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  1. Road trip

    1600 and 2002 differences

    1600’s has 200mm brake drums 2002 has 230mm would you happen to know is they both used the same upper brake shoe spring bow?
  2. Road trip

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    I need the rubber boot
  3. Road trip

    Need part, part number

    Close but remember it goes into a large oval opening in the pedal box
  4. Road trip

    Need part, part number

    Would anyone have a used one or know of another method to prevent wTer from entering pedal box?
  5. I’ve searched maximum site for part number but no luck. I do not seem to be able to access the realoem site because each attemp sends me to a google game drawing . i need name and part number for the waterproofing rubber boot
  6. Anyone have more information on the masseratti horns ?
  7. 1967 manufactured mine is cracked inside
  8. Road trip

    WTB early dimmer

    Newer the bettep
  9. I very good condition i can use some help placing a value
  10. Road trip

    WTB non tii booster

    Thanks for the suggestion but, after 45 minutes on hold. I could not find out if it was available or time they could deliver
  11. Road trip

    WTB non tii booster

    Booster wanted
  12. Road trip

    Strut Gland Nut Tool DIY

  13. Road trip

    68 Project

    Brother, I m right there with you lets talk