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  1. Interesting, is the car slammed to the ground or something? I can't imagine someone angling them unless they had severely altered the ride height. Or maybe to clear some small rims? IDK.
  2. It worked just fine 45 years ago lol. But if you really want to DD an '02, that's fine, but I highly recommend a cheap 4x4 pickup with a working heater for those winter months.
  3. I will add to this: Buy the best car you can afford, $10K-$15K is probably about right, just don't expect a "perfect" car, these are 45+ year old cars and are bound to have small issues no matter the price. I went the cheap route, paid $4k for mine, lots of rust, didn't run, and I've put at least $20k into it (lots of mods), and it's still not on the road (really close though, although I'm sure I said that last year too)
  4. For some reason, it won't let me select 2 pictures in a response? This is just angle iron welded up, was able to use 4 gauge wire for the starter/ground, 8 gauge for the alt/main power. If you did a remote mount, you need to double that gauge.
  5. To update this thread, I did the Li-ION battery as @NYNick did My homemade mount weighs more than the battery.
  6. The W&N floor pan isn't a perfect fit to the original frame rail either, but mine was closer than yours. That bump at the rear of the pan is supposed to line up with the end of the frame rail flange, it also looks like the frame rail flange is overlapping the round drain plug area, so make sure that isn't pushing the pan up. Maybe you can slide the pan further back and see if it matches up better?
  7. Easy, E39 M5, because I already have one.
  8. I picked up a cheap set of old Corbeau A4s off Craigslist Only pic I have, made an adapter with angle iron (welding required) I'm 6'6", so it being further back and lower was a huge bonus for me.
  9. I wanted a plain looking one, got this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0082CXEI8/ Not installed yet though (shocker)
  10. My contribution: QuickJack If you don't have a lift, you should have one of these.
  11. My only problem with the rivnut tool, is every place I want to put a rivnut, I can't fit the tool in there to install it.
  12. Any idea how many gallons you needed? Did you use the Sound Control or the Heat Insulation or both? The Heat Insulation is the one with ceramic in it.
  13. It says Made FOR America, not Made IN America. Made in Taiwan/China, which is why they're cheap.
  14. What are your plans for HP/Torque and how will you drive it? Drag racing with hard launches? Sure, go for it. Or better yet slap in a Ford 9" (somewhat kidding) For street use it seems to be serious overkill.
  15. Wiring is all hooked up, but I need to rethink my plan of trying to tuck this under the dash. Think it's going to end up in the center console area. Fuel system all done and wired up. Car fires right up. More details here:
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