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  1. Does anyone have a measurement for the height on these? Need to know how much taller my car would be with one installed... thanks in advance!
  2. Understood. That would be great. Now I just need to convince my wife to spend a few days in the sun... at the end of the CT winter... on St Pete Beach. Shouldn’t be too difficult! 🤪 I will be in touch!
  3. No kidding! I miss those sunsets... $1 beers down at the Sandbar playing volleyball on a Sunday while the end of the week just falls out of the sky and melts in to the deep blue that is the Gulf of Mexico. the good news is it looks like I might be heading down there next year for a reunion (I’m not even going to say how many years). I’ll have to come by the shop and say hello. Where are you guys exactly? I didn’t see any address on the website and the GPS info just takes you to St Pete.
  4. Welcome guys! I graduated from Eckerd College so right around the corner from you. I still don’t know why I came back to the Northeast but it’s a good thing I did because my wife wouldn’t be too happy if I quit my job and sat outside your shop begging for a job all day long... [emoji2957] Best of luck to you and the crew!
  5. @bianchini - have you used the door cards from IE by any chance? I feel like the edges would eventually cut through the vinyl. Is there something you use on the panels to prevent that?
  6. Looks like it came out great James! Thank you for the detailed write-up. No doubt it will come in handy (for many of us who have grown tired of looking at the weathered chrome on our door panels!!). I look forward to seeing how your Dynamat comes out. I’ll be embarking on that endeavor soon myself. Best wishes! TJ
  7. These guys are vintage car gurus, so not a machine shop, but I’m sure they could help and/or steer you in the right direction... Gaswerks Garage 401 NJ-17 Paramus, NJ 07652 www.gaswerksgarage.com
  8. @Conserv - the 1600ti in the photos I posted (VIN 1584745) was born on January 29, 1968. Below is the sticker, in French, that was affixed for the tire pressure instructions. As you can sort of make out it began with “1600 TI” as you suspected! Here is the sticker for the fuses/oil change info... also “en Français”!
  9. @Conserv - Steve, Happy New Year! I’ve been meaning to follow up on this. Below are some pictures of a 1600ti... one is from a 1600ti owners manual and the others are from one that I am more familiar with ([emoji12]). As you can see the brake reservoir is attached to the elongated air filter canister mounting bracket like you mentioned. Whether this was a 1600ti feature, an early car thing, or an early car “depending on who was cutting metal for air intakes that day” thing, I could not say, buts it’s looking like it could be a 1600ti thing for sure!
  10. George, Happy New Year! I would personally start with the BMW Archiv (same place that you send your VIN to for info) as they’ve helped answer some very obscure questions that I’ve had (like when did BMW change the style of the piece used to hold sun visors in place, when did the grab handles go from having metal bases to plastic bases, or what were the available interior colors/styles/materials options for a 1600ti). They’ve sent me pictures, diagrams, etc. They may be able to tell you exactly how many cars left the factory in that color as well as whether or not it is original to the car. Sounds like an interesting prospect... good luck!!! [emoji16] -TG
  11. Forrest makes a nice under dash set for speakers. A little pricey but probably costs about the same amount as replacing your old panels at this point! http://www.kooglewerks.com/products/bmw-2002-speaker-pod-under-dash-panels
  12. What Steve said. That’s about as solid advice as anyone can give you at this point in the game. Figure out what your goals are. Once you get a handle on that you’ll know what to do going forward. Good luck!
  13. How much of the rails is bad? If it’s only a small section you might be better off cutting out the bad section and welding in new metal (at least from a cost perspective). That, or... try posting in WTB. I’m sure there are plenty of spares laying around that might be of use to you (seems like people are tearing down fairly repairable cars for parts more often these days).
  14. A couple of years ago I would have thought, “that’s nice... it’s almost done” but having gone through most of what you’ve gone through to get where you are, I have to say congrats on reaching what is a MAJOR milestone in the restoration of your Alpina! Looking forward to seeing a fresh coat of Verona on there (assuming you’re keeping it original)!!
  15. I just went through this with my 02. Obviously need to do the typical due diligence... check for bad relays, insecure wires, bad leads, any sort of corrosion or funniness around grounding points or on the connection from the battery to the starter. IIIRC the alternators on E30s are internally regulated (don’t quote me on that). If they are not then check that the voltage regulator hasn’t quit on you. If nothing shows up have the alternator tested as well as the battery. Not sure what size you are using and/or which cars the battery is known to work with, but it’s possible you’re not getting enough power to start the E30. However, the one thing that screams alternator to me, aside from having access to what is supposedly a good battery, is the fact that it’s doing nothing when you start it now (those last few attempts to turn it over may have been the alternator’s last remaining breaths). I had the same symptoms when my 02 decided to stop turning over and it ended up being a bad alternator (my installation of an overly enthusiastic audio system a week prior obviously didn’t help matters![emoji2957]). Sorry you’re having to deal with this. It can be a pain in the rear. I’m also sorry that I live on the East Coast and can’t give you a hand. I’ll cross my fingers that a local vintage BMW enthusiast and all-around good do’er will see this post and offer to come by and give you a hand... Good luck, Esty!!!
  16. Put me down for Bristol... a beautiful color that came on the earlier 1600s!
  17. @boneylee - you may want to check with member @Seb. He has quite a few Touring parts and may have the latch you’re looking for. I would also check Walloth & Nesch if you haven’t already!
  18. Looks great Paul! Man I love Bristol... it doesn’t have the flashiness that colors like Inka or Mintgrün have, but there really is nothing like seeing a Bristol 02 on the road. It’s nice to see Lily getting some love. Keep greasing up that elbow. Soon enough Lily will be breaking hearts all over town! [emoji16]
  19. @BLUNT - Happy Birthday Steve! Wishing you many more years of good health and happiness. Thank you for taking care of us, one car at a time, and for being the good-hearted enthusiast that we have all come to know. For those that don’t know... Steve is one of the most stand-up car enthusiasts you will ever meet. He’s friendly. He's knowledgeable. He’s outgoing. He will do just about anything to help a fellow enthusiast out. Steve is a genuine, old-school, car enthusiast/business man who puts his love of cars, and people, before anything else. If you are in need of parts for your 1600/2002 (or other BMW) and haven’t spoken with him yet, please do. It’s people like Steve that made this community what it is. The least we can do is support him! *** Disclaimer: I am not related to Steve. I don’t work for him at BLUNT. I am just an 02 enthusiast who happens to know good people when I see them.
  20. I came across a piece about a year ago that the seller claimed was in good shape. Even the pics looked good. He sent it to me and i opened it to find what looked like rolled up tin foil with black paint on it. It was an original piece but WAY beyond salvageable. It wasn’t cheap but fortunately I was able to get reimbursed for the misleading sale. If you do come across any, and I truly hope you do, make sure you get lots of pictures and do not pay for it through any method that cannot be retracted/reimbursed. There are plenty of scumbags out there these days (especially with the prices of 02s being where they’re at!). Just be careful... ... and most of all - good luck in your search!!!
  21. Dave sells individual pieces from his 5-speed conversion kit and tends to keep things as OEM in appearance as possible. I would get in touch with him and see what he has... https://www.2002parts.com/bmw/5-speed-trans.html
  22. I have the front half of a set of H&Rs that were never used. I purchased them from a forum member for around $50 but ended up going a different direction (more like stock set up) and don’t need them. Unfortunately, it’s only the front pair but if you’re interested let me know and I’ll send you some pics.
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