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  1. Drosselhebel

    M20 Triple weber build x2

    Oh wow, Taiga? Looks fantastic so far. *edit - missed the earlier paint post. oops.
  2. Drosselhebel

    M20 Triple weber build x2

    This will surely be the first non-Turbo non-Tii car to reach and surpass $150K in value :) How's it coming brotha?
  3. Drosselhebel

    Throw out bearing

    You do want the 323i TO bearing for that specific app (part number ending in "525"). The old #729 M3 TO bearing has been NLA for about 10 years, and only differed in its all-metal construction to the "525" bearings composite construction.
  4. Drosselhebel

    m10 rebuild kits?

    There are far too many variables in play for engine rebuild kits to be a viable thing for M10s, but as Simeon says above, contact Ireland or another reputable vendor to help you develop the parts list you need for your project. The value of the project guidance you'll receive far outweighs the very minimal price percentage you'll save by breaking down all the parts manually... The hardcore '02 vendors do not pull a huge parts markup and are worth every penny to work with.
  5. Any time you have 1600 struts without the brake line mounting flange you need to be really careful about the inner bearing race size. IIRC the changeover in bearing size was mid-'68.
  6. Drosselhebel

    Cheap Edgy Body Modifications...

    I used to do the same with the BMW pinch molding that's normally found in the door openings (the stuff that covers the edges of the headliner and metal seam). You can buy it in lengths from the dealer.
  7. Drosselhebel

    Ride Height on a 1973tii

    Placing the aluminum rings on the top of the fender eventually ruins the paint finish underneath, followed by electrolysis when the raw aluminum meets the raw steel. Live with the longer studs, shorten them, or use some replacement strut bearings from an E21 if you can't handle the first two options.
  8. Drosselhebel

    what is under the hood in this beast?

    I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
  9. Drosselhebel

    2002 Hood Weight

    54lbs fully trimmed with the spring bar.
  10. Drosselhebel

    Need Driveshaft Part ID Help

    It's just called a bushing. It should show up in the parts catalog, but if not most driveshaft rebuilders will have a suitable replacement for it. Your driveshaft flange does show some damage from an earlier guibo failure. If it were mine I'd replace it. The four-bolt flanges are all the same (E21 included) and should be easy to source.
  11. I think I used to know E21 Manuel. Good guy.
  12. Drosselhebel

    this stuff is like rabbits

    I used to own 2761015, only 3 away from one of those motors. Small welt.
  13. Ah, you're using the 1.8 hall-effect distributor (that's actually a pretty good unit to use with an MSD. The hall-effect trigger is pretty bullet-proof) You might check the distributor for vertical endplay in the shaft, and see if there are any burrs or metal damage in the notch where the rotor locating tab engages. If the rotor fits loose in the locating notch, maybe try putting a piece of electrical tape over the locating tab on the rotor to help tighten it up. If the rotor tab fits really tight to the point that it is scoring the rotor, maybe file the edges of the tab or notch to reduce interference a little.
  14. Drosselhebel

    Frame Rail Welding

    While you're inspecting the driver's side rail, grab a magnet and fish around in the cavity where the top of the rail meets the firewall/passenger tub. There's always some good treasure in there.
  15. Might be a couple of things. It could be mechanical play in the distributor allowing the rotor to interfere with the distributor cap or electrodes. It may also be related to a bad engine or transmission mount allowing the distributor to contact the firewall. Are your distributor caps being damaged too? When the rotor breaks, where does it break? Is the area around the center of the rotor melted?