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  1. Hi My zip is 98501, WA state, thank you N:)
  2. Hi! I really need the heel pad if you still have it....please let me know! Thank you, Nancy:)
  3. Hi! I would like the center caps if they are still available. Please get in touch. Thank you! Nancy:)
  4. Good Morning! I'm interested in your mirror for Princess BB, my 76 that I'm getting back on the road!! Could you send me a clearer pic of the missing plastic piece please? Just want to see if I can somehow fix it, thank you!! Nancy:)
  5. Bmwgirl

    Valve covers

    Hi Do you still have the 76 valve cover for sale? N:)
  6. Wow, thanks for sharing that....I was ready to head up there yesterday morning to take a look when the seller texted me that he had an offer of $4,000 for the car...way beyond what seemed a fair price... the pictures looked like there would be a lot of rust and other issues so happy to hear my instincts were right!!
  7. Hi Michael, Thanks for getting back to me...I'm working a lot so today is my first day off to read your message. I would love to get them but need to figure out when I could drive that far, looks like its a few hours from me to you...are you on a time line to get rid of them? Thank you, Nancy:)
  8. Hi! Do you still have these seats? They might work for the car I'm working on. Please let me know. I live in WA state. Thank you! Nancy:)
  9. Iinca is a Princess in my eyes and it takes one to know one!
  10. Nevertheless, thanks everyone for sharing...I am constantly learning from all of you and it is very much appreciated!:)
  11. Wow...just caught up with all of this amazing work...thanks so much for sharing! Wheels are totally FABULOUS as is the gorgeous carpet...the Princesses on this site rock!!!
  12. Subtract "cuckoo" middle screwdriver, add correct pliers...yay...a complete proper tool kit roll !!!!
  13. Hi! I was told that that this tool roll I have was from a 1971 so probably correct for a 1972. Hope this helps as an example of what you are looking for to complete your car!! The second bigger screwdriver is just an extra I have, not in the original set. And there is an arc joint pliers not pictured in the set also. Nancy:)
  14. Wow, what a gorgeous result!! I'm inspired now by you to get to work on Princess BB!! Thank you for all the helpful info!! N:)

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