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  1. Chamfered area of piston was just touching the head. Luckily I only ran this motor for 20 minutes with no load before I saw the coolant leak and tore it apart and saw this. New block was machined, head cleaned up, and motor is back in the car.
  2. Ready for this? I was looking over the head while the new block is getting machined and found these witness marks next to the exhaust valve for each cylinder. It doesn’t seem like the valve could be hitting the head and I don’t remember seeing anything on the pistons but I’ll have to check again since they are at the machinist. I open the floor to any ideas for what the cause is.
  3. I found a picture I took of the block deck right after I got it back from the machinist and you can see the cracks! I showed the machinist and he redoing another block I had for free. We’re going to do a thorough inspection this time! Granted I would have rather not had to redo this 5 weeks before moving 400 miles away and taking on a new job but at least he is owning up to it.
  4. Here’s the culprit 😩 I had 3 machinists tell me the stress cracks were no big deal. Pretty big deal to me. Is is it able to be welded? Going to talk to machinist today.
  5. Does Erling make a head gasket for 91mm bore?
  6. Wahoo! I was hoping I wasn't being optimistically biased All 8 of the eccentrics had to be flipped around. Oil delivery appears fine, everything was/is oily. I adjusted clearance to 0.007". I'll check again and adjust to 0.006" and run it again. The motor has about 20-25 minutes of run time so far with the first 15 min having run between 2000-2500 RPM. I'll run it for 30 min more as suggested and see what happens. Coolant leak is still there but this small victory has certainly helped morale! Thanks for the input!
  7. Video of before eccentrics were corrected.
  8. I reviewed the videos before and after the eccentric adjustment and now I’m thinking there is an improvement. Here is what it sounds like now. Do you notice a difference and does it sound right? I’ll repost the before video again. B92FA9DC-19DF-4EE3-8F8E-6FA4235A6A8D.MOV
  9. Boy I really thought this was it because I looked and the eccentric was only touching the edge of the valve stem. I flipped the eccentric around and adjusted them and the contact area was much more centered. Unfortunately the noise is still there...arghhh. I’ll have to get a stethoscope on it.
  10. Great suggestions. Spray bar is oiling. Rockers are new heavy duty from Ireland engineering and the pads look good. 3 angle valve job was done. Cam was ground by TEP but no lash caps. TEP didn’t mention anything about lash caps and I don’t know what they are. Care to enlighten me? Valve springs are “heavy duty street” from TEP. They have the wound flat steel spring in the center. Not my favorite design and I suppose could be suspect. Retainers are from IE. Im with you on finding the noise first. I retorqued the head bolts using torque/angle but unfortunately coolant leak is still there.
  11. Well I checked the valve adjustment again and nothing out of spec. Started the motor and noise is still there (no miracles here). I still have to pull the head to find out what’s going on with the coolant leaking past the head bolt but I would like to know more about this noise before tearing into it. The noise and coolant issue may be coming from the same problem but it’s hard to see how they relate. I’m about to make a big move this summer so I’m hesitant about tearing things apart again right now but just may have to.
  12. I was thinking the same and have checked clearance multiple times... but I’ll check again
  13. I did not get to pulling the head yet but I started it and took a video. It makes a knocking noise that doesn’t sound good. Any theories on what it could be? 07FD5F6B-779C-4C3E-B895-80B4250F6BEE.MOV
  14. It was a top to bottom rebuild and the threads were lightly coated. If hydro locked then area was fatigued and ready to go and I was the lucky one. Cracks there seem likely though. Praying it’s just the gasket

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