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  1. These signals are in fantastic condition, no cracks in the lenses, a few pinhole pits in the chrome as shown. Gaskets are still supple. USPS Priority shipping and paypal fees included in price. Paypal only, no friends and family options. Of course, local pickup is super.
  2. BenjaminSmith

    Mt. Rainier and the Gang

    yes, not sure whose, but we felt it a relatively appropriate interloper
  3. Do you need a little holiday gift for that special car in your life? This Nardi wheel has been refurbished; filling cracks, repaint, and 5 coats of an excellent, durable two-part epoxy finish. It is NOT concours, but a good looking wheel nonetheless. There is nothing included in the sale except the wheel itself. 380 mm is the approximate outside to outside measurement. I used this wheel in my '75 for about 3 months before switching to a Nardi that was a better match for the rest of the interior. The price includes paypal fees, shipping is extra based on zipcode and delivery speed.
  4. I had the pleasure of meeting the young Mr. Smith at il Nido last year when chef Mike Easton and I had our twinsy 1975 Verona red 2002s sitting in the parking lot together. Supercool guy, excellent writer.
  5. title says it all. Any condition. Please PM pics and price. Pics should contain a note with your name, username and current date. Danke!
  6. I posted a WTB ad yesterday and received these two replies from separate accounts. Looking further, the accounts were created on the same date, February 4th. I get so tired of scammers. They could at least try to sound original... BTW, if there any REAL members out there with 250mm drum upgrade parts lying about, I'm all ears.
  7. Looking for anything from new unused to reasonable mileage removal. Must be complete - drums to backing plates. Same with tii master cylinder. Please send clear photos and price request.
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