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  1. First I want to commend you for tackling such a or role dash ( I'd have spent the money on a new one). It looks great and I appreciate the instructions and photos. I was wondering how it is holding up 3 years later?
  2. I'm in Connecticut. How much is it?
  3. Looking for a passengers side plastic door sill.
  4. I'll take a drivers and passengers if you have them
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies ( especially Steve for the pictures.. Perfect!). I was looking for the hose connections on the pump and bottle, not the wiring. The new pump works fine. I should have been more clear in my question. Thank you all again.!
  6. Hello all. I'm looking for a picture/ diagram of the hose connections for the windshield washer pump. My 72 tii didn't come with the pump or bottle so I purchased the parts but there is only one hose connection coming from the sprayers. Also, concerning the nipple on the bottom of the reservoir, is there a connection there or some type of plug to stop the fluid draining out? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Hi Al. How can I contact you to get my seat belts redone? Thanks


    1. bluedevils


      send me an email at 


      al at psych dot duhs dot duke dot edu



  8. Good to know when crack another one I'll know what to ask for! Thanks again for your help
  9. Thanks Wegweiser. Auto haus contacted me and they have a couple in stock ( only need 1). The picture below shows the pressure valves on the kugelfischer.
  10. Looking for 1 pressure valve for the kugelfischer on my 72 tii. I tightened the thing too tight and cracked it. I contacted BMW of Atlanta and they said it was NLA.
  11. I'll take the door sill plastics if they're still available
  12. Looking for a windshield wiper arm too
  13. I'll take the door sill plastics and "oh shit" handles
  14. Hello all. I recently had my kugelfischer rebuilt and when tightening the fuel injection line ( over tightening) I cracked the threaded fitting that screws in between the fuel line and the top of the body of the kugelfischer. Any ideas on where I can get a replacement? Thanks
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