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  1. Britonbees

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    And it finally lives !!!
  2. filmed in northern Greece
  3. Britonbees

    ***SOLD*** Rear Euro Bumper Cover 51121806025

    Pm me interested
  4. Britonbees

    Wheel valve stem questions

    here are my finished rims
  5. Ok i have a set of E30 BBS RZ 14" that i have redone , the question i have is i would prefer not to put in snap in Valve stems . what are the alternatives ? Hole opening is 11mm , lip is 14mm ....where do you get your valve stems and any alternative ones folks use ? cheers...... picture attached is this the correct size format ?
  6. Britonbees

    No longer needed thanks for the help

    First off on iPhone hard to find remove topic , second if it was more clear to do so out of courtesy I would have done so , really this post is such an irritant to you you should just block me from your views
  7. Britonbees

    No longer needed thanks for the help

    Didn't know I could thanks !
  8. Sweet , haha ponies ! All around town , some mountain driving in the blue ridge , commutes and short distance drives maybe 6hours or so , you think it will do the Ton " 100mpb on occasions ?
  9. Mostly all around town , and some small trips in the mountains , you think she would fair ok on the freeway for commuting ? Think I can do the Ton " 100mph" on occasions ? Thanks for the feedback !
  10. Touché , you are exactly correct , the car is not running , I blew the engine so it is an opportunity to rebuild , now that being said it is never just a matter of simply buying or slapping on parts . I build normally vintage pre 1963 British single cylinder race bikes and run at Bonneville with good friends and we share our knowledge , failures and success together . Just for personal improvements and support in the end
  11. Haha no beers just stupid auto correct , no I would prefer to do it all myself but also not afraid to ask for more info . It all comes down to understanding marks in tuning , goals and references and to be able to tune or at the very least understand what the potential vs real world numbers and to try to make improvements where I can but I must understand a base line of what I have beyond just driving and having fun or slapping on parts . A beer does sound good now that you bring it up. Also forgive my punctuation or spelling English is my second language even Though I have been in the US 20 years
  12. I calculated HP in 2 ways , none related to the torque , so more of a guesstimate or range , I am trying to reverse the formula above to get torque , perhaps I am over thinking it , yes I am trying to figure out my curves . Thanks for the imput