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  1. I also have a quick jack, BL-5000SLX, and I really like it. In hindsight, I should have gotten the 7000 lb version as I now have a Durango SRT that weighs 5500 lbs, so keep that in mind if you're ever thinking of getting a truck/SUV in the future.
  2. I bought NiCopp nickle/copper tubing (~$40 for 25' of 3/8) and Swagelok AN tubing fittings - https://www.swagelok.com/en/catalog/Product/Detail?part=SS-600-6-6AN Plan is to run short sections of Aeroquip socketless hose with AN fittings for the hookups. I bought all the stuff, but no motivation to go out in the cold and install it.
  3. Re-consider using braided rubber line. It will eventually start leaking as the rubber deteriorates and it's not cheap to replace. I'm going to run 3/8" Ni-Copp tubing for feed/return, following the original hard line.
  4. xr4tic

    I'm sorry

    Need more pics! An older 911 is on my car bucket list.
  5. Do you know what the turbo specs are? What compression ratio are you running and what is your boost target?
  6. Looks good, although I think the sway bar is in upside down. It should drop down in the front to clear the engine.
  7. Thanks. Technically, I think it's just a fuel tank, it doesn't contain any foam. Also, it's a street car (wannabe race car?) Overkill? Probably, but it does have a few advantages, it's bigger (15gal vs stock 12?gal), and it allows me to install the EFI pump in the ideal location (per the instructions, all the way back) It was also slightly cheaper to buy the metal and make the support for this tank vs. buying a whole new trunk floor since mine was rotted out.
  8. Tank install finished Sides in: Seam sealer covers all sins: Tanks Inc EFI pump ready to be installed: Got a 3D printer to make this gas cap adapter: All done: Now I just need to run new supply/return lines.
  9. This is what I did: The Weber is designed for 2-3psi, my electric pump was putting out 5-6psi, so you'll definitely need to check it.
  10. Like Tommy said, they're opposite, if you check the CA adjusters, they have the bolt slots rotated 90 degrees compared to what IE does. https://catuned.com/catuned-toe-kit-camber
  11. Yes, the issue is trying to get the radiator in with the fan attached to the front. I have enough clearance once it's in.
  12. Are you trying to fit in just the radiator or is the electric fan attached to it as well? My fleabay Hon-duh radiator/fan combo *just* squeaks by the WP nub, I can't imagine fitting a thicker core in there with a fan.
  13. What kind of mounts are you using to attach the lines to the body? Stock tabs/rubber? Also, how well does that catch can setup work? looks like it would be restrictive with that adapter in the valve cover.
  14. I read up on it and it looks like a LOT of work. Only the back half of mine was rotted so I ended up cutting the back part off my replacement and welding it in instead of doing the whole thing. Also, if you have a big bumper car, you'd have to move the bumper mount over as well..
  15. Nice, what ITB setup is that? Ti brake booster or normal?

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