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  1. Themis, Good morning. Still available? Please PM or text pics of the bottom showing the screen filter to 210-630-1701 . Thanks.
  2. Is the water pump still available? Please PM pics and price. Thanks.
  3. Federente, I'm looking for the following items: -crankshaft pulley (euro 74 tii/non-a/c) -lower dust protection for KF belt (black plastic behind crankshaft pulley) -upper dust protection for KF belt (black plastic in front of KF injection pump) -center console ash tray Please PM. Thanks. eurotii
  4. Brandon, Good morning. I'm looking for crankshaft pulley (74 tii/non-a/c) and lower and upper cover for KF belt. Please PM or text me at 210-630-1701. Thanks. eurotii.
  5. Just wanted to find out any upcoming ATX C&C. I'm from SAT and interested meeting 2002 owners. My daily driver is a 74 2002tii.
  6. Still available? I'm interested. Eurotii
  7. WTB fuel sending unit 62 16 1 358 088 for my 1974 BMW 2002 Tii/VIN 2733963. Please email info to [email protected] Thanks, Euro2002tii
  8. Steve, My tii doesn't have the the original 2 leads negative cable. I'm going to order it at Maximillian. Where does the short lead grounded/attached to? to the engine block? I know the long lead is grounded to the injection pump. Regards, Dan
  9. Conserv, Thank you for the info. I'm from San Antonio, Texas. I brought back my '74 Tii from Sigonella, Italy where I was stationed prior to retiring. I'll look into the exide 26RC and the Bosch S3 as well. I have a question on the negative terminal of the battery. Why does the negative terminal/post gets "hot"? Best regards, Dan
  10. Hello! I'm trying to replace the bad battery-Bosch 5DN on my tii. I'm thinking of getting the Bosch S3 series battery. Any suggestions? Thanks. eurotii
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