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  1. I got it knocked out. The cast iron collector was what was actually in the way. I removed the U bolt's bolts, then removed one of the rubber stoppers so the entire arm pivoted on the other one which was loose. I then removed the other cross-member bolt, and loosened the 15mm bolt that hold the rubber transmission mount in the center. That allowed me to pivot the crossmember out from under the collector and get the bolt seated into the slot. Since the 13mm M8 8.8 was under the collector I basically just got it dad-snug with a stubby wrench, and did the same to the other side. I put 28 ft/lbs on the 15mm bolt, then tightened up the 10mm bolts on the hanger to dad-snug.
  2. Yeah the bracket is pretty shiny and new. I was thinking I could take the U bolt off to get a bit of sideways play on the exhaust, put in the missing bolt, then button it up. We'll see. My bigger question is really how solid those two bolts should be on the tranny crossmember. At M8 they seem to be there just to keep it from knocking around in the tunnel ya?
  3. Found the instructions - question though. "Press exhaust support (1) against the exhaust pipe so that it is free of tension." Does that mean to press the support against the exhaust so that the support isn't pushing it UP against the car body, or to push it up to the exhaust isn't hanging DOWN putting tension on the exhaust assembly itself?
  4. But do they turn or snap off? 🙃
  5. Yes that is the bolt that fell out. That's also what my bracket looks like. There is precious little clearance to access that hole. What's odd still is that the threaded receiving piece shifts around in the bracket a quarter of an inch. What's the correct order for exhaust removal?
  6. I have the Ireland exhaust, but an original 4 speed. Perhaps my hanger is different.
  7. Howdy! Long time no see. So I recently noticed a clunking noise coming from my car when I went over bumps and more. I realized one of my transmission crossmember bolts had fallen out! Getting some replacements but I had a few questions. 1. How much of the exhaust, and where, do I have to drop to get at the bolts? I see the U shaped hanger attached to the transmission, but do I need to really drop it down? 2. What is the torque on those crossmember bolts? At M8 8.8 I would figure about 16 ft/lbs. One of them feels stripped to be honest. They screw up into a pre-threaded slot it would seem. If they did get stripped, what is my recourse? Can I just slip an extra long bolt in there or put a dollop of loctite on em? Thanks!
  8. silasmoon

    Water Pump Mounting Bolt Snapped

    Acknowledged. I put a little blue loctite on it for now and will keep an eye on it. After this weekend I'll properly troubleshoot it.
  9. silasmoon

    Water Pump Mounting Bolt Snapped

    Could very well be stripped too. I will deal with it after this weekend, but until then I need to drive the car rather heavily for the next few days in Southern California.
  10. While I was checking the car for loose bolts before a big drive, I noticed that the larger bolt securing my water pump is just flapping in the breeze. It simply slides back and forth and hits the back of the pulley, with nowhere to go. Radiator isn't low, and no spill marks to be found. I can't get it out without taking off the pulley, and by my guess it snapped inside the engine anyways. Thoughts? How critical is this thing? #10 on the diagram. Is this some remnant of the A/C delete? Should I care? Should I go smoke a cigarette?
  11. It was #18 all by itself. Was super loosey goosey. Once it was on a lift it was easy to get to all of the parts, didn't need to drop anything. Put a wrench on a few other things. Thanks for the tips!
  12. Thanks everyone - gonna take a crack at it today. It was admittedly super disconcerting to have a vibrating shifter and sloppy shifter in stop and go on the 880. As always the collective knowledge on this forum assuages my fears of fantastic destruction.
  13. What to use to get on the interior side of that bolt? Offset wrench? My stubby couldn't swing it.
  14. @PaulTWinterton are you referring to #1 or #10 in your diagram?