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  1. We sure do appreciate all you are doing for all of us Dudeland. I understand it's hard being front runner, but when it's all worked out (or not) WE will ALL be richer for this. Wish I had the brains to help you, but we're all here for you. Much respect!
  2. Love those anti-theft nuts. Nice stuff Enzo
  3. GoGo Garnet


    This motor was in my 1976 2002 when purchased. I know nothing about the rest of the vehicle (including the creation date).
  4. I'm just finishing mine up. This looks very complete. The only things I can't see is the plate that covers the heater box hole (simple to make), and the console pieces (which looked worse than homemade IMO). I used a Frigiking surround as I had one available. You will still need to source the engine side pieces (condenser, compressor, drier, hoses) as these aren't included in this kit. Otherwise, very nice price.
  5. I don't know how exact you need this. I didn't go around the hump. As straight across as possible. Let me know if you need it otherwise. This is from a 1976. No known side impacts. 1st - from back side of rear seat bottom support to rear wall = 539mm (21.25 inches). 2nd as shown in picture…inner rocker to inner rocker at floor = 1290mm (50.75 inches).
  6. Also highly recommend the m14 x 45 bolt to replace the stud and e-clips. You can then adjust the "tightness" to your personal tastes.
  7. Thanks Dan, pm'd. Appreciate the help.
  8. Hello , I am looking for the frame from a late e10 or any e21 stock seats. I just need the driver side, upper part. No padding, covers, or plastics needed. I started the refresh on my interior, and this part is too rusted to use. Probably from years of driving with the window open. The kicker is the shipping to Hawaii. This is why I'm asking for a stripped down version. Plus, I have decent parts from the rest of the seat. If you have something you can work with me on, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Genius! Mad scientist genius, but none the less. Great work. I also like the fact that new switches do not illuminate. That red always makes me think I have an idiot on.
  10. Wow Forrest, cast aluminum now. You are really getting us 02 owners spoiled!
  11. Put me in line for this, please.
  12. I see the problem, you're using a yard stick, not a meter stick!?!
  13. I used to use good old shaving cream. The lather kind. Spray it onto a clean rag, wipe it off, and enjoy the clear windows for many miles. Cheap, and smells manly.
  14. I didn't see that, but "motorweek, had one, in the Goss' garage section. 5/9/17. We've gone national. Oh, wait...

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