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  1. Are the round tail light TIIs considerably more valuable than the square tails? Seems to be the trend on BAT.
  2. I've hovered over those for about an hour now. Still trying to figure out what makes a $30k car and what makes a $40k car. Also, haven't found an example in the same color. Any advice for me? What are tell tale characteristics that separate the great examples from the OK examples?
  3. Hello Everybody, I have the opportunity to look at and purchase a 1974 2002TII in Granatrot. The seller told me that this color is very rare for a 2002TII. Does anyone have production numbers for this color on a 74TII? Also wondering if anyone has a price reference of a well restored example (euro bumpers but a USA model) I'll be road tripping a long way to see this car. Thanks, George
  4. I was able to source them from Frank! You guys are awesome!
  5. Need some help locating 60mm emblems like this. They are plastic and I have a set on my E24 pictured below. Looking to put them on my 2002 and e30 as well. Does anyone know who sells these? - Previous owner of my M635CSI has passed so I can't ask him Looking for 60mm - plastic version Thanks!
  6. Hey Everybody! I'm rebuilding a set of BBS RM012s. One of the wheels I have is beyond repair. I'm sweating over here because I purchased a lot of $$ in parts and only have 3 straight wheels. I was positive they'd be able to straighten the other. Does anyone have a stray lying around? Cosmetics don't matter as long as it's straight. Thanks!
  7. My friend Kyle Duquette is selling his at a reasonable price. It's solid and the price is right. Needs a few odds and ends. https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/newbury-1988-bmw-m5/6897495461.html Located in New Hampshire
  8. Could drive over on Saturday - just lmk
  9. Brandon.. i'm in Boston and i need a pass. door.. Where are you located and does any metal need to be replaced on this door? email me . - [email protected] Thanks
  10. do you happen to have a spare black headrest?
  11. Is there any chance you'd ship these? I'll pay shipping. 03862 Thank you, George
  12. Excellent seller. I received my E24 dash in the mail less than a week after i bought it. Zero cracks . - this guy is really legit.
  13. Any way you can ship? 03862 - Paypal today. Thanks, George
  14. I have a right side quarter for a square tail.

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