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  1. Febi on those. We've had issues with the outer diameter being too large on other brands, and Febi has been the most consistent.
  2. https://www.blunttech.com/ same as in my sig. All sale products are on the front page of the site.
  3. With our brackets it's a bolt on process, so no cutting necessary. You will have to fill the holes where the old bumper trim bolted up to the body. I've seen guys use paint matched body plugs as a temporary/no bodywork solution to fill them too.
  4. It'll be the upper belt line trim. There are still a couple of the stock anodized aluminum pieces on back order, but we have complete stainless reproduction belt line trim kits that guys have been really happy with. In addition to being cheaper than original, stainless steel so it's less susceptible to dings/dents than aluminum, and can be easily polished if necessary.
  5. If you've been looking at stainless Euro bumpers or beltline trim kits, our upcoming Black Friday specials are right up your alley. I should have more info in a couple of days and will post here as soon as pricing is finalized!
  6. Yeah the price was right, but we weren't able to find suitable aftermarket options anymore. The ones we were getting were a great alternative to the genuine door brakes, but the manufacturer discontinued them. All of the other brands we tried allowed the doors to open way too far, so unfortunately we don't offer them any more.
  7. Also just in case you haven't seen it anywhere else, we have Black Friday specials going now through Sunday 12/1. We have the best pricing you're going to see all year on a ton of our most popular 2002 parts. Check out our front page on www.blunttech.com for all of our Black Friday specials.
  8. In an unexpected turn, they sent more pictures. I asked if they could send shots of the engine bay, trunk and rockers as I was concerned about rust in common areas. They sent the following 4 (mediocre at best) pictures. This may very well be a good and solid car, but I am not close enough to go look at it in person and I told them I can't make a decent offer without seeing the requested areas. That was last week and I haven't heard anything since. It might be a good buy for a local who can snag it. It looks like a little surface rust on the top of the trunk and he mentioned along the gutter molding, but fairly solid from what is actually shown. I wish I was closer and could check it out in person. It would be a whole lot faster than waiting on a response from the seller.
  9. I have been trying to get pictures of this car for the last two months. The "owner" finally got back to me and asked for my email address so he could send me more pictures. This was while communicating via email. They told me they had more pictures of everything except the trunk, although they assured me that it was very clean and that it had a complete took kit in the lid toolbox. I was unsure as to whether they were just a clueless owner or a clueless scammer, but I'm leaning towards the latter.
  10. We're running a sale to say Happy Birthday America and to celebrate the launch of our new website. Stop by www.blunttech.com Thursday the 4th through Sunday the 7th for sale pricing on many of our best selling parts!
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