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  1. Any of the EARLY style hoods (with 3 holes down each side)?!
  2. TG2k2

    BMW 2002Tii booster core

    I have one... I’ll PM you
  3. Hello ti owners, I have been trying to find a stock/factory image of a 1600ti engine compartment. I have plenty of the exterior and even the interior but the engine compartment, specifically, seem to be difficult to come across. If anyone has any 1600ti or 2002ti engine compartment pictures please post... for that matter, feel free to post anything ti. As with any knowledge on this site the more we have the merrier! Thank you in advance! TJ
  4. TG2k2

    Blank Vin Plates

    Are these from BMW?
  5. TG2k2

    (2) 2002 Tii's on Craigs

    CT is another state that won’t title a car > 25 years old. However, if you’re lucky you’ll get to the Registration counter at the DMV and a newbie, who doesn’t realize the state doesn’t issue titles for cars that old, will have you fill in the paperwork to get one and... about two weeks later one will arrive unexpectedly in your mailbox. True story (this happen when I bought my first 02 a couple of years ago)!!! Of course every time since then I have arrived at the Registration counter only to be greeted (if you can call it that) by a seasoned veteran in the prime of the “I hate everyone” phase of their DMV career. It seems like these individuals get pleasure out of telling me that I will have to come back (and wait in line again) after handing me a piece of paper that requires me to drive my unregistered car to a local garage, have the VIN # verified and get a signature from the “specialist”. I feel like a little part of my soul turns black each time I find myself paying another human being who can’t troubleshoot a car without a computer just to verify the VIN on my very analogue, low tech (by current standards) early-70s BMW. The best part is watching them walk around the car looking everywhere in an attempt to find the VIN only to have them turn to me and ask, “Uhmmm, sir, where can I find the VIN number?” After showing them it usually takes less than 10 seconds for the “specialist” to blurt out, “Yeeeup. Looks good to me. That’ll be $20 cash”. The only thing that prevents me from going absolutely apenuts crazy after such an experience is knowing that the next time I go back to the DMV I’ll be walking out with a new set of Classic Car plates for my recently acquired 2002. Life is good!!! [emoji12]
  6. TG2k2

    early Alpina carbs

    Woah! Unfortunately that was not meant to be a joke. More like my mind reminding me how old I am. Yes, the DDH 40s that were on the A1 were definitely Solex!
  7. TG2k2

    early Alpina carbs

    My understanding is that they used Weber DDH 40s for the early cars.
  8. Just a heads up... the website URL is
  9. TG2k2

    Headlight problem

    Relays usually last a long time. The thing is even if the car was restored there is a good chance they left the original one if it was working. It might just be time for a new one. Sounds like you’re checking the right things but here is how I typically proceed with a bad relay... First thing to do is make sure all of the contacts on the relay and other connectors in the line are clean. I am shocked at how the smallest amount of corrosion can make what is otherwise a clean line not work. If you haven’t done that already I would recommend scraping away any corrosion that may exist, making sure you get bare metal at the contact points. I typically use Deoxit D100L (red liquid that comes in what looks like a nail polish bottle) on all electrical connections before hooking them up to keep it free of rust/corrosion. If you’ve done that and it still doesn’t work then try and have someone turn the lights on and off at the stalk while you listen to the relay. I don’t know if you’ll hear a click if you put your ear close to it but you can also take a screwdriver and put the handle end in to your ear and touch the relay with the head (it’ll act like a stethoscope). If you aren’t hearing a click replace the relay. You can also try jumping the circuit using a piece of wire to connect the lead to the open (as in on) point. I don’t remember the numbers on the bottom of the relays but you can probably find a technical article on this here on the forum (or maybe someone else remembers which numbers are witch?). If you jump it and the lights go on the internals of the relay aren’t working or they are stuck (possibly from corrosion). Again you would want to replace the relay. Electrical issues are a pain in the arse. Good luck!!!
  10. TG2k2

    Date code on these wheels?

    Looks like they are from May 2002... in the first picture there is a circle with an “02” in the middle, the year. Then there are 5 dots around the circle, one for each month. This is typical BMW date stamping.
  11. TG2k2

    1965 NK Taillight housings needed

    Here you go! Here’s an NOS one:
  12. I think the panels themselves are original but to Steve’s (@conserv ‘s) point, the holes were not.
  13. TG2k2

    02 Touring seat belts

    I would assume the ‘74 came with retractable seatbelts. My 2002tii Touring is a ‘74 and still has the original belts (they are retractable). I’m hoping@Conserv can chime in here but I believe the non-retractable belts were used up to ‘71?
  14. Where did you get the dash cover from? I really like that instrument cluster... looks great! [emoji106]