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  1. Stack of years worth of Roundel magazines in boxes in trunk of 72 we purchased... First one I look at from 1984 to see what a 2002 is selling for in 84 and look what I find...
  2. Working my way though the front end repairs On my 72tii fjord blue, removed a front corner from parts car / prepped it for reinstall and roughly fit duck bill repairs..
  3. Yes this car has a new home I was able to win this car and get it loaded on the trailer, very happy overall with price/car...some rust issues but all fixable. l really like the rims I hope they will work with out the flares.
  4. Started working Tuesday on body repairs on my 73tii fjord blue, first fit up of of nose repair panel...
  5. All very good responses above, the bigger question is who are you behind the wheel what do you want from the driving experience...go drive both and get back to us... I only have 2002s...Barney
  6. Very happy to win this on eBay, 72tii Ceylon vin 2760958...a little rusty but nothing Too serious. off the road since 1990
  7. Wait that’s not the right picture, that’s the one I showed Tory and said it could look like... I’ll believe it when we loaded on the trailer.
  8. We lost a wheel bearings on the trailer on the way to Galveston had to leave trailer in Winney for repairs...got to ride on ferry to Galveston
  9. Left the bmw/CCA event to spend two days with the classic club guys in the highlands area of NC....
  10. Tory and I are with Ed traveling down the Blue ridge parkway...
  11. We just returned from a beautiful day of driving 276 from Greenville to the Blue ridge parkway south toward Waynesville...
  12. Hanging out in Asheville Friday night...after a day of driving through the smoky mountains.
  13. Couple from drive yesterday in Texas hill country...
  14. Regular is up to 223 in Austin it was as low as 197 a month ago...and the speed limit is 75 on highway...and we have the Texas hill country.
  15. Ok phone and IPad had not synced up, still not many...
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