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  1. The car finally arrived back from shop. It's not 100% yest, but its close to where we want it to be. This is my uncle who gave me the car (for free) so my dad and I can work on it. He is the original owner if the car. Thanks to him, I now have my "Dream car"! I made him drive it. He drove it with his wife , and it brought back a lot of memories.
  2. We decided to go with the tobacco and black.
  3. We decided to go with the BMW Glacier Silver Metallic (A83 color code). Personally, we found it to be the closest to polaris.
  4. My apologies for the long silence. My dad and I have been busy for the past 3 years. Since our last blog entry, a lot has happened to the car.
  5. feel free to send the pics to my cell. I PMd you earlier.
  6. I am looking for a driver side door in good condition. Let me know what you have.
  7. Driver door. Do you have one? Lmk.
  8. Sent PM if still available.
  9. Oh no, I didnt realize that. I have a 2002. So what do you recommend then: 14x6.5 et30 Tires: 185/65-14 195/60-14 Is this true?Better fitting 14' wheels may be able to fit 205/55-14 tires.
  10. Thanks for the response. I have not installed my tires yet, but I guess I'll find out when I get it from the shop this weekend. by the way, I got my information that I can use 205/70-14 from here: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/113414-tires/?tab=comments#comment-181783
  11. Perfect topic. I just got a 14x6.5 bbs style 5 basket weave. ASK: 1. Do I need to change my Original lug knots/ bolts from my '72 E10? 2. Do I need spacers? 3. Am I going to have issues because I just installed 205/70-14? Let me know. Thanks. JC
  12. did you ever try them on the 02? I'm wondering as well if the ET39 will work?
  13. I'm interested in the antenna. Do you have front seatbelts? Please provide price shipped to 20165.
  14. Is this a direct fit to the E10? Does it require a different hub?
  15. 20160424_183717000_iOS.MOVToday was a BIG DAY! Today we got the car started! I can't contain my excitement! Here is our video! Excuse our voices 20160424_183717000_iOS.MOV On another note we also found out that we do not need a new head liner. We thought we were going to need to replace the liner because of the mold and residue build up but with some elbow grease and Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser we were able to clean up the whole interior! Before After
  16. Hello BMW 2002 community, it has been a while. Since I haven't updated this blog in about two weeks I guess I will roll everything we have done into one entry. My last entry regarded our inspection under the hood. Since that time my dad and I have done the following: replaced all the fluids in the car, replaced the fuel filter, replaced the spark plugs, laid a new gasket underneath the cylinder head cover, and cleaned the head liner. Replacing the fluids turned out to be a bit harder than expected. As you know from a previous entry of mine, I am not a "car guy". This turned out to lead to a few problems when we were replacing all the fluids. The first problem that occurred was when we were trying to locate the "transmission filler", not sure if that is what it is called but for the sake of this story we will say transmission filler. After searching for what seemed an hour we found it and replaced the oil, but this was only the first step of our challenge replacing the fluids. The next problem occured when we tried to replace the radiator fluid. Although we drained the fluid with ease, we found that in the actual radiator there seemed to be a hole. So when we tried to pour our radiator fluid down it just came splashing out the bottom. Which leads us to another problem, we need a new radiator. While under the hood, we decided to replace the fuel filter, spark plugs, and gasket in hope that these new items will ultimately lead to us starting the car. With all the priming of the engine finished and the new fuel filter, spark plugs, and a gasket we decided that it was time to attempt to start the car. As my Dad put our newly ordered keys into the ignition I glowed with excitement and anticipation. It was a moment that I had been dreaming about, the roar of the engine, the flash of the lights, and even the smell of the fumes. But when my Dad turned the key, the car wouldn't start, after trying again and again the fuel refused to go all the way from the tank to the engine. We were able to see this because there was no fluid in the filter. All my anticipation was diminished and we were left with so many questions. If anyone has any ideas of why the fuel isnt getting to the engine please leave your advice in the comment section. Thanks! P.S. Sorry I have no pictures.
  17. Thanks, but it looks like we won't be able to use the Weber. The car comes with a manual choke and the Weber we currently have is a water choke. Unless someone tells me there is an easy conversion, we will again consider the Weber. If not, we'll stick with the original Carb.
  18. I'll let you know as soon as we get the car running. We still haven't made a decision.
  19. Sorry I haven't been able to update the blog. Me being in school and my dad working on the weekdays makes us pretty busy. Today we cleaned and drained the coolant from the radiator, a pretty easy job. Since we had free time today we decided to remove the cylinder head cover from the engine to inspect. After seeing how dry the camshafts and rocker arms were, we lubricated them with motor oil. We discovered that when we turned the rear wheel everything moved smoothly. Since we were already underneath the hood we decided to inspect the carburetor. Although the carburetor is not in terrible condition, we are thinking about replacing the original with a slightly used Weber carburetor. This is where we are going to need some advice, should we keep the original carburetor or clean and replace it with the Weber. It would more complicated to replace it but the new carburetor will give the car some more horse power. Please comment any tips or advice that you might have. On another note my father and I were looking at our grills and notice something a bit off about the chrome. Some of the bars were covered by a metal material. After a little while we decided to take off the covers to see what lay underneath the black metal. And to our surprise we found that all the bars looked good as new! That's what I'd call a good find.

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