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  1. For those coming up from the Bay Area a fun delta wine tasting group tour could be planned for your drive home. Id love to show you some fun locations. Norm
  2. Can you take a picture of the recept of the engine work and or list the parts replaced Norm
  3. Here is the complete information about Grey market cars: https://www.arb.ca.gov/html/master_faqs/vehicle_faqs/greymarket_cars_faq.htm Norm
  4. 1968 model year to 1974 model year vehicles: California does not recommend the purchase or importation of these years of NON-USA vehicles, even if currently registered in another state. These vehicles require compliance with USEPA requirements in effect on the specific date of 11/15/1972. This provision when written, was considered by the California legislature as a gradual phase-out of very dirty "non-collectable" types of imports, as this specific requirement was understood to become increasingly difficult to meet. Today, this requirement, while not impossible to meet, would require testing expenses and modifications that far exceed most vehicles value and would make little sense from a collectors standpoint to attempt. Some limited exemptions apply to individuals moving to California with vehicles of these years registered in their home state for at least a year before moving to California. Contact us for more information.
  5. The price is 22k. Unfortunately this is a California grey market car. It needs to be registered outside the state.
  6. I love Bring a Trailer but not the readers comments section. Here is whats happens alot: This is about a super clean Alfa GTV ending today. I'm glad the he didn't mention the BMW 2002 crowd:) " I went thru most of the comments, starting from the earliest until the last 20. Then I had enough….Wow, what a bunch of tire kicking, accusatory, pessimistic, commenters who seem to have converged on this auction! I thought the early 911 crowd was bad. That crowd is constantly complaining about what is original and what isn’t, as well as how the early 911 market has gone too far. The Alfa crowd takes pickiness and Seller intrigue and suspicion to another level.Whether this car drives like a dream, or does not, the key to its value is its rust free body and originality. And both of these things are here in spades on this car"
  7. I found a few more picture of the 1800 I posted yesterday. Give me a call or text for more info 916-995-0425 The tires are Michelin XAS and the fog lights Marchal. The price is 22K
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