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  1. Well, after a summer of sanding I finally got her back in the “booth” and shot the final coat of primer - Glasurit primer. Getting closer...
  2. Do you still have the scheel? I’m local and can swing by. Tomorrow
  3. Tired of seeing all the tweaking and tuning and driving and enjoying of everyone else’s 2002’s, so, with the sun out I finally got busy today. Hit the hood, trunk lid, spoiler, and sunroof with the Glasurit primer, which will be my final coat before adding color. I hope to get the rest of the car in the booth tomorrow, at least spraying the engine bay, trunk, door jambs, and nose. Depending on how long that takes maybe I can shoot the whole car...
  4. It looks fantastic. I only hope that mine comes out as nice, but it definitely sets the bar!
  5. Looks great. What did you use to re-flock it? I need to do the same thing.
  6. Test fit the doors. Taking a little effort to get it right as the doors come from a different car and this has had repairs. Now that the weather is turning I'll be getting back to finishing off the paint!!
  7. Thanks. I have a car to paint and I'm doing most of the work. I look at the results that you got and question the path I'm currently on 🙂
  8. Who did the paint job? It really does look incredible. The mirror finish on the INSIDE of the hood is just nutty!
  9. Cleaned up the doors, getting them ready for paint. They cleaned up real nice. A little rust on the bottom seam. Cleaned the majority of it out, then used Silver POR-15 to seal it away. Weather looks as though it’ll be nice for most of the next two weeks. Goal is to shoot the hood, trunk lid, sunroof and doors with the Glasurit primer. If I get 2 days of nice then I’ll also try to shoot the front 1/2 including engine bay. Still need to finish sanding everything but I am seriously close.
  10. Hi Barney - looks fantastic! What starter is it you are using here? Stock alternator?
  11. Test fitted the air dam and front bumper. Nice fit all the way around. Of course, no trip to the garage for car time would be complete without more sanding...
  12. Happy Thanksgiving! I went out and looked at the car, resigned to the fact I’m not going to touch it today... Eating, drinking, and football (with a little walk so I can eat some more) is the order of the. I hope you all have a great day, whatever you do. Chris
  13. Good progress this weekend. Couldn’t do anything without a respirator due to the smoke from the fire, so I strapped mine on an got to sanding. Smoothed out most of the panels. Spent an hour and a half on the hood alone. Patched most of the little imperfections I found after shooting the build primer. Guide coat works like a charm. Need to get the nose and engine compartment smoothed out next so I can shoot the final coat of primer.
  14. Is there an option for just the front euro bumper conversion brackets? The PO of my car had mounted the rear euro bumper already. I was about to build a set for the front when I saw yours!
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