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  1. Beautiful car. If that were a 325, I don't think I would have the will power not to buy it. Good Luck
  2. By mint, does he mean minty? Or is there a word missing....like "not" mint?
  3. thats a lot of love you are throwing at that car. Looks great. What is the name of the shop?
  4. Hi - I joined recently too. Nobody really monitors this site, all the communication is on Face Book. You should join Facebook group "Chicago '02 group". Good group of people in the club. Everyone's car needs some sort of work, you look like yours will keep you busy
  5. I am looking for the round retainer if you have one. Jim
  6. Would someone be willing to give me the lowdown on this group? I have a 74 tii and live North of Chicago. Looking for others that I can discuss parts, restoration and advice. I am interested in the Werk Shop meet this coming Saturday...How many are planning on meeting there? Attached is a pic of my ride. Jim M

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