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  1. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but you’ll need to run a minimum 10-12 gauge ground wire (it depends on the load of the new alternator but 10-12 is typically good enough) from the small ground post on the alternator case to the engine block. I think it usually gets connected to the same point that the braided ground wire from the battery goes to.
  2. Right? I thought that was why we bought radios and listened to music...
  3. I didn’t realize the booklets were worth a 300,00-350,00 € premium.
  4. The Petri has been sold. Thank you all for your interest.
  5. For sale is a 38cm Petri Sport wheel (includes hub as shown). The wheel is in great, original condition. Please see pictures below for condition. Price: SOLD
  6. It says Automatic on the back. So why is it a manual??? Why would you spend $20k+ to rebuild a tired old matching numbers engine when you can just buy one on eBay for under $2k that was rebuilt 20 years ago and only has 2 miles on it?!?! Digital Audio Player? Are you on crack? The only music I listen to is the sweet sound of that M10 howling at the moon as I push down, down, down on the accelerator pedal. Scrapper??? I just met her!!!
  7. I’ll give you a $1... just let me know where to send the money.
  8. For what it’s worth I went to buy Bilstein HDs (well, the new version of them) back in January and they were back-ordered with no ETA. I spoke with Blunt about it and he suggested trying the Koni adjustable struts. They took a while to come in but they arrived much quicker than the Bilsteins would have. The Konis look like Bilsteins (yellow) and are adjustable. I haven’t put them in the car yet but my understanding is they are very similar to the HDs. I will admit that I’ve had Konis in previous cars and always liked them so the idea of using them instead of Bilsteins was not an issue for me. Note: I’ve paired the Konis up with H&R springs and ST sways just like I would have with the HDs.
  9. Chris, I’ll check my stash tonight. I should have one for you.
  10. Thank you @simeon and @jgerock for the suggestions on the gaskets and for the detailed info on the tubes. It's amazing how much goes in to making these carbs work despite the simple principal behind them. All of this info is amazing and if I can add anything to it over time I will. I took a small break from the rebuild (those gaskets got me fired up and rather than doing something that would damage them I decided to take a T/O, haha) but I'll post some pics when I get back to it... sounds like they are okay as is though (phew!!!)
  11. Thank you for this write up. I am rebuilding a pair of Solex carbs now and have found this extremely helpful. I do have a few questions though and was hoping you might be able to assist me. The carbs I'm rebuilding are original to the car so I am being extremely careful. First, I cannot get some of the gaskets to break. I haven't done anything crazy/forceful out of fear of damaging them. Any suggestions on how I can get them apart? Second, when I took the top cover off one of the carbs I noticed that the emulsion tubes were not straight (in the other carb the holes in the tubes appeared to be lined up perfectly front to back and left to right). It looks like one of the pictures you posted of the tubes show the holes are not perfectly aligned as well. Does anyone know if the direction/alignment of the holes matters? If so, is there a way of reositioning the tubes out without damaging them? They are extremely tight and do not seem to twist at all. I don't know of its safe to use heat or something like PB or WD40 (I'll definitely be cleaning the carb before reassembly). Maybe that's a noob question but candidly I am a noob when it comes to carbs. Thank you for taking the time to share this information. I'm sure there will be plenty of Solex owners who will come across this and be thankful for it.... I know I am.
  12. Probably USPS, or better yet, Greyhound Freight (if it works for both of you). These wheels aren't too heavy so USPS would work fine as long as you don't exceed their size restrictions. I have found in the past that sending two boxes with two wheels in each is the most cost-effective way to ship. That may not hold true at this point but you can tinker around with different sizes and weights to get prices in the USPS price estimator: https://m.usps.com/m/PricesCalculate
  13. I'm definitely in for one. Thanks @bluebmw
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