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  1. Thank you guys for your response and ideas. personally if i end up not finding the pad within couple of days i'm going to leave it as it is. i really like the way it looks now without any padding i though maybe with that the car would look more OEM but will see.
  2. Hello everyone. So I have been searching everywhere for the Firewall insulation pad for my 71 2002, I wasn’t able to find anything, its been on back order for a while. called Germany their saying hopefully the will start the production soon but no idea when. I called all the legendary Bmw 2002 restoration and part shops nobody has them I already post a topic in WTB section but I don’t think I will have any luck, I really want to get this project going because I had my engine bay assembly put on hold for about 2 months just because of that part, I wanted to see if there are any alternative ways to go about this I already know about the sound deadening material but to me after spending 20K on a project I personally think that would be too tacky, I was thinking I could stick same material that goes under the hood the padding but again I wanted to see what you guys thought..? Maybe post some pictures of different builds I know there are a lot of Masters and enthusiasts that they really know what they’re doing. I would also really appreciate if anyone can help me with purchasing one or might know anybody that has one for sale. Thank you very much everyone.
  3. hello. i'm desperately searching for fire wall insulation pad part #51487450110. its been over few months i put my engine bay project on hold just because of this part i almost looked everywhere hopping someone would have some extra one. thank you very much
  4. i am also interested in one also i put my project on hold just because i cant find this part. i will really appreciate if anyone can help me out with finding one thank you.
  5. update: i was able to find a picture i took before putting everything together and i noticed the adapter looks okay and straight but once i attached the rod that attached to the shift lever that's when clockwise tension appears.
  6. thank you very much for the response guys. Personally i was disappointed with the product that's just me maybe i'm wrong but with the ( IE ) set up that i purchased which it was way over priced i paid close to $300 for it and ended up using some of my old clips and bushings i wasn't even able to use the spring that came with it however you guys gave me awesome tips to check first, maybe transmission was in gear when all this was being installed. i will try to post a video maybe that would explain and show the problem better. in another hand now that the topic of length came up i'm doubting the length as well. could any one have any idea whey that adapter that i circled in the second picture is rotated clockwise and it has kind of tension to the rod that is attached to the shift lever when i try to rotate it counter clock wise the shift lever sits straight. however i will keep you guys updated i will try 2 things. 1. rotate the lever 180 2. take it apart make sure its not in gear
  7. Hello this is my first time posting a topic on a forum I'm not sure if I'm posting it in the right place. If this isnt the right place please forgive me, however I'm also new to 2002 world my question was I did an upgrade on my four-speed transmission shifter from IE I have a 1971 model however after I did the upgrade my shift lever is not sitting straight anymore!!!. I was wondering if anyone came across this problem or might know what i should look for it seems like the shaft that came out of transmission has someting to do with it but the lever was sitting straight before the upgrade. I attached a picture with an arrow pointing to the part that makes the whole thing twist.... Thank you
  8. hi Harry i would like to get a set do you have anything available..??

    1. harry6422


      Hi I have them in stock Cost is $135.00 per set, shipping is free to any USA address, you can pay through PayPal to this email address ([email protected])  please make it a "personal" payment saves on fees, also send me your shipping address to the same gmail address. I send a email when shipped with tracking info., fell free to contact me at the same gmail address anytime.




  9. Hello I have a dash and has some cracks, I paid $400 and was told it was in gret conditio. I am willing to sell for $50 from 64106 Kansas City . They can be repaired so if that is helpful please let me know. PS if you send your email I will send photos 



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