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  1. Hello, I just wanted you to be aware of a scammer responding to WTB threads. A brand new member of this forum (I mistakenly deleted his pm and lost his username) PMd me to say that I should contact [email protected] about the item I was looking for. Then, she would send pictures of the item and ask you to paypal her as "friends and family" and then disappear. Google her email and you will see that it's been called out on various forums as a scammer. Be aware!
  2. Hello, I am looking for new or used TI airbox brackets as shown in the picture. Let mw know what you have. Thanks
  3. Interesting! I would try that as well but I don't really have old Genuine BMW seals. The one my car had were old aftermarket unbranded seals.
  4. Hi Paul, Thank you for your response. I was hoping to find someone willing to sell those for a little bit less of money. I have been reading about the differences in quality between the URO and BMW seals and would like to buy the OEM ones but my budget is tight. I am willing to pay more than what URO seals cost, but $500 for the authentic seals would blow out my budget. Do you know if there is a timeline or specific plans for URO manufacturers to change the rubber compound? Marco
  5. Hi, I am looking to buy BMW OEM new door seals. Anyone looking to sell left and right seals? Thanks
  6. Do you know if Alpina Sway Bars have any markings? Or How do you know if the bars are original? Thanks
  7. John, Do you happen to have for sale Alpina or Motorsport wheels? Thanks
  8. Is this the same carpet set that was sold on Denver's CL in March at $120 shipped? I think so
  9. Thanks a lot for your responses. Steve, do you know if that is also true for Euro-version cars or only US? Marco
  10. Hello, Does anyone know which cars (year or model) brought the headrests with wide vs narrow supports? Thanks

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