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  1. Last I checked, lead acid batteries can explode too. We should just go back to hand cranks on cars. Or maybe some people like putting new technology on old cars?
  2. Thanks, it's a complete re-wire of the engine bay, with a new fuse box located inside. It's almost done, just need to make some time to finish it up.
  3. This 480: https://antigravitybatteries.com/products/starter-batteries/restart-oem/atx12-hd-rs/ I got one in mine, and since it's so light and small, I put it in the stock location:
  4. Are they going to do the glove compartment door as well? I put a cover on my dash, but the glove compartment door is way off color, and I suspect it would look awful next to new vinyl.
  5. To stir it up some more, I'm regretting not going that route over rebuilding my M10 Maybe on the next 2002......
  6. I also suspect it's because the dies don't close together parallel, they close as an angle, which pushes the metal out. I also also suspect that the AWG dies on these are the same exact ones as the metric dies, just with AWG numbers painted on them.
  7. I've been eyeing the RHD setup: https://racehead.com.au/product/bmw-m10-complete-itb-kit-includes-gloss-carbon-air-box/ My concern is it hitting my non-ti booster, pretty sure it wouldn't clear at all.
  8. if you had the yellow dashed line fresh air entry, wouldn't the other VC port just suck that air straight back out without pulling anything from the crankcase?
  9. Nice, how much does one box weigh?
  10. I used this crimper type for my cables, wasn't entirely satisfied with it. Best way to describe it, is that it gooshed the copper out the front where the two crimp sides meet. I rotated it and crimped it again to try and un-goosh it, then put heat shrink on it, so it's hard to see. I used 4 AWG for the starter, ground to engine, and ground to chassis, 8 AWG to the alternator and fuse box, but I still have my battery in the engine compartment.
  11. I would say weld it up with a one piece flange, grind it flat if needed, and then cut the flange between each runner. Also make sure the bolt holes are big enough to allow for some expansion. I had a cast log manifold on my Audi and it kept bowing out from the middle, I had to surface it every time I pulled it off. Making cuts between the runners helped.
  12. 3M vinyl, bought a couple years ago for something else and had a bunch leftover.
  13. Looks good, I did the same when I installed my Speedhut gauges:
  14. Yep: First time welding stuff, so I'm sure it would be better if a pro did it, but it should still be structurally sound. Trying to replace the whole thing would be a LOT more work.
  15. I've got some old Corbeau A4s in my '02, picked up used locally for cheap. Seem OK, but don't have much seat time with them yet. Only pic I have, I'm 6'6" so the way I mounted them puts them farther back.

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