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  1. reading through this recent thread should help:
  2. This is the description on their web site: Remanufacturing Process: 1. Units are disassembled to component level. 2. Bearings are cleaned or replaced. 3. Commutators are resurfaced or replaced. 4. New brushes installed. 5. All ‘O’ rings are replaced. 6. Assembled units are flow rate, pressure checked and tested for amperage draw. 7. Once the unit meets OEM specifications, the unit is sealed and packaged.
  3. My OE pump was rebuilt by Fuel Injection Corp., located in CA. Looking at their website, they are still doing rebuilds: https://fuelinjectioncorp.com/products/fuel-pumps/ Regards, Tony
  4. looking through my bookmarks, I found another source: http://www.abcrubber.com/1/pinch_weld_edge_protector.html
  5. I don't have the BMW part number, but JayMic sells it. I'm not sure it is a perfect match to the original, but here is the link if you want to check it out: https://www.jaymic.com/boot-seam-edge-protection-strip-p-m.html Regards, Tony
  6. I checked out this car 4-5 years ago as well. It was sitting outside as in the first photo, complete with the tow rope around the front bumper. If I remember correctly, the seller also had an E9 for sale at that time. I’ll just say it wasn’t what I was looking for. Tony
  7. It looks good… The exterior color looks more like Inka than Colorado, contrary to the description contained in the ad. The dashboard appears to have a plastic cover
  8. ordered 2-piece dash on 06/18/2019 at 6:40 PM EST
  9. PM sent re. 2-piece dash.
  10. ugh! I just ordered a door seal two days ago...
  11. This tii brake booster is currently listed on ebay:
  12. Photos from the repair manual, but not tii specific:

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