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  1. Name: BMW 2002 Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2020-01-15 Submitter: Black Nun BMW 2002
  2. Hi, Looking to purchase a stock steering wheel for a 1967 1600ti. Evidently one was sold only last month, pictures below. Thanks, JRL
  3. Name: BMW 1600ti Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2016-11-08 Submitter: Black Nun   BMW 1600ti  
  4. FYI, this was sold to the first caller according to the seller.
  5. FYI: Chassis# is 2573706 ('71 manual) and Engine# is 2534760 ('73 automatic).
  6. I wanted to know more about the '69, so I got the body and engine numbers from Seller and ran them with BMW Archives: Body is a '69, original color Nevada. Engine is from a Chamonix '67 1600. Seller wants 2K with engine, 1.5K without. I took a pass.
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