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Ever since I was a child I was obsessed with BMWs but the 2002 always stood out to me. After years of saying “one day” I looked over at my wife and said, “I think it’s time”. I knew she was reluctant to say yes at first but when our first 2002 arrived with a BMW Moose sticker in the rear passenger-side window we both knew it was fate (the moose has a very, very special meaning to us). Since then I have met hundreds of 2002 faithfuls. I have learned a good amount of German (finding these parts can be difficult at times!), and I have driven thousands of miles in both of the 2002 “drivers” that I have been fortunate enough to own and care for. My first was a 2002tii tribute that was what I believe the perfect first 02. It had tons of great hip-ups that were factory original and true to the year of the car. I currently drive (regularly) a 1974 2002tii Touring in Atlantikblau. I am in the progress of restoring another very special car that I hope to reveal in a year or so (it is 2018 at the moment). Some of you already know what car this is but I hope you will wait with me until the project has been completed so we can surprise everyone. More to come...


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