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  1. I owned many o2’s back in the 70’s i also own a 1972 known as “square Grouper “. my first Bmw was a 1600 that I purchased back in 1971 and drove from west palm to as far north above Quebec as possible . This is a picture from that trip. there have many more Bmw’s And always used for road trips and camping. Many of My bmw pictures from back then the car was just in the back ground. I never knew that someday these cars would become a cult in them self’s . 34 years later I decided I should work on my bucket list and I always said I’d do another road trip in a o2. the decision was made to purchase a perfect o2 roundie with sunroof. Easy decision, tuff search. Tough, dispiriting , travels across country meeting liars and cheats, every sort of bondo filling low life shithead. then I found the perfect car for me 1972 Bmw 2002 , roof and completely original, every last piece and most of all No Rust. That car was transported to palm beach where the complete interior was removed and cleaned, the complete brakes, suspension replaced and then it was shipped to Ray Korman who rebuild engine to stage II and had the car repainted. Stunning ... i have driven it to the Vintage 3x, trips down the blue ridge parkway and total 9,000 miles of fun. Now for this car I’m starting the Blog about. late one night I find myself looking at a BAT auction of a 1968 bmw 1600 from a estate sale. The details listed a inherited car that had been parked with 43,000 miles ( yeah sure, ....) too good to be true and the car was listed and displayed in the worst manner. It was advertised as a project and although it stated that all parts were included and there was only a little surface rust, it looked terrible and it appeared to have lots of rust red everywhere . The BAT critics are brutal and rude bunch most ard lurking in the background trying to show their knowledge thtough criticism . they tore it apart and I think caused interested parties to Not Bid. i found it interesting that no one could see past a few trivial matters and know the value of this car. looking at the location ( Brasstown North Carolina ) and knowing the geography I suspected that all the red rust color was really Red Clay and it was. After a bat battle I found myself the owner of yet another rust free o2. And now I’m blogging
  2. Don't be too proud of paint i see many items that should not be painted, painted ie; hood latch, strut bolts etc
  3. Ireland distributor has cheap knock off cap and rotor i want a genuine Bosch but don't know correct part number
  4. Recent rebuild using Piersburg this pump is LOUD many suggestions for a silent electric pump ?
  5. Always Planing i think I'll make a week of it Stop by Korman's couple days blue ridge parkwY couple days ashevile
  6. Everybody here loves Redline MTL but, most say it can seep . whats a good non-seep alternative (GL-4) ?
  7. This is a Hazet 2505-2 spark plug wrench works with socket or has a dial type grip at end to use by hand i need the rubber insert that grips the plug ounce it's loose. over time the rubber hardens and will not hold the plug
  8. Looks like it would be good to know temp while looking under hood anyone use these ?
  9. I'm not paying that price anymore my car is great on the interstate now
  10. The factory insulation was probably great stuff back when it was new and supple it ( the mounded composite) gets hard over time
  11. This is the Luxury Liner Pro
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