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  1. Stems

    Fitting fender flares

    Thanks for all the ideas. After looking at my own pics and 02Traditions suggestion to lower them a little, I tried that. They look pretty good now. When I first mounted them I was hesitant to cut much off the end of the flare. The profile of the flare at the very end is skinnier, so I think that was the main cause of my issues.
  2. I'm in the middle of fitting a turbo air dam and fender flares (all from Ireland Engineering). The air dam is on and looks pretty good, the issue I have is with the flares. Looking at pictures of other installs it seems like everyone's flares extend out to the far edge of the air dam "tip", while mine are coming up short. Any advice? -stems
  3. Thanks for posting that. I bought a IE rear bumper off a guy whom didn't end up using it. It was SUPER wide and I wasn't sure if it was just this one or a common issue. I haven't gotten around to cutting a chunk out of it and re-glassing it yet myself.
  4. Did anyone get any pictures of how it fits? I am wondering if this is "can make it work" or not even close situation. thanks
  5. Stems

    Fix the nose or...

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. The medium term goal for the car will be to turbo it, but I want to get it back on the road first. I definitely don't plan on just leaving the rust, just deciding to fix it or cut it out. I think seeing the end of rust repair insight is making me lazy... I was impressed with the volume of acorns, leaves, zip ties, dirt, hose clamps, etc. I found down in the cavities in the bottom of the nose... I still haven't found a good way to get it all out, as my shop vac can only get so far down in there.
  6. I'm pretty much at the end of the rust repair on my '75 2002. Rockers, gas tank area, floor pans, etc. Wasn't too bad overall. I'm left with rust at the bottom of the nose; the middle is pretty bad, and there's another small spot on the drivers side that is rusted through. i plan on putting a turbo air dam on the car, so this whole area will be covered. So the question is, do I fix the rust... or just cut off the bottom of the nose right below the protrusion? Any input is appreciated. thanks
  7. Stems

    Testing 123

    Blah blah
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