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  1. Hi,


    I am interested in knowing about your car.  What can you tell me about rust issues? Collision damage?  Is it complete and does everything work?  Can I get some more detailed pictures?  Finally, where is it located and what is your asking price?


    And please, email me at wm.a.eastman@gmail.com.


    Many thanks,



  2. I have one of these strange radiator hose with the bulb in the middle.
  3. Is a 6 bolt guibo better for the front? And then just use the stock center bearing? Norm
  4. Thanks guys for responding back to me. Yes I do have a long neck with a guibo on the rear. Would it be possible to use a guibo on both ends? Norm
  5. I'm wanting to install a 5 speed in my 2000cs. The quibo is on the rear of the drive shaft. Is there a write-up on how to do this conversion? Thank you Norm
  6. I have a complete car for Sale Norm
  7. Im looking to buy a turn signal lever with spade connecters Norm 916-995-0425 Sacramento Ca
  8. I believe they are the same as a 1800 NK https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/indicator-switch-61-08-13-22125.html
  9. Im looking to buy a turn signal lever for my 2000cs. Anybody have a parts car? Norm 916-995-0425
  10. Did you fill with oil or grease? What boots were those?
  11. Did it work? Please finish the story. I might need to do the samething Norm
  12. Are the NK or 2000cs clear boots no longer available? Anybody try fitting a rubber 2002 boot on? Did it work? Thanks Norm
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