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  1. I recently bought an outdoor cover from Coverking for my E92 BMW. The fit and quality seems to be okay, but it''s too early to make a strong recommendation. They also make indoor covers. I made the purchase through Pelican Parts as they were offering a 15% discount at the time. https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/coverking/coverking_indoor.htm Regards, Tony
  2. Coupe King has the tool roll for $35, plus $5 shipping, on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-1600-2002ti-NK-CSL-Vintage-Vinyl-Tool-Roll/303406566111?hash=item46a470cadf:g:Ks8AAOSwkA1eY8gz They also sell the tool roll, with tools, for $200, plus $10 shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-1600-2002ti-NK-CSL-Vintage-Vinyl-Tool-Roll-w-Tools/303556742106?hash=item46ad644bda:g:fegAAOSwHzherJw3
  3. This ad on ebay shows the bracket (NM/NA): https://www.ebay.com/itm/362983310403
  4. Jaymic appears to have them in stock. Maybe other vendors have them as well. https://www.jaymic.com/boot-lock-and-key.html
  5. This one has been on ebay for a while (NMNA): https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-tii-OEM-39cm-Factory-Sport-Steering-Wheel/362923081320?hash=item547fe6be68:g:M0oAAOSwiIheK2Cp
  6. I bought a new one last year. I think it was from JayMic, but I'm not sure. You may want to check with other suppliers, but here is a link for the one at JayMic: https://www.jaymic.com/fuel-filter-mounting-plate-for-tii-p.html Note that the JayMic part is a reproduction. Regards, Tony
  7. Yes, I did and yes, he does. Regards, Tony
  8. I don't know, but that was your 2,002 post.
  9. kinda desperate..I'm rebuilding with the original block and can't move forward until I get this plug
  10. I am looking for the screw plug located as shown in the photo. The part is available new, but it is not the bolt-shape plug like the original. I'm looking for the original type that would use a crush washer. Regards, Tony
  11. This video shows it being done. It happens approximately between the 4 - 7 minute time frame of the video.
  12. It was pretty easy to remove the roundel. Removing the residual adhesive was a bit of a pain. I also heated the hubcap, slightly, before applying the new roundel, hoping that it would adhere better.
  13. I used a heat gun, applying the heat to the backside of the hubcap.
  14. Here is one on the BMW CCA site: https://www.bmwcca.org/ads/221561
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