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  1. How do the valves look? If there's no damage to the valve, you should be fine. I'm guessing the piston smacked a valve which lead to the engine being rebuilt. They probably just re-used the original pistons.
  2. Here's what I've bought so far: Bussmann 15303-4: Will hold 5 relays and 10 fuses Littelfuse HWB18: Wild hold 3 relays and 3 fuses Lots of Delphi Weatherpak connectors 800+ ft of TXL wire (12,14,18 GA in 11 colors) The Bussmann will be relocated under the dash. The HWB18 will replace the 2 relays for the lights + my electric fan relay in the engine compartment. I'm going to hide it in the headlight area. The horn relay will be moved inside. 3 of the 12 original fuses are for the headlights which I'm moving to the engine bay (fused off the battery) There's also one for the rear defrost that I don't have on my car, so that's 4 of the 12 that can go. I think for relays on the Bussmann, it will be: 2 for ignition, 1 for fuel pump, 2 for extra. I might remove one relay to add two more fuses, then I could have 1 relay and a couple fuses for an EFI system later on. I'm still trying to figure out where to put the 22-pin Delphi bulkhead connector though, it's way bigger than I thought.
  3. IIRC, the nuts are an odd size, 12mm wrench? Make sure you're using the right size socket. Bloody knuckles are just part of the experience. Removing the manifold is definitely the best. While it's off, you need to check the coolant ports for corrosion. When I cleaned mine up, I found several holes in the hose nipple and had to get another manifold. Plus, you need to remove a lot of material: More pics/details in my blog: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/entry/1186-sowhere-was-i-2016-catch-up-part-1/
  4. The MSD is just a fancy part-time multi-spark coil, it doesn't control timing, so it should be fine with the 123 dist. The big knock against the MSD is the tach will no longer work, you have to run an adapter. If you have the tach hooked up, try disconnecting it and see if that fixes your coolant gauge problem.
  5. I'm going the Bussmann RTMR route, relocating it into the cabin - http://www.bodenzord.com/archives/473 I got all the parts, the wiring harness is pulled out, and I've got my new wiring plans scribbled on various pieces of paper, but not quite ready to start wiring it up. Hopefully in the next month or so now that the weather is warming up.
  6. Looks to me like a Getrag 240 from an M42, mainly because it has the ears above the shift rod. I don't know if the bellhousing bolt pattern is the same or not (I don't think it is)
  7. The spare motor I bought had an E21 head with E12 piano top pistons (the mid-height piano pistons) They will work if the head is clearanced a bit for them, but it's obviously not ideal nor would I recommend it.
  8. If you're just putting around and care more about originality, then go for it. Sounds like you have other cars you drive as well, so it's not really a waste if you can reuse them. As to not liking the way it shifts, that's the first complaint I've ever heard about that with the 245. Is it a mechanical issue? I can't imagine the original 4-speed would shift much better.
  9. I could never do a Mini-van, told myself I'd never do an SUV, but ended up with a Durango SRT for a family hauler (4 people) 475HP, AWD, Launch Mode...I'm starting to come around. And my wife even likes it.
  10. I was supposed to test that setup, except the mount they made was for the single mount 240, not the later style dual mount 240 trans. I never heard back from them after I pointed that out.
  11. Got the new brake lines run through the trans tunnel, old pilot bearing out, new one in, RHD flywheel bolted up, and Sachs clutch. Then I tried to fit the 240 trans in from the bottom, and didn't get very far. So out came the motor, slapped the trans on, and dropped it back in. One step backwards, two steps forward. Slight clearance issue..... Back in, just a few scrapes. Now to fab up a trans mount, not sure how I'm doing that yet.
  12. Here's the ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-Series-Wire-Harness-Upgrade-Kit-fits-painless-terminal-complete-fuse/264262083285 I will also say that I'm 99% sure this isn't a true Painless brand wiring harness, most likely a rip-off china copy. Real ones START at double that price.
  13. They show a blue one on their site, but it's not an available option to choose in the drop down box. *edit* sorry, that's the A4 seat.
  14. I'm interested to see how the Chase Bays master cylinder works out. I looked at them a while back, but my concern was the pedal ratio isn't changed, so you might not get enough force to operate the brakes, unless you have He-Man legs. This one solves that problem: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/183796-new-boosterless-brakes-now-fully-adjustable/
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