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  1. I have one from 1.6. please email me if interested kris@amgjets.com
  2. NOS voltage regulator please email me kris@amgjets.com
  3. NOS Bosh ignition coil. please email me kris@amgjets.com
  4. please email me kris@amgjets.com
  5. weaber DCOE 40 manifold. please email me kris@amgjets.com
  6. Bosh point distributor NOS. please email me kris@amgjets.com
  7. rebuild 1602 1.6 cylinder head. cam is no good due to broken gear mount. please email me kris@amgjets.com
  8. Removed from 1970 1602 13" . Set of 4 no damage. light scratching from road dirt they can polish out. Please email me kris@amgjets.com.
  9. NOS originals with shims. please email me kris@amgjets.com
  10. the cam gear base was broken when I moved to Pittsburgh. never let people help you move:(
  11. located in pittsburgh
  12. I believe its all for the 118. at least that's what the castings show.
  13. Engine parts, 4 seed gear box, half shafts, radiator, 1.6 block, rotating assemblies, clutch parts, weber 40DCOE's distributor, coil, many misc parts. email if interested. Kris@amgjets.com
  14. here is pics of a 4 speed. I have new clutch, pressure plate and release bearing. have a flywheel too. removed from 1970 1602 Email me if still needing and or interested. kris@amgjets.com
  15. is this what you need? if so email me kris@amgjets.com
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