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  1. All responses are much appreciated. The VSR Is the furthest from me. Raleigh, NC is about 11 hours away. I'm also considering The Werk Shop in Libertyville, IL. It's also about 11 hours, but an easy flight from Jackson to Chicago. I see lots of good reports on FAQ site about The Werk Shop and restoration of BMWs, but also it is expensive.
  2. I have a '74 BMW 2002 tii in Fjord Blue that has been in restoration mode for more than two years. It was a good car to start! I've gone through a complete sorting and replacement of all metal that had any sign of rust or had shoddy repair in the past. I've used NOS fenders and body parts where needed and I could find them. I even found a NOS drivers side door to replace the one that had some bondo in it from an accident. The car came from California vis Santa Fe, NM to me with lots of upgrades including 5 speed trans and Euro bumper conversion. I've had a new gas tank installed, lots of new wiring, new gas lines, battery moved to trunk, new pedal box, dash restoration by 'Just Dashes', and so on. The paint work looks great! The engine and transmission are solid. Here's my issue. The shop that did the work does mostly American big block resto-mod type work. They have won national recognition for their work. But, this car is a BMW and needs experienced attention they don't have. The panel gaps are not aligned, the doors don't close properly, the weatherstripping isn't installed correctly, and the interior is really in need of attention. A 'sorting' of the restoration done so far needs to be done and I'm not capable of doing it. I want the car to be a real solid restoration that is high quality and noticeably well done. I am in Jackson, MS and willing to ship the car to a BMW restoration specialist to complete the work. Any suggestions? I have a lot invested in the car, but finishing it to a high quality restoration is my goal. I understand the cost consideration. I've had high level Mercedes collectibles restored. I just don't know the BMW restoration specialists I should consider.
  3. I have a '74 2002 tii (fjiord) and need the trunk lid brackets. I don't need the springs or anything else other than the two brackets I have highlighted in the attached pic. If they are Fjiord blue, even better! I had the car restored and painted, and the shop lost the trunk lid brackets.
  4. The seat belts were genuine NOS and perfect! Bluedevils was really helpful and responsive with a few questions I had about installation.
  5. She makes a great carpet set! My '74 being restored has her carpet set and it is beautiful.
  6. I am restoring a '74 2002tii - Fjord blue. It should be ready about 6 months ago. ? I recently purchased a NOS driver's side sun visor from Blunttech. It is perfect! However, I now need a passenger side of equal or a comparable look. It will be up against a new headliner, a 'Just Dashes' restored dash that turned out fantastic, a beautiful nardi steering wheel, and great looking Esty carpet and gobi tan seats and door panels. I can't re-install the old passenger side sun visor. Does anyone have a high quality passenger side you will sell? I know it's a long shot, but great things happen on this site!
  7. I'll take a clock and all the switches. Pm sent.
  8. Do you have this information? http://www.my2002tii.com/sept_2002.htm
  9. Need a belt-line passenger door trim piece - 51-13-6-454-185 Is it available new yet? If not, do you have a nice used piece?
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