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  1. This is a great car here's the plus column : Super dry rust free California delivered car {still has both original blue plates} No accidents all body panels original floors are perfect Drives great starts ,stops,shifts and steers very well all lights,instruments and electrical systems work very good original dashboard {unusual for California car} very unmolested interior the carpets and headliner and rear seat original front seats redone with factory covers no oil leaks {wife lets me put it on the driveway} original factory optional alloys Original A/C 1974 no smog needed negatives : repainted from original Sahara beige to Silver{jambs,trunk and partial underhood} Paint not perfect useable but not perfect trunk lid needs repainting due to being keyed needs a good deep clean A/C does not work {have not investigated} Steve Sporting Cars of Santa Barbara 805 331 2184 price plus tax if sold in California
  2. This car has had fortunes spent, over $25k in the last three years including a full engine rebuild it has a Weber carb uprated head and drives superbly, this is an original California car with an excellent no rust body, sunroof, 4 speed first person to drive it will buy it. The car is in Southern California can arrange shipping Insert other media.url
  3. This is a very solid California car, it was purchased on Bring a Trailer May 2016, since then it about $29,000 spent on it {documented} and it has been driven less than 500 miles.The E21 cylinder head was rebuilt with all new rocker gear, new valves, new factory camshaft, the bottom end was rebuilt with Mahle pistons and all new oil pump ,timing gear etc. There has been too much done to this car to list here but sufficient to say it drives superbly it has had some very positive improvements like a Weber Carb, bigger valves, upgraded suspension, upgraded radiator, alloy wheels with bigger tires. The sunroof works fine as does everything on the car, it is tidy and very nice looking but not a show car it is a just a very well sorted driver and it should be noted how easy it is sink money in to these middle priced cars that need improvement. This car is in dealer inventory so if sold in California I must charge sales tax and licence inspection and test drives are welcome Steve 805 331 2184
  4. appreciate any help here's a couple of pics Steve
  5. could someone help me identify my M10 engine please the # is 03912454 Regards Steve
  6. I am having the engine being rebuilt and while out would like to refresh the engine bay on my 1974 2002, has anyone used a rattle can that is a reasonable match for Chamonix White ideas appreciated Steve
  7. good morning do you still have the sunroof cables available ?


    [email protected] or  805 331 2184 

  8. I redid the bodywork on the car and reduced the price by $2000 time to sell
  9. Yes it does that’s why I keep the sunroof open ! actually I was amazed at how well the flags were painted on I assumed they were tape and would come off easily.
  10. This is a 1971 2002 with a sunroof built in Late 1970, it has been fitted with a Tii motor. Overall the body is very good pretty much rust free {minor rust in the wheel well} and all panels are original to the car. She was originally Granada but has been painted several times. Here’s a list of good and bad Good: 1. runs,drives and stops great 2. body is structurally very sound 3. car is useable as is 4. lights work ,wipers work ,turn signals work 5. instruments work {except fuel gauge} 6. sunroof and windows work as they should 7. seats, carpets and dash are very good Bad: 1. car is ugly with damage to rear bumper and passenger door , 2. been painted different colors so ugly under the hood. 3. door panels and some weatherstripping need work 4. been sitting so will need deferred maintenance overall a worthwhile project will bring to Woodley park that’s a drive of 150 miles if not sold before. I have a California dealer licence so will need to charge sales tax and licence if sold in California [email protected] 805 331 2184
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