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  1. You pay shipping sound absorber 35114440140. $27 new valve cover. $ 100 new wash bottle 61718445112 $ 100 new e9 grill. $250 pair of bumper guards $200 swan neck mirror $ 150 new custom made engine work apron $ 100 pair of front struts excellent $ 400 complete long neck rear sub-frame ( offers) beauty rings $300
  2. The shady character is in Connecticut please join the Bmw classic car club join the group at the vintage
  3. Yes, it’s staying in my garage. The buyer turned out to be a car dealer that sent somebody he didn’t know to criticize the car . the “car expert” told the buyer the car was perfect and as described. the buyer then said it was too much and asked if I would consign the car to his dealership . i reported this to Ebay and they said there was nothing they could do . the price which I agreed to was $52k
  4. Tip of the iceberg this list could easily double
  5. Ordered, installed and forgot. looking now and the hose is not as round in the angles. i would think the better version would be round its entire length . your thoughts ?
  6. I’ll try and answer some of your questions 1. yes I do have a AC condenser ( the only reason for the spal fan) 2. I have a dual row aluminum reproduction of the oem that I had anodized black to match oem 3.7064075 4. 12 5. Google it 6. No 7. No, because I don’t use a electric fan to do what the mechanical fan does better ( it never stops turning)
  7. I want to revamp my ac and use condenser and spal fan that will install through front grills ( not remove radiator) any suggestions?
  8. I would like to install both condenser and spal fan through front grills my current set up I used the largest of both and that required removal of radiator. the spal fan is not working now and I have to remove radiator and condenser to remove fan. if you have model numbers and sources that would help more. thanks
  9. I never store my car outside but, I needed a dust cover. i choose cover crafts HP line and I love the nice fit, not too tight turns out the HP line is a Great choice for camping as well
  10. 4 speed, half axels, drive shaft . all excellent cond, resealed, all restored new rubber components 2019 Open to offers prefer pickup
  11. 1600’s has 200mm brake drums 2002 has 230mm would you happen to know is they both used the same upper brake shoe spring bow?
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