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  1. what size air horns?
  2. Only difference is the pedal rod... you either have to fabricate the connection, or take the booster apart to swap them out
  4. I tried searching, but have been unable to come up with the right string of words to find threads about this. I want to wire my fuel pump to shut off if the motor stalls (safety in case of an accident) Would I need an oil pressure sensor with two prongs in order to make this work? Is there a kit anyone recommends? Right now I just have a fused wire off of ignition power going to the fuel pump. -- Seems like the wrong way to do it. Thanks, George
  5. Interested in the plugs. shipping to 03862
  6. Did you buy the shell I sent you from Vermont? Posting was taken down...
  7. there are many write-ups for this I used this one: Be sure that you look at the front corners of the seats (by the knee) and make sure that you cut for the correct sides. You will see that the outer seam is more of a corner, while the inside seam is more rounded... It's easy to cut the left seat for the right side and vice versa...
  8. Brakes

    Bringing this back from the dead... I'm going to tackle this project this coming weekend. Trying to get something like this, to thread inside and hook up to the pedal rod..
  9. My tubing that goes to the dash vents has disintegrated. Does anyone recommend a certain product, or know where I can get something that works? I was thinking about maybe using the tubing for a wet/dry vac, but don't know where to get it. Thanks, George
  10. other

    Looks like i'm not getting polly bushings from IE... Any recommendations on a quality bushing vendor?
  11. I've bought multiple parts from Rocky - Great seller.. Has more parts than anyone I know, at great prices. My early steering wheel and washer bottle are better than I expected!
  12. Thanks for trying, I appreciate it, but really cant spend twice the price on shipping.. hopefully someone local picks this up from you.
  13. Shipping to 03862 ? My tank is pretty dented...
  14. Beautiful - Are you going to early bumpers on that thing?
  15. YES!! Just called and ordered from RogersTII ! He has a few - these guys are great!