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  1. Thank you. Re hard line length. Probably as good a guess as any - this was the first time I had ever seen my rear subframe off the car. i wasn’t sure if that’s just how it was done. Needless to say I’m replacing all those lines old lines with new ones in the next few weeks. I’ve never heard of these... will check them out.
  2. Bump - price is reduced again - OBO need these gone.
  3. So last couple weeks I’ve been really focused on the rear subframe. I was unaware one of my rear trailing arms was in pretty poor shape. It appears that at some point someone decided to tow the car using the rear trailing arm and that caused some dents. I posted some pictures of the rear trailing arm on Facebook Bmw 2002 modifiers group and the general consensus was that I could just mount everything and keep on trucking. There was also a comment that my rear trailing arms need to be “boxed” in or should be boxed in. This was the first I had ever heard of doing that. Having a new modification to consider combined with the damage was enough to get me searching for options. So I did a quick search for trailing arms on eBay and sure enough I was able to find a set had already been boxed in. Now I get the joy of removing my e21 Rear brake upgrade from the old rear trailing arm and placing them on the new rear trailing arms. Which are being shipped to me as I type this - I hope. I also was able to get my front springs load it onto the struts with my bilstein shocks and new rubber. Thanks to the help of a local BMW enthusiast who happened to have a real spring compression tool. An embarrassing thing happened- I have to tell you - I ordered all front springs not knowing the rear were different. So nw I have extra set of brand new springs. I had my axles assembled by my local shop with new boots. I had them connect the e21 inner cv joints and 2002 outer cv joints to e21 axles and then I painted them all black. In the engine bay I’m waiting on the firewall grommets to arrive before I fully button up the engine and fill with my new radiator with coolant. I hav s Shortened drive shaft ordered from I.E. I had the LSD resealed. Steady as she goes... PS I bought a 93 e34 touring for another fun project - it will be back burner until I finish this on. Will post some pics soon.
  4. Im selling 2 brand new front springs for bmw 2002. W&N Part number A31331112189 These are the reinforced springs that are sold by Waloth and Nesch. Very shinny in gloss black still in bubble wrap. $100 plus shipping in the continental USA.
  5. Update: I decided to use my e21 dust shields in the front. to do this I simply mounted them to the 2002 strut with a sea clamp. Flipped it over and drilled some pilot holes through the two little m6 threaded dust shield mounting channels. Removed the sea clamp and widened the holes. Separately, I had my 1977 e21 calipers machined (see picture) by a local shop so they work on the 2002 strut with the vented rotor. I didn’t have to machine the rotor as some threads suggest is required. I test fit everything today and it looks good so far. Next step paint everything load springs and install! questions and comments welcome.
  6. Well I was thinking - restore and put them on my car. Not sure. If they were super pricey I’d pass because I’m not that into them. The guy that owns them has several 2002s and he was thinking about keeping them for a 2002 turbo tribute. Personally, I have a set of e21 turbines,, a set of ekeni Apache Vs and a set of stock wheels. I’m not sure I really like any of them. I’ve been building my car for 2 years now and still haven’t decided what wheels I want. But these are cool in that they were the style used on the 2002 turbo and are somewhat period correct (I have a 68 1600-2) so still trying to figure it out. One thing for sure sure is that I’ll be at stock height, I may try the Apache Vs out first.
  7. So I found four FPS bottle cap wheels. These are 5 inch rim width version, not the 5.5 inch that came on the 2002 turbo. Aside from that, appearance wise, they are the same. the guy that owns them is “considering” and has asked me to make an offer. one has been painted (a test restoration)and the other three of not restored. any suggestions on a fair offer?
  8. I have a roundel that looks like the one from 1915. Made of metal. Came in a box of parts with my 68 1600. I love that earlier font. It says “Carl Dillenius PFORZHEIN” on the back. See pics.
  9. Good question- I emailed the owner - he said it sold Thursday.
  10. This is the piece of metal that builds to your head to seal off where the mechanical fuel pump was attached. This is part of the Top End Performace kit. Satan black finish- brand new never used. $8
  11. Ramflo Style Filter for 40, 45, 48 DCOE 2" Tall...Clears Booster on Dual DCOE on BMW 2002 The perfect Filter for all DCOE Applications $30 Per Carb.
  12. Boots - but I just spent 30 minutes looking for them - can’t find them.
  13. Differential tag - $10 shipped. removed from an open differential also for sale best offer - has an e21 diff cover pm for pictures.

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