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  1. Sounds like a vacuum leak. You could try disconnecting/plugging the brake booster vacuum line and see if it still happens, just be ready to stand on the brakes when you go to stop. Otherwise, check and re-check every vacuum hose, you can try spraying starting fluid around the hoses/base of the carb and see if the idle changes. Keep a fire extinguisher close by though.
  2. If you got the woodgrain, now's a good time to vinyl wrap it with something not so 70's-ish.
  3. Are those the IE window crank/knobs? How do you like them? Do they fit good?
  4. That is going to need a LOT of work, most likely: floorpans, rockers, fenders, frame rails, strut/shock towers, trunk floor I'd say $2-$3K as it sits, but the rust repair will be $$$
  5. I seriously looked into the Retroject: https://www.webcon.co.uk/products/15299-retroject-3838-throttle-body/ But my heart was set on ITBs, so that's the route I'm going (with Microsquirt EFI)
  6. If the bolts aren't broken/rounded off/super rusty, then the only reason to replace them is if you want it to look pretty. Locknuts should probably be replaced, but normal nuts should be fine for re-use. https://www.belmetric.com/ has a good selection of yellow zinc plated metric hardware if you only want to replace what you need vs. buying a whole kit.
  7. I think this is an E21 shifter, not entirely sure, it came with a used 5 speed swap I bought, topped with a crappy ebay knockoff M shift knob. I'm 6'6" and have aftermarket seats mounted even further back than stock and I have no issues reaching it. Alternatively, if you are reaching too far for reverse, maybe you just need a shorter shift linkage to angle it back more.
  8. Couple days ago I patched up a couple holes in the passenger floorpan and seam sealed it up Today I started putting down some Dynamat Extreme, followed by Noico 150mil insulation.
  9. Started cutting out rusty spots on the passenger side floorpan (pics later), installed a new handbrake, and my RHD ITBs were delivered today. I forget what model BMW this came from: ITBeeeeeeeeeeez:
  10. EFI parts collecting has officially begun. Microsquirt, LS truck coils, 440cc Injectors, 02Again trigger wheel (already installed)
  11. Yes, as long as you get an appropriately rated one for your climate. The upside of the Lithium batteries is that you can pack a big punch in a small package, the downside is cost. You also need a maintainer made for Lithium batteries.
  12. Looks like Gran Turismo game, the X1 was a made-up car just for that game.
  13. 3 lbs, stock location (ish), no current loss issues due to long cables, lots of room.
  14. Don't forget reduced friction! I did the same on my rebuild, but it was mainly about cost lol.
  15. Not the latest, but the greatest M5 motor swap has already been done. https://engineswapdepot.com/?p=20401
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