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  1. Ensign

    BMW OEM door seals

    I bought a genuine BMW door seal in 07/2016. It was made in Taiwan.
  2. That was me. Here's the thread:
  3. I am curious about the holes in my early throttle body that don’t exist in later throttle bodies. I am intending to use the early version throttle body for an engine build I am currently working on, but wondering how the holes will affect tuning and why they were eliminated in the later versions. Three of the four holes can be seen in the photos below. The fourth hole is hidden behind the shaft of the eccentric. With the butterfly closed, two of the holes are before the butterfly and the other two are after the butterfly. Any thoughts? Thanks, Tony
  4. Ensign

    WTB: tii fuel linkage lever

    Hello, I'm looking for part # 11 in the sketch below. Thanks, Tony
  5. Here's the complete Hoffman Motors Fuel Injection manual. The Service Bulletin at the end is interesting. Hoffman FI Manual.pdf
  6. Last year I answered a Craigslist ad for 2002 parts. Among the various parts was a notebook binder. Inside the cover was a plastic bag containing 5 – fuel injection tools and reprints of the Fuel Injection System manual prepared by BMWNA, the Fuel Injection manual prepared by The Service Training Department of Hoffman Motors Corporation, Section 13 of the BMW blue repair manual and an Injection Pump manual by FAG/Kugelfischer/Georg Schafer & Co. I have seen the Fuel Injection System Manual prepared by BMWNA and I have the blue repair manual, but I have never seen any reference of the manual prepared by The Service Training Department of Hoffman Motors Corporation or the Injection Pump manual by FAG/Kugelfischer/Georg Schafer & Co. Are these items widely available? If not, I can add them to Technical Articles/History & Reference section. I have attached PDF files of the cover and pages 1 and 2 of the Hoffman manual, plus the cover of the Injection Pump manual. Regards, Tony Hoffman FI_cover.pdf Hoffman FI_page 1.pdf Hoffam FI_page 2.pdf Kfisch Manual Cover.pdf
  7. Hoffman FI_cover.pdf Hoffman FI_page 1.pdf Hoffam FI_page 2.pdf Kfisch Manual Cover.pdf BMWNA FI_Cover.pdf
  8. Ensign

    72-73 Over-riders SOLD

    I would like to buy the front bumpers. PM sent.
  9. Ensign

    Folding Key, NOS, Blank

    Found this on Hemmings, not mine and no affiliation with seller. Check it out: https://www.hemmings.com/parts/item/Body--Exterior/Locks--Keys/BMW-1600-2002-Folding-Key32321101461-32321104927/15929.html
  10. Ensign

    Cylinder Head 121Ti

    PM sent
  11. The OE pump has been reinstalled, with new o-rings, and the car is running fine with no fuel pump leaks. I did not make any changes to the wiring and I did not change the fuel maintenance valve on the K-fisch. I have already put the car in a storage facility in anticipation of the snow storm predicted for Friday. I plan to revisit the pump swap next spring. Thanks to everyone for their input. Regards, Tony
  12. Bav Auto was nice enough to give me a new 5-series fuel pump. Unfortunately the results were the same as with the first pump. I would like to continue the trouble shooting, and get the engine to run properly with the new pump, but the snow is coming and I need to get the car into storage for the winter. So, I am working on the OE pump to stop the leak and reinstall. EINSPRITZ remembered an o-ring seal in the pump, so I removed the end cover with the inlet port to take a look. (see photos below) The o-ring sits in a tear-drop shape groove. I measured the existing ring as best I could and ordered 5-pair of o-rings in varying sizes, plus and minus of what I measured. I got lucky today and knocked the cover on the floor and, to my surprise, a steel plate separated from the cover, exposing a second o-ring. (sometimes it pays to be clumsy) The o-rings I used are 2mm x 34mm Buna-N 70 from the O-Ring Store, although a 33mm or 33.5 mm may actually be the correct size. If I can stand the cold tomorrow, I’ll remove the 5-series pump and reinstall the OE pump.
  13. interesting... I guess I have nothing to lose. I'll open it up and take a look.
  14. I'm quite sure. I can watch fuel seep from the seam in the pump. Also, I did not have a leak with the new pump installed.