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  1. Sorry all! Sold locally to mojojoy - just forgot to mark as such... Rod
  2. Yep - once a track toy, now a garage queen. I am blessed...
  3. $350 OBO. Black vinyl BMW seats - removed from my son's 1969 1602 rat rod. Chrome hinges, weave (MB tex?) material in the middle of the seats. Some small tears (on the seams), seat springs are tired, and horeshair is coming out. So - they are not perfect, but are all there. Good candidate for recover - or use as is! Already boxed up in garment boxes - ready for Greyhound (you pay actual costs). If these don't sell by early May - I will plan to bring them to the SF Swap Meet at Brisbane (May 4th). Any questions, please let me know! Rod
  4. Interested in pedal box. 2nd in line behind Hal - Rod
  5. I can take second in-line for a local pickup this weekend - behind Coastalcrush408. Let me know - Rod
  6. Count me in for one set - Rod
  7. Roderick351


  8. Just sent you a PM - in case your other buyer falls through. Thx - Rod
  9. I might be interested - for my son's 1969 1602 (his pedal box is a mess!). Send on any/all photos to: [email protected] Rod
  10. KB - am interested in the LSD for my son's 2002. If its not already gone, please advise - and I can have a buddy pick it up (he's in Oceanside - and works throughout the LA Basin). Rod
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