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  1. As I read through this discussion and came to the same conclusion. around town I would prefer the 32/36, has nothing to do with mpg
  2. Thanks for all the thoughtful replies im going with the Blue = no resistor
  3. My other o2 has the petronix what’s everyone’s advice on coil for that one ?
  4. So your saying, remove it but , not reattach or connect wires ? or is there a place for the wires that ounce were attached ?
  5. I’m glad to hear that, I hate to see nice cars sell for half of what it cost to restore them.
  6. I searched but, the older posts had pictures not available and much of the discussion was illustrated with the now absent photos. 1972 Bmw 2002 stage II dual carb Blue Coil 123 distributor what do I do with resistor ?
  7. Made by the same company that manufactures the popular ( electronic flasher) we use when we installed LED tail lights, Innova. when engine is off it tells you the battery charged level. When engine running it tells you how much the alternator is putting out. Two years ago while road tripping in North Carolina during the Vintage I pulled into a gas station and glanced over to see a yellow light then the red light. I turned off the engine and saw my battery was at 11 !!!!! the problem turned out to be a wire had dropped off the volt regulator. without this I may have run the battery down to a point that I would have needed a battery charger and it may have been in the middle of nowhere. $24 on amozon move also used it to help fellow o2 guys diagnosis
  8. Looking for the early badge that was not a space between the Bmw and the cca respond to : paintpalmbeach@aol.com
  9. This cluster is from a 1968 that predates the tii by several years
  10. The three prong connection ( circled in blue) in this photo is where my tach power is supplied from, in this photo it’s unused. In each example there is a unused connection. what is the purpose of this additional power source?
  11. Thanks Mike for you thoughtful reply. i agree with every word
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