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  1. No rubbing so far, but it is CLOSE. I’d say I have a finger widths gap between rear tire and the lip.
  2. Actually they are Exim’s off of an E21 - offset is ET13. Tires are 185/60 Nankang AR-1s.
  3. My ‘76 sitting on H&R sports, Koni Yellows and 13”x6” rims. Cheers from Hamilton ON, Canada. Justin
  4. Justinalreid


  5. Thanks for all the help! I've ordered a used ballpin that's in better condition from BimmerDoc.com, even though he has personally never have seen one fail- Better safe than sorry right? I had also contacted Blunttech (along with many other BMW part suppliers) asking for both: pn: 21511202659 pn: 21511202467, knowing that the older steel ballpin's from Getrag 232's would work with my 242. However, that part is equally as hard to find as the plastic ballpin for later model '02's. Unfortunately, the brass ballpin (which is readily available for other older BMW transmissions: E21, E9, E30etc.) from IE and other sources, would not work. I've attached (hopefully) a better picture of the split in my current ballpin. Thanks again,
  6. Thanks for the reply! Now I'm a little worried as I have exhausted all search efforts with little luck, and like you had mentioned thought of maybe getting it replicated at a machine shop. However, this morning I called BimmerDoc.com, who said that the cracked Ballpin shouldn't be a major concern if I choose to put it back in, and that he did have some used ones in stock if needed. ....What are the chances of it completely failing if I chose to put it back in as is? Anyhow, I think I might just call him back and have him ship me one in better condition, just to be safe.
  7. Hey Guys, Currently I'm swapping my automatic trans to a manual Getrag 242, in my '76 2002. While I have the transmission out I've noticed that there's a crack/split in the ballpin (reference picture). Is this something I should be concerned about? I've looked for a replacement but they are NLA. Any feedback would be great. Thanks, Justin
  8. I have the same problem with my Getrag 242, and just like you, I have had no luck trying to find a replacement. What was your solution? Thanks, Justin
  9. I'm in the process of swapping out my automatic transmission to the Getrag 242. I have a majority of the parts, but have a question about the radiator. I know the automatic and manual cars radiators are different, as the automatic cars radiators had lines plumbed in for extra cooling for the transmission. So here's the question, do I simply plug the holes in the radiator when the manual transmission finally goes in? Or do I have to buy a whole new radiator intended for a manual car? Thanks,
  10. Thanks for the reply's Now knowing it's emissions related- is it as simple as removing the unit from the car? Or are there other modifications I have to be aware of when removing this charcoal canister?
  11. Hey Guys, First and foremost, I'm not mechanically inclined, so don't be too hard on me. I have no idea what this is or what its function is, and it is the only one I've seen in an '02 engine bay. It's the white canister that's located right next to the brake fluid reservoir (see pictures). If anyone can enlighten me as to what this white object is that would be great. Thanks,
  12. Hey Guys, Doing an auto to manual (Getrag 245- 5 speed) swap on my '76 2002, and need a new pedal assembly. I'd prefer one with little rust and in overall good condition. I live just outside of Toronto Ontario, Canada- so I'll most likely have to pay for shipping, unless you live close by. Thanks,
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