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  1. Thanks Matt. I will ship and email tracking tomorrow.
  2. Hello BMW Fans. UPDATE: SOLD TO "BKGolde02" and "Freude am Fahren", Thanks. I have for sale 2 BMW 1502-2002 mudflaps # 72601805067 in new old stock. https://www.classiccult.com/1502-2002-bmw-mudflaps-nos.html https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-72601805067-nos.html I also have for sale BMW E12 5 Series mudflaps made by Wegu in Germany in black and white: Black, 260 USD + 20 USD shipping: https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-wegu-mudflaps-black-nos.html White, 220 USD + 20 USD shipping: https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-wegu-mudflaps-white-nos.html Greeting from Germany Lutz
  3. for sale 2 sets of BMW 2500 2800 mudflaps complete and new old stock 260 USD item + 20 USD airmail shipping with tracking please follow link for more pics for 2500 2800 https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-e3-mudflaps-nos.html for 2500 2800 https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-mudflaps-nos.html for 2002 https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-1502-2002-wegu-mudflaps-nos-black.html
  4. vintage BMW wood keychain, good condition, very nice made, 3,5 cm diameter, mechanism working, Made in Germany please follow link to order https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-2002-wood-keychain.html
  5. Lutz

    BMW mudflaps

    Thanks a lot for the info regarding E3. Lutz
  6. Lutz

    BMW mudflaps

    Hello BMW Fans. I have BMW mudflaps for sale: BMW 2002, 380 USD including shipping, order online: https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-2002-mudflaps.html BMW 1500 1600 1800 2000, 380 USD including shipping, order online: https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-1600-1800-2000-mudflaps.html unknown, 330 USD including shipping, order online:https://www.classiccult.com/bmw-mudflaps-nos.html
  7. still available, rare black wegu 260 USD NOS
  8. The 3 sets above are sold, but I have more. The WEGU mudflaps in black or white are 100% as the BMW mudflaps. The same size, same brackets, same design because both are made by WEGU. The only difference is the BMW logo vs WEGU stripes. I have black (nos, very good) / 260 + 20 shipping = 280 USD white (nos, very good) / 200 + 20 shipping = 220 USD white with yellow age (nos, ok) / 150 + 20 shipping = 170 USD I have more pics, please follow the link and buy online. Thanks. http://www.classiccult.com/bmw-1502-2002-wegu-mudflaps-nos.html Greeting from Germany, Lutz
  9. Hello BMW Fans. For sale a German BMW 1502 owner manual printed in Western Germany 4. Aufl. 1975. And BMW Service Europa printed in Western Germany 1976. Comes with blue BMW plastic case. All a bit aged but good and original. Follow link for more pics. Thanks. 80 + 10 for registered air shipping = 90 USD total. Please buy online. Thanks. http://www.classiccult.com/bmw-1502-owner-manual-1975.html Greeting from Germany, Lutz
  10. UPDATE: Sold to Connor. Thank you! ------------------------------ The 2 sets above are sold, but I have one more. A set of BMW mudflaps. 100% original and with all parts. They are aged and with paint dots. I have more pics, please follow the link. Good for patina driver. Please buy online. Thanks. http://www.classiccult.com/bmw-1502-2002-mudflaps-used.html Greeting from Germany, Lutz
  11. UPDATE: Sold to Blake. Thank you! ------------------------------ Hello BMW Fans. The set above is sold, but I have one more. The WEGU mudflaps are 100% as the BMW mudflaps. The same size, same brackets, same design because both are made by WEGU. The only difference is the BMW logo vs WEGU stripes. Please note, one screw with flat head is missing as you can at the second picture. UPDATE: I found a 100% matching spare screw. Now nothing is missing, they are complete with all mounting parts. Please buy online. Thanks. http://www.classiccult.com/bmw-1502-2002-wegu-mudflaps.html Greeting from Germany, Lutz
  12. UPDATE: Sold to 2k2tii. Thank you! ------------------------------ Hello BMW Fans. I have 1x BMW 1502-2002 tii mudflaps in new old stock and complete. The BMW # is 72 60 1 805 067. Please buy online. Thanks. http://www.classiccult.com/bmw-1502-2002-mudflaps-nos.html Greeting from Germany, Lutz
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