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  1. i'll see if i can get the box out today.. already boxed up.
  2. Thinking about something like this.. Just not sure if 195 width will work https://www.summitracing.com/parts/fal-18297
  3. I've sent these wheels out for refurbishing. Having trouble finding center caps. These are 14x6 - Anyone have a good source? Even generic center caps are fine. I'll measure the hub bore when I get them back from the media blaster. Also, looking for a set of sport tires. The tires that came off the wheels were 175/65/14 , but i'm only finding all season and winter tires for these. Any suggestions on a good summer tire? I guess it doesn't have to be that exact size, if there are other options out there. thanks in advance for the guidance. Here are some pics of the car. Did Volvo big brake kit in the front, Bilstein sport front and rears. Cut a coil off the front springs (for now) and ST springs in the rear.
  4. Got em. Do you want the manifold too? PM with shipping details. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Do all roundies have anodized trim? Was planning on polishing my 1970 until now..
  6. I bought them
  7. I will take these.. Shipping to 02210 ?
  8. Just bear with me. Will try to get to the parts car this weekend, but it's under a 2 foot pile of snow at the moment.
  9. Freebies man - just pay shipping. I'll throw in the solex as well.
  10. I have an air cleaner housing and single barrel solex, as well as the snorkel box kicking around somewhere if you need it. Will need to be repainted.
  11. Has anyone here installed a roll cage, while retaining a full interior? I'm toying with the idea of adding one, but still want the car to be usable on the street. Any suggestions, or kits? Thanks, George
  12. Next in line - send a paypal request to gdenon3@gmail.com if 1602ov decides to pass
  13. Can you/have you made one that accepts a single din stereo? If you can, i'd be interested. thanks
  14. Bottles are around $200 if you buy new. I got a bottle, hobart handler 135, bottle, cart, mask gloves for $450 on Craigslist - so the deals are out there. Try and buy it all at once