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  1. Above White Salmon, Washington, with Mt. Adams in the background. First big drive with the 5 speed installed. What a cruising difference!
  2. BenjaminSmith


    Haltech ECU, 318i intake manifold, 325i throttle body (completed 10/2017) 3.64 LSD (completed 6/2017) 245 5 speed (completed 6/2019) Volvo big brake upgrade (8/1989) Procar seats, E36 rear seats (7/2017)
  3. Sorry to not be a help with real answers - other than to call Patrick at Midnight Motorsport for recommendations, but totally get the orange/Verona issue. It's red, dammit :) I had to repaint the hood and trunk to finally dispel those comments. If you are there Sunday morning in Madrona (see teelinger's post) we can commiserate!
  4. Are these being manufactured anymore? I can't find any online. I need one for about a 1/2 hour drive - checkout, then down to Midnight Motorsport to have the original bracket mounts cut out and rewelded into the new location for the new Getrag 245. Then the U-bracket becomes a paperweight.
  5. looking for said bracket for use with original location transmission bracket mounts. Used to be made by Autohaus and others.
  6. And I thought Jeff may have been for sale. Worse things have happened to 2002 rebuilding husbands...
  7. Tom - no sweat at all, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going too far astray.
  8. Mintgrun, If you are concerned that the thread is off topic for an 02 forum, just say so...
  9. We use all our fruit for Cadence Winery. The best Cara Mia Vineyard barrels go into Bel Canto and Camerata, the rest ends up in our second label wine called Coda.
  10. A beautiful evening on Red Mountain in my vineyard

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