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  1. Hello, I just wanted you to be aware of a scammer responding to WTB threads. A brand new member of this forum (I mistakenly deleted his pm and lost his username) PMd me to say that I should contact karensala8274@gmail.com about the item I was looking for. Then, she would send pictures of the item and ask you to paypal her as "friends and family" and then disappear. Google her email and you will see that it's been called out on various forums as a scammer. Be aware!
  2. Yes, I never received a final response yesterday either. Only today I realized that these were already sold.
  3. I already found a set of rear latches. I am still looking for a washer bottle and pump. Thank you!
  4. I am looking to buy a new or used OEM or OEM style (rubber material) rear spoiler. If anyone has one that is not going to use anymore, please let me know. Thank you!
  5. Looking to buy washer bottle, pump and the rear window latches a 1974 BMW 2002. Let me know if you have any of them.
  6. I am looking to buy a tail lens for a BMW 2002 '74. Thanks
  7. Anyone have the square tail lights for both sides? I am looking for the whole lights set but only the lenses would work too. Thank you
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