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  1. Yeah, I really want/need a lift too. Even have my wife onboard. Today's two posts are sooo much better: safety, ease of use, self contained, etc. Put one up under a shed roof if you got space. Right now space is my issue. Sorry for the hijack!!😃
  2. That's old school. I remember those in Exxons & Phillips stations when me was (much) younger. They were actually service stations then. As I recall, there were no safety catches, if the hydraulics quit...
  3. Thanks Mike, This is inspirational. Actually the whole car is. Sounds like fiberglass is a winner. Thanks iii, Ingenious work.And a great sense of humor. Don't know if this would work well for me as I have sunroof drains to contend with (we get a ton of rain here). Thanks Nick, I am definitely using any extra hose I have lying around to protect that rascal feed. Great thinking Fjord, I was planning to go low. Seemed easier. But if I'm thinking about aesthetics now, it is for sure going to bother me later. A great bunch of answers. This is such a great board. Thanks to everyone who contributes to all of our questions.
  4. Hello to the collective! I have my interior out and (scope creep) figured it's a great time to move the battery to the rear of the vehicle. Looking for pics of the cable run with the carpet installed. I'm going to be ordering Etsy's carpet and didn't want it to look too funky. Did do a search and there's a ton of ideas for running the cable, but no pics of the finished product. I have an e30 cable: I like its looks. I'm not set on it if there are better solutions. Mahalo
  5. I believe that is a standard reaction by our cars to the 3rd brake light. 😁
  6. Since we're slightly off topic, I remember this as Artie Shaw on "Laugh-in". Am I disremembering. {Don't tell Trump.}
  7. Alllllright! Does this mean more epoch adventures from dudeland? Nicely bought and sold.
  8. I would represent a sticker or a grill badge. Nicely done!
  9. I could have been misled. Here is a link to the one I bought. www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/180972-sold-frigiking-ac-evaporator-and-panels-300shipping/ I bring my surety rate down to 63.9. But, in my defense, here is a quote from Steve in this other thread I'm sure I read while researching.. www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/151842-name-this-console/ March 16, 2014 "That's a faceplate from a Frigiking air conditioning system (there were at least two different Frigiking designs over the years, one with the radio on top, one with the radio on the bottom). If there is nothing behind it presently -- an evaporator/blower unit sat behind the vents -- you can probably quickly determine whether your car was at one time air conditioned by looking for telltale signs, e.g., a pair of 1 1/4"-1 1/2" holes drilled thorough the passenger's (right) side of the firewall just above the footwell and another pair of similarly-sized holes drilled through the radiator support between the radiator and the passenger-side inner fender. These holes routed the air conditioning hoses. Steve" I went out and looked at my blower unit, and there is not one marking on the outside. I took it apart and this is the only marking I could find.
  10. Not a bad ride for the price. As I understand from this site, there are no factory A/C's (or radios). Ain't no A/C expert, but I have been installing one of these over the last three months. I call it a Frigi-king also. As I understand, there is an early and late version . The difference is where they put the radio. Up high, or down low as is the case here. I have the blower assembly in a box somewhere, and double check what it says, but I'm at 98.2 percentage sure. I have 5 more pics like this (not my car) labeled Frigi.
  11. Great write up. That's a whole lot of typing. Talk about some scope creep! (while the motors out might as well paint the bay. While I'm painting might as well do the car...). Title should have been m42 is the new Inka lol. You mentioned exhaust shop. Was it just to join the two together, or does this require new from the manifold back? I'm got my eye on a wrecked e30 to do this conversion. Hope it looks as good as yours.
  12. This would be so majorly trippin! That mind of yours.
  13. We sure do appreciate all you are doing for all of us Dudeland. I understand it's hard being front runner, but when it's all worked out (or not) WE will ALL be richer for this. Wish I had the brains to help you, but we're all here for you. Much respect!

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