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  1. kinda desperate..I'm rebuilding with the original block and can't move forward until I get this plug
  2. I am looking for the screw plug located as shown in the photo. The part is available new, but it is not the bolt-shape plug like the original. I'm looking for the original type that would use a crush washer. Regards, Tony
  3. This video shows it being done. It happens approximately between the 4 - 7 minute time frame of the video.
  4. It was pretty easy to remove the roundel. Removing the residual adhesive was a bit of a pain. I also heated the hubcap, slightly, before applying the new roundel, hoping that it would adhere better.
  5. I used a heat gun, applying the heat to the backside of the hubcap.
  6. Here is one on the BMW CCA site: https://www.bmwcca.org/ads/221561
  7. Hello, The block that I am using for my rebuild is missing the large screw plug, shown as item #5 in the diagram below. Although the part number is the same, BMW uses a new design for the plug that does not require a crush washer (refer to second photo). I am not sure, but this new plug may be tapered, thereby making a positive seal when tightened. I am curious to know if anyone has used this type of plug with success, or failure. My other option would be to post in the WTB section to see if anyone has as extra plug of the original design. Thanks, in advance, for your help. Regards, Tony
  8. Hey, look what I found! I thought that part looked familiar. I bought a used (of course) tii engine a couple of years ago and, among other spare parts, it came with 4 - 35mm film canisters, that contained linkage ends, throttle body springs, banjo bolt filters and these three socket boots. They are indeed soft, pliable rubber as Paul described. I didn't know where they were used until today. Regards, Tony
  9. Is this the one, available from JayMic: https://www.jaymic.com/tii-plastic-ball-cup-for-vertical-link.html
  10. reading through this recent thread should help:
  11. This is the description on their web site: Remanufacturing Process: 1. Units are disassembled to component level. 2. Bearings are cleaned or replaced. 3. Commutators are resurfaced or replaced. 4. New brushes installed. 5. All ‘O’ rings are replaced. 6. Assembled units are flow rate, pressure checked and tested for amperage draw. 7. Once the unit meets OEM specifications, the unit is sealed and packaged.
  12. My OE pump was rebuilt by Fuel Injection Corp., located in CA. Looking at their website, they are still doing rebuilds: https://fuelinjectioncorp.com/products/fuel-pumps/ Regards, Tony
  13. looking through my bookmarks, I found another source: http://www.abcrubber.com/1/pinch_weld_edge_protector.html
  14. I don't have the BMW part number, but JayMic sells it. I'm not sure it is a perfect match to the original, but here is the link if you want to check it out: https://www.jaymic.com/boot-seam-edge-protection-strip-p-m.html Regards, Tony
  15. I checked out this car 4-5 years ago as well. It was sitting outside as in the first photo, complete with the tow rope around the front bumper. If I remember correctly, the seller also had an E9 for sale at that time. I’ll just say it wasn’t what I was looking for. Tony
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