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  1. xr4tic

    Cable ties

    Anyone have a link to the W&N 10 piece kit? I couldn't find it on their site. I did find the 3 different sizes on Rogerstii site: http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-3-0cs-69mm-long-cable-tie-wiring-holder/ http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-53mm-long-cable-tie-wiring-holder-2002-320i-3-0cs-635csi/ http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-41mm-cable-tie-wiring-holder-2002-320i-e12-e3-e9/ Is the measurement from the center of the post to the center of the hole? The ones for the headlight wiring, that runs behind the radiator, appear to be 41mm, assuming it's not overall length, which is about 50mm
  2. I'm not sure what year/model car you have, but realoem says that part # is found on 03/66 - 07/77 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partxref?q=33333428125 If your braces were removed, get a measurement from the mount to the hole in the floor, I'm sure one of us can measure ours to see if they're the same.
  3. xr4tic

    2018 Wrap Up / Tally Up

    Whoops, it's Adams Autosport - https://adamsautosport.com/ Member AceAndrew on this board, here's a post with some more info: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/147933-cunifer-brake-hardline-kit-for-your-2002-1969-1976/
  4. xr4tic

    steering box

    I bought one of the ebay units, but haven't had a chance to test it (car is still on jackstands, but it is installed at least) I did take it apart and everything looked good. My old box looked good inside too, but the adjuster was almost flush with the nut, so I decided it was worth the $100 gamble.
  5. xr4tic

    Trunk design Trivia

    What is the extra panel bonded to the quarter panel with? One of mine looks to have separated, or maybe the quarter was replaced in the past and it wasn't re-attached. Not sure if I should be worried or not.
  6. I posted this in my last blog entry, but here is almost everything I bought for my engine rebuild Parts from IE, Blunt, FCP, and ebay. Definite savings by shopping around.
  7. You say the holes don't line up, but is it close or way off?
  8. xr4tic

    320i shift platform

    Thanks, seems like a bit of an odd setup vs. going straight up.
  9. xr4tic

    320i shift platform

    How does the E21 rubber mount attach to the rear tunnel?
  10. xr4tic

    Piston to Valve Clearance

    If you see the full size pic of the head, it has E12 stamped on it. E21 looks similar, but with the head chamber rotated 180 degrees. And yes, clay it. It's easy enough to do
  11. I had a similar issue with one of my old trucks, vibration at highway speeds, but felt like it was towards the rear. I rotated the tires front to rear, and after that, the vibration moved to the front and the steering wheel shook like crazy. Wheels balanced out perfectly, but one of the tires was way older than the rest and had a broken cord, and was slightly out of round. Replaced it and everything was good.
  12. xr4tic

    Brake reservoir wires

    Looks like the charcoal canister for capturing gas fumes, shouldn't be any electrical connections for it.
  13. xr4tic

    Brake reservoir wires

    According to the wiring diagram for my '76, the brake fluid reservoir switch has a single blue/brown wire on one connection and 3 brown wires tied into the other. Both of those connections then run to the Pressure Balance Switch, which has two blue/brown wires on one connection and two brown wires on the other. My guess is that those connectors are for your Pressure Balance Switch. No idea what that is though, mine didn't have one installed.
  14. xr4tic

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    Big bumper? Here's my car before the tuck:
  15. xr4tic

    2018 Wrap Up / Tally Up

    Figured I'd throw up a post with my car status as of the end of the year, list some high-level things on my to-do list this year, and an updated "how much I've spent" listing. Wrap Up Shortly after I painted the engine bay, I cleared out the garage and pushed the '02 in, so I could work on it in the cold Michigan weather I removed the wiring harness from the engine bay (wish I had done that before painting, was easier than I thought it would be), installed the IE pivot bearing/sleeve for the booster, hooked up the brake master, and ran Andrew's cunifer brake line kit in the front. Got the car up on Quickjacks, pulled the driveshaft off, and ran the brake line to the rear T. Also test-fit Andrew's headlight covers Lowered the car back down and dropped the engine in: I then used a Harbor Freight engine bar to keep it from flopping over, and then raised it back up. Things to do for 2019 (in no particular order) Install RHD Engineering lightweight flywheel, new Sachs clutch, and Getrag 240 5-speed trans. Bleed brakes Install Speedhut Speedo + Tach in my instrument cluster with CF vinyl + Dash cover (Teaser pic for my next blog entry*) Repair passenger side floorpan + heater hole in firewall (bottom lip is rusted away) Make new engine bay wiring harness using a Delphi connector Start engine for first time Rebuild rear subframe/suspension/brakes Install Limited Slip Diff Gut trunk (what little remains of it), install 16 gallon aluminum fuel cell in stock location, run new fuel line, install EFI pump Finish interior Enjoy my '02 for the first time ever How much I've spent so far This has all the engine rebuild stuff, so I'll start with the total and then itemize below that. Previous total - $10,006 Engine rebuild - $5,027 Front Susp/Brakes/Rust Repair - $2,723 Running Total - $17,756 And I'm probably forgetting stuff. Engine Rebuild Costs: Front Suspension/Brakes/Rust Repair: *Blog entries are not guaranteed