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  1. I have a '74 2002 tii (fjiord) and need the trunk lid brackets. I don't need the springs or anything else other than the two brackets I have highlighted in the attached pic. If they are Fjiord blue, even better! I had the car restored and painted, and the shop lost the trunk lid brackets.
  2. The seat belts were genuine NOS and perfect! Bluedevils was really helpful and responsive with a few questions I had about installation.
  3. She makes a great carpet set! My '74 being restored has her carpet set and it is beautiful.
  4. I am restoring a '74 2002tii - Fjord blue. It should be ready about 6 months ago. 😎 I recently purchased a NOS driver's side sun visor from Blunttech. It is perfect! However, I now need a passenger side of equal or a comparable look. It will be up against a new headliner, a 'Just Dashes' restored dash that turned out fantastic, a beautiful nardi steering wheel, and great looking Esty carpet and gobi tan seats and door panels. I can't re-install the old passenger side sun visor. Does anyone have a high quality passenger side you will sell? I know it's a long shot, but great things happen on this site!
  5. I'll take a clock and all the switches. Pm sent.
  6. Do you have this information? http://www.my2002tii.com/sept_2002.htm
  7. Need a belt-line passenger door trim piece - 51-13-6-454-185 Is it available new yet? If not, do you have a nice used piece?
  8. I am completing the restoration of a Fjord Blue '74 tii. I really need a piece of beltline trim for the passenger side door - part # 51-13-6-454-185 It is not currently available from BMW, but reportedly will be available 'soon'. I am two weeks away from completion and that is the only part I really need to finish up. All the other trim is new. IF the new piece was available, it would be $80 + shipping, Thanks. Let me know if you have a piece you can sell.
  9. I need the beltline trim piece for the passenger door.
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