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  1. Do you own a 1600ti by chance? [emoji16]
  2. That just looks... “right”. There is something about those Alpina intakes that really tops off an 02. That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing @HENRYNBMW. If you ever decide to get rid of that please don’t hesitate to contact me! 😜
  3. Check the wires near/around the alternator and your battery that you were handling through all of this. It’s very possible the coating on an older wire may have cracked and is now being exposed (and touching something it shouldn’t). Also, I don’t mean to sound like a d-bag but make sure you have the right wires connecting to the right posts on the battery. I’ve seen people put their battery back in reversed by accident and ended up doing the same thing. It’s easy to do this when the posts are in the middle of the battery on either end (as opposed to offset where you would notice that they were too close to the fender). Hopefully the alternator is okay. I hate swapping the alternator on my tii (hopefully you are working on an 02 or you’ve removed the battery tray/relocated it). Good luck...
  4. I never would have guessed this was heading in THAT direction. I thought we were a group of car enthusiasts...?
  5. What’s all the talk about 3 and 4-ball load tests...?
  6. My guess is it was caused by the fact that our cars create a nice air-tight seal when you close your doors. That, combined with a hot and humid day = recipe for disaster! [emoji12] All kidding aside, I’m sorry for your troubles. You should have no problem finding a replacement window but it definitely sucks having to deal with that. I spent a year in Alabama and I must have seen a dozen windows blow out on hot and humid days. The locals used to tell me “make sure you crack your windows!”. I quickly learned why they were so adamant about that!
  7. I agree... that does not appear to be an early swan-neck mirror. The arm does not curve like that and it appears to be thicker than the original. Perhaps it was mixed up with another one?
  8. Your cousin? Something sounds oddly familiar about this...
  9. Steve - I can confirm that my ‘74 Euro 2002tii Touring DOES have the indent in the top snorkel.
  10. Ahhh, ok... well, congrats to your friend! [emoji12] I’ll have to check out the canister on my 02tii Touring to see if that nipple exists or not (and if I do have a spare one I’ll let you know - I know I have spare ones with the nipple if your friend is interested?). Never thought about that but I supposed it makes sense that Euro models wouldn’t have them!
  11. I love cabrios (as if we don’t all feel the same way about them). Your interior is VERY sharp. I’m digging that black and white checked cloth insert! Also, I have to ask, what kind of wheels are those? They are...
  12. As far as I can tell they are identical. @adawil2002 - if there are differences between the regular tii and Touring canisters can you tell us what they are? I have a Touring and it looks like every other tii canister I’ve seen...(?) Congrats on the purchase, assuming you did purchase a 2000/2002tii Touring!!! [emoji16]
  13. Whoops! I definitely missed the lack of a pumpkin. Seems my eyes aren’t what they used to be! [emoji12] In any event, thank you for clarifying... this is all good info for a potential buyer to have. Best of luck with the sale!
  14. Is this an open diff or a locking (“Sperr”) diff? If it is a locking diff what is the lock percentage? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the early long-necks left factory with 40% for manual cars and 25% for automatics. However, the manuals typically had a 3.9 ratio. Regardless, I would assume this came from an automatic, assuming it has not been modified (since it has the 4.22 ratio).

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