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  1. Looking for the following: 1. Wiper Arm (left side only or set). Good spring. 2. Sunroof seal (front, long) Part 54129734131
  2. Which sunroof seals do you have?  there are three of them.  Do you have the part number?

    1. Rozz


      Part # 54129734130 URO brand new.  I also have one of 54121837946 that I removed from a parts car I'd include for $15 more if you need it.


  3. Looking for Front & Rear Sunroof Seals & Rubber Seal for '72 (54129734131) - Front Sunroof Seal (54129734130) - Rear Sunroof Seal
  4. Looking for a quarter panel molding (left side, between driver's door and rear wheel)
  5. Thanks. As you can see, it was a three year process. I am blessed that I had the opportunity to work on it with my Dad. Now that I am off to college, my Dad gets to keep it in our garage so I can use it when I'm home. Our deal is, he will keep in our garage until I have a place of my own where I can keep the car inside. I would also tell people to work on the mechanical and electrical components first so you can have the car running. It doesn't matter how the car looks like, as long as its running and you are able to drive it around. We were more motivated to get the car done when it was running. Paolo CNU 2023
  6. Do you still have the interior door handles? I'm interested in the driver side.
  7. The car finally arrived back from shop. It's not 100% yest, but its close to where we want it to be. This is my uncle who gave me the car (for free) so my dad and I can work on it. He is the original owner if the car. Thanks to him, I now have my "Dream car"! I made him drive it. He drove it with his wife , and it brought back a lot of memories.
  8. We decided to go with the tobacco and black.
  9. We decided to go with the BMW Glacier Silver Metallic (A83 color code). Personally, we found it to be the closest to polaris.
  10. feel free to send the pics to my cell. I PMd you earlier.
  11. I am looking for a driver side door in good condition. Let me know what you have.
  12. Driver door. Do you have one? Lmk.

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