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  1. TG2k2

    WTB; Hella relay

    Chris, I’ll check my stash tonight. I should have one for you.
  2. Great! Thanks @rey949!!!
  3. Was your car delivered to France? I noticed that sticker on the driver’s fender. Do you know if that’s original or at least put on by the dealer?
  4. TG2k2

    Just for arguments sake

    Everyone knows it is what it is...
  5. I got my hands on this original parts list with exploded view of the Solex 40 PHH that was published by Deutsch Vergaser Gesellschaft MBH & CO KG. It’s dated April 6, 1967... only a few months before the first 1600tis were manufactured. This helped me when I was rebuilding the original carbs from my car and I’m hoping it will help someone else out. Feel free to upload any additional info you have that might help our fellow FAQers (more specifically our fellow ti owners) out. Enjoy!!!
  6. TG2k2

    Long-Neck LSD

    Thanks Hal. I’m looking for factory style clutch (2-3) diff (not planning on doing anything crazy) LSD for now but if my options are limited I may consider. I’ll check in with you soon. Hope all is well!
  7. TG2k2

    Long-Neck LSD

    I know, I know... I'm dreaming, but I know they're out there! If you have an early long-neck LSD or the internal LSD unit please let me know. Ideally looking for a 40% lock for a 3.90 gear set. *** Note: the LSD unit itself is identical to the original 2002 (short-neck) LSDs. If you happen to have the internals for one of them that'll do too! Thank you all for your time!
  8. TG2k2

    Early Threshold Mouldings ......SOLD

    I’ll take em!
  9. TG2k2


    Car is currently being restored by Sports Car Restoration. Stay tuned... The BMW 1600 TI VIN 1584745 was manufactured on January 29th, 1968 and delivered on May 21st, 1958 to France. The original colour was Bristol, paint code 058.
  10. TG2k2

    Dogleg transmissions

    Are these 235/5 or later models?
  11. TG2k2

    Logo Belts

    Thank you Steve! I will definitely check it out. I’m not sure anyone can restore the set I have (the ones pictured were from an eBay listing I missed a couple weeks back, mine are way worse than that!). Worth checking out though. I’ll let you know if it works out.
  12. TG2k2


    The BMW 2002 tii Touring VIN 3430724 was manufactured on April 22nd, 1974 and delivered on April 24th, 1974 to the BMW dealer Bischof in Cologne. The original colour was Atlantik, paint code 041. The car equipped with a slide/vent roof.
  13. TG2k2

    Logo Belts

    These very well could have been a Euro option. My car was delivered new to France.