these units aren't made to draw in fresh air. You can see in LikeStig's pics the intake is in the passenger comparment. The Hurricane units all end up in this configuration.Nothing but recirc.That's why we have vent windows!
  2. I also ordered. There are two styles, and I included his pic of the other option. And, nothing beats free shipping! (Fixed it AF! I was stoked. Trying to help! Love the grill chain.)
  3. Finally got my Strut bar to fit. Took an application of heat (or two).
  4. I should have looked it up there. I couldn't find it at realoem under the 2002, and ended using the drawing from my 1980 7er category. Also showed up as used in 5er from the same era. Sure do appreciate all the knowledge here. And thanks for looking Dan. We are well over here, thanks. You sent me exactly what I needed, so nothing was forgotten. I will gladly repay you tuesday for a locking lever !!! Will call you.
  5. I know nothing about Mechart, but they are gorgeous. If they need to come out, I could use one for wall art. And in an s14, just drooling here. Keep us posted.
  6. Hello . thanks for looking. Hoping to find a piece out of a 1975 - 76 front seat. Real oem calls it as a headrest retainer - lock lever. I have attached a rendering below. Mine was to rotten to save. It fits inside the top seat frame and slides across the notches on the headrests to hold them in place. They are not side specific, so if you have either front seat lying around, I'm in. The part is (approximately) 330x22 mm. That's 13&1/4 x 7/8 inches for us non-metric users. Thanks in advance for the time, James
  7. Those trim bolts don’t need to go back in the exact same place. Redrill near, and you should be good. Not a purist, not sorry.
  8. I'm liking that. Now I'm feeling lazy for not painting some slats. I promised more pics of my car, but since this thread is about painted grills... If you need more here is a link to my build update thread.. Not a blogger
  9. Wow, been a couple years. About a year ago, I decided to repair the passenger floor rust. Then scope creep set in. Floor=carpets=seats=AC=headliner... Then an m42 powered car fell into my lap. Totaled, but runs. Been a busy year, and I managed to keep my job. Waiting on some Back ordered parts to finish the front seats, and I nned to iron out the running a little hot issue. It drives, and I wouldn't have could NOT have done it without this board.
  10. Thank you Jason. No problem, except that I'm working thru the bugs in the M42 swap. Gretta is currently in social isolation in my carport. Not a lot of room to get bigger pics without having all my cr*p showing. I will update in a couple dayswhen I get her out and about.
  11. I tried this while doing the m42 swap. All the pieces had to be out anyway. Used that peelable finish so if it doesn’t grab me... Matches the not so shiny bumpers and trim. not a purist. Not sorry.
  12. That is a cool collection. Even an 8er. You are a lucky person, our local dealers idea of vintage is a 2008 model ...
  13. I prefer the amber. A driver behind trying to see a red blinker over a simultaneous red brake light is a sketchy proposition.
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