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  1. I finally got my Bussmann fuse box from Mouser, which was an ordeal. They show them in stock, but after I ordered it, said it was discontinued, but still showed them in stock. I argued with them until they eventually shipped me one from their "sister store" This is 15303-4-0-4, non-bussed version. These are all over Amazon and ebay at twice the price of Mouser, but you'd probably get it much faster. Anyways, some pics! In the stock spot: With the hood closed, it *just* touches the corner If it's mounted from below, then I think it should fit with no issues. It will require some cutting and may need a trim plate to make it look clean. I think I have the wiring diagram sorted out as well, but I need to figure out some connectors so the fuse box is removable if need be.
  2. Wanted: Driver's side frame rail

    Bump! Need one of these badly.
  3. ARP S14 flywheel bolts for 2002?

    Another possible drawback, ARP doesn't recommend threadlocker with their bolts, just their thread lubricant. That scares me a bit. They also say you should run a washer with an aluminum flywheel. If you're using the stock bolts with threadlocker, not sure if it's needed, but it might not be a bad idea, assuming your bolts are long enough to compensate for the thickness of the washer.
  4. Gauge of Interest - 5 Lug Conversion

    Lots of cons. What would be the pros?
  5. Ireland tri-y header?

    Search is your friend
  6. Wow, that looks very nice. What kind of wire wheel is best for the corners/hard to reach places?
  7. Not a lot of progress on the engine bay, lots of rain the past couple weeks, and I was stuck working on the nice days. I did get my air compressor installed though. The piping, wiring, and accessories cost way more than I thought, and I've got a couple small leaks to sort out.
  8. The stock fuse box is fine if it's in good condition and you don't have need of extra electronics. Mine is far from good condition and has overspray all over it, even on the inside. I've also added an electric fan and fuel pump and would like to have options for future accessories. I've already had to add another relay and fuse block, so might as well get it all put into the stock location and modernize it. The cleaner engine bay is an added bonus.
  9. Wanted: Driver's side frame rail

    Bump, still looking for one of these.
  10. I just measured, and the height would be very close. The real problem is the length at 6", it just would not fit in the stock location. You could probably mount it in the relay spot though, take off the old relay mounts, install it there, and run the wires inside the tire well, but you'd have to protect them somehow. I'll most likely try the Bussman, I think it will fit with minimal cutting.
  11. I'm still looking at the Bussmann, but I also just came across this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Waterproof-Fuse-Relay-Box-Block-Panel-Car-Truck-UTV-RV-Boat-4X4-Marine-w-Relays-/181824783887 It can fit more relays and fuses than the Bussman, but is slightly longer/taller.
  12. Sandblasting + compressor?

    16CFM would be ~ 453 Liters per Minute. 60 gallons would be ~228 Liters
  13. Sandblasting + compressor?

    I've been doing a lot of research on air compressors, and everything I've read says to buy the best compressor you can. You'll never regret going too big, but will definitely regret going too small. Tank size is your reserve. The bigger the tank, the less your pump has to run, the longer it's life, and less waiting for it to fill The CFM is what the pump can deliver. If your tool is using more CFM than the pump can deliver, then it taps into the reserve of your tank. If you keep using it, eventually performance will degrade and you will need to stop and wait for it to fill back up. If your tool uses less CFM, then the pump will cycle on and off to keep the tank between certain pressures, usually starting up if the pressure drops below 80-90psi and shutting off once it reaches it's peak value, 140-170psi depending on pump. My HVLP gun requires 10 CFM for primer and 13 CFM for topcoat (both @30psi). So I need a pump that can deliver more CFM than that. This is the compressor I'm leaning towards getting: https://www.harborfreight.com/5-hp-60-gallon-165-psi-two-stage-air-compressor-93274.html ~16CFM, but I suspect it might be slightly overrated.
  14. Gallon of primer and a gallon of catalyst, so should be 2 gallons total if mixed, 7.6 liters.
  15. I bought the Eastwood primer - http://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-gray-epoxy-primer-gallon.html I've read that it is made by Kirker. The paint guns I bought have a requirement of 10 CFM @ 30psi (primer) and 13 CFM @ 30psi (topcoat) My current compressor can just handle the primer requirements, but not topcoat. I'm leaning towards the Harbor Freight 2-stage compressor at $800. HF has a bad rep but this compressor has good reviews. A comparable "name brand" compressor costs 50% more - $1200.