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  1. HBChris,

    Not to good with this Forum stuff.

    Looking for stan who makes the pop up wind deflectors

    contact info. Can You provide? Would be much appreciated!


    Thanks,  Tony..

  2. Hi Eric, All done! your 1 statement made sense to me. Worked real well! thank You! came out perfect. Thanks For your help. Tony..
  3. Hi Eric, First time asking question on forum I am installing sunroof without panel headliner. Than after fully functioning and adjusted, unscrew long rails and corners and pull front up a bit and slide panel headliner into position? Thanks ,Tony..
  4. Thanks for all your input worked on it today a bit, decided to prep the underside of the roof, Boy, The sunroof is certainly adding some hours to the restoration! Tony..
  5. Hi Mike and thanks for the reply. Maybe I wasn't clear enough Sunroof is out and car stripped to bare. What I am asking is when open all the way, can you see the underside of the roof? and if so, approx how much? My suspicions are that i will see about 1/2" of it. Hopefully this is clear! Thank You, Tony..
  6. In the process of restoring my 1973 2002, It is a sunroof model. Everything is totally apart so I cannot tell if when the sunroof is completely open will the section of the roof be visible from below? I replaced headliner a few years back and would prefer not to be painting up from cab. Thank You..
  7. Hi There, I need a set of hood hinges, Can you help? Might be interested in hood and doors if still available. in ny but always driving to vt so i could pick up. Thanks, Tony..
  8. Restoring my 1973 02, don't have the cash for new pieces, need6 pieces vertical and horizontal for rear windows and upper door piece. mine are very cloudy, hoping to find a better set. Thanks, Tony..
  9. getting ready to open my heater box up and replace a blower that hasn't worked in the past 26 years! should i change the heater core, Its not leaking. I don't ever want to do this job again! Thanks, Tony..
  10. Restoring my 73, Drove it daily for past 26 years, hoping someone has some chrome thats been out of the weather! New is very pricey!! Thanks, Tony..
  11. Hi Sam, I am in setauket, We are neighbors, In process of rebuilding my 73. Tony..
  12. Hi There, in process of a 73 restoration, Looking for a clean set of vertical and horizontal chrome strips for rear windows. both sides. also need (if you can remove without damaging) the door top chrome strip. Car was in an accident way back and hood never worked perfectly, Would like to change hinges, I suspect they are slightly bent. Thank you, Tony..
  13. Hi There, looking for a set to complete me restoration. would like them in a light brown/dark tan color. do you have anything ready to be shipped? pics and prices please. Thank You, Tony..
  14. 2002driver


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