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  1. To see if you have any movement and how weak that repair is I would jack up the car from front sub frame and see if the door gaps changes and/or if the doors open...That is certainly repairable though by someone who knows how to weld and has more than a piece of pipe to work with ...
  2. Rolled past my first 1000 miles of many on my rebuilt engine, many thanks to Terry Sayther for his engine rebuilding skills and letting me watch....
  3. Top car is closer to the inka I’m familiar with...picture is of four month old Glasuit paint that is original supplier.
  4. Contact George Modica he will sell direct to you and ship Glasurit paint...Barney
  5. Moved them out into the sun in order to clean out the shop...
  6. Purchased this car three years ago, my first tii been sorting out mechanically added a five speed...it’s being painted soon
  7. State of Texas said I was finished enough today to drive on the road... I still need to address a few items but mostly complete, here are some pictures of the finished product ...
  8. Glass man showed up and installed front and rear with no problems in and out in two hours...couple more days and I’ll be at the finish line.
  9. Big day! Glass man showed right on time and installed both front and rear like a pro...I’m a couple of days from one hundred percent. Did take a short drive Thur the neighborhood today.
  10. Thanks for the information Steve, the car spent its life in South Carolina and has been setting since 1989 waiting to be saved...the car was rust treated and that helped preserve it.
  11. Finally received my Inka car back from headliner install and initial start up...
  12. Spent the last week are so striping down the 72 tii I purchased awhile back as I wait of my headliner to be installed in our Inka 73 tii...very happy with the dryness of the shell on this car as well as the rebuilt tii engine. Warming up the welder...
  13. Michael they work well I have installed on 3 cars without any problems ....

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