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  2. Did you send a PM or email Garrett? I'm not seeing anything on my end. Are you able to re-send?
  3. All PMs replied and prices sent. Thanks again!
  4. Certainly can, prices sent. Thanks again!
  5. Unfortunately control arms have been on back order for a couple of months now. We have a ton on order, but BMW is not currently giving us an ETA for shipping. Last we checked they had around 400 on order so there is definitely a demand for them. I suspect BMW will do another production run within the near future. I can notify you as soon as they start shipping though. If anyone would like to be notified when the control arms return, just shoot an email to sales@blunttech.com saying you want to get added to our notification list for when they return.
  6. We just got 3 sets of brand new Euro turn signals in yesterday and they disappeared within an hour. We have more coming in at the end of the week and as of now there are 2 sets that aren't spoken for. We have these for $450 for the pair. Only selling as a pair currently, but we are happy to special order one for you if you only need one side. Email or PM me to grab a set!
  7. Yes they are! The most technical part of the installation would be adhering the boards in place. The installation instructions are linked at the bottom of this page if you wanted to take a look to see what you're dealing with- http://www.classicautoleds.com/BMW-R.html
  8. We're still working on getting pics of them while installed. Steve's car is currently under the knife, but as soon as it's finished we will get some pics of the lights in his car. This picture is from the Classic Auto Led Facebook page of a customers installation. New stock bulbs on the left with the LEDs on the right. Also, if anyone has any pics of these lights installed on your car and would be willing to share, please do!
  9. These do not include reverse lights. The manufacturer felt that it wasn't worth the additional labor/materials for the reverse lights. Also, just an update on inventory. We have 1 set of the roundie lights available in the first production run as well as 2 square light kits. The first order is expected to arrive within the next few weeks. If you would like to claim one of these, please let us know and we can get you on the list. We will still be getting more after that, but production typically takes 3-4 weeks. We will still honor introductory pricing on pre-orders through February 1st. The kits for round lights are $299.50 and the square light kits are $309.50 Please PM me or email us at sales@blunttech.com to order or if you have any questions.
  10. We're excited to announce that we finalized a deal to become the exclusive dealer for Classic Auto LED tail light kits for the 02. We have 2 sets in stock for the roundie cars and have a few more sets inbound. We hope to start a pre-order soon for square light cars. Due to an increase in material cost, the manufacturer has bumped pricing up to $385 a set. Fortunately we were able to negotiate introductory pricing for $329.50 per set for roundies, and $339.50 for square light cars. PM me here or email sales@blunttech.com to order!
  11. Hi Ben, I had Steve send you over an email to your corrected email address. It looks like it went through. Thanks again
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